Words to Help You Win at Scrabble: Scrabble: High Scoring Words

Here's a list of 20 relatively common seven- and eight-letter words with high point totals.

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  1. quixotic
    not sensible about practical matters
    Google is doubling down on the most quixotic research project in its Google X research lab: driverless cars.
    — BusinessWeek
    76 points
  2. maximize
    make as big or large as possible
    Following these successful strategies will help maximize your profit and minimize your risk.
    — Forbes
    78 points
  3. oxidized
    combined with or having undergone a chemical reaction with oxygen
    As water levels dropped, the metal cladding around the fuel reacted with steam and oxidized, producing hydrogen gas.
    — Seattle Times
    76 points
  4. wheezily
    with a wheeze
    But there is also a lightness of touch to his wheezily conversational delivery, which is punctuated by small shrieks of laughter.
    — The Guardian
    76 points
  5. equalize
    make equal, uniform, corresponding, or matching
    Mr. Piketty’s preferred mechanism for equalizing incomes is to institute a global tax on wealth.
    — Washington Times
    76 points
  6. chutzpah
    unbelievable gall; insolence; audacity
    Hobby Lobby is hoping the Supreme Court will swallow pseudo-science as medical fact, which, put politely, requires some serious chutzpah.
    — Salon
    77 points
  7. exorcize
    expel through adjuration or prayers
    If you could reach deep enough into your repressed memories, it was argued, you could exorcize your demons.
    — New York Times
    76 points
  8. whizbang
    a small high-velocity shell
    He was hearing again the heavy "crash" of the trench mortar, the earth shaking "crumph" of the high explosive, the swift rush of the whizbang.
    — Ralph Connor
    76 points
  9. jezebel
    a shameless impudent scheming woman
    According to the biblical accounts, Jezebel incited her husband King Ahab to abandon the worship of Yahweh and encourage worship of the deities Baal and Asherah instead.
    — Wikipedia
    75 points
  10. squeeze
    press tightly between the fingers
    Then, suddenly, she squeezed his knee, right where he had always been most ticklish.
    — Ender's Game
    75 points
  11. jukebox
    a cabinet containing an automatic record player
    He mentioned the cafe where they used to dance to the jukebox on summer nights.
    — Washington Post
    77 points
  12. flapjack
    a flat cake of thin batter fried on both sides on a griddle
    It was a good supper, flapjacks, bacon, bread, and applesauce, but they ate sitting about in the parlor instead of around a table.
    — Tuck Everlasting
    76 points
  13. quickly
    with little or no delay
    A pipeline to the Pacific could transport large volumes of crude to Asia quickly and profitably.
    — BBC
    75 points
  14. cazique
    black-and-red or black-and-yellow orioles of the American tropics
    The highest ever recorded score at Scrabble was 392 for the word " caziques" at a tournament in Manchester.
    — BBC
    77 points
  15. quantize
    apply quantum theory to
    The difficulty of quantizing gravity has led to radical theories such as string theory, with its bold predictions of higher space dimensions and parallel universes.
    — Scientific American
    76 points
  16. schmalzy
    very sentimental or emotional
    The late newsreader Charles Mitchell, for years the most famous man in Ireland, was paid a schmalzy tribute.
    — Sunday Times
    77 points
  17. highjack
    take arbitrarily or by force
    Jealous ministries have been known to swoop in and highjack such successful independent ventures and transform them into meaningless self-congratulatory circuses.
    — Salon
    78 points
  18. quetzal
    the basic unit of money in Guatemala; equal to 100 centavos
    Just three years ago, one quetzal — about 15 cents — bought eight tortillas; today it buys only four.
    — New York Times
    75 points
  19. pirozhki
    small fruit or meat turnover baked or fried
    The savory baked pies known as pirozhki appeal to me no matter the season.
    — Washington Post
    76 points
  20. zymurgy
    the branch of chemistry concerned with fermentation
    Zymurgy magazine, published by the American Homebrewers Association, has released its rankings of the best beers and best breweries in America for 2012.
    75 points
Created on March 7, 2023 (updated May 11, 2023)

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