Other forms: discharged; discharging; discharges

To discharge is to fire a gun or an employee, or to set someone free from a hospital or jail. You'd probably like being discharged from jail, but not from your job, unless you really hate it.

As a verb, discharge is “to release,” and as a noun, it refers to the act of or setting free. You'd be discharged from the hospital once the discharge from your wound has stopped. Ew. The writer Ambrose Bierce jokingly defined emotion as "a prostrating disease caused by a determination of the heart to the head. It is sometimes accompanied by a copious discharge of hydrated chloride of sodium from the eyes.” Wouldn't want to cry in front of that guy!

Definitions of discharge
  1. verb
    remove the charge from
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    fill or load to capacity
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    type of:
    remove, take, take away, withdraw
    remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, or taking off, or remove something abstract
  2. verb
    leave or unload
    synonyms: drop, drop off, put down, set down, unload
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    discharge at a wharf
    drop (an object) from the air; unload from a plane or helicopter
    type of:
    bring to a destination, make a delivery
  3. verb
    go off or discharge
    synonyms: fire, go off
  4. verb
    cause to go off
    synonyms: fire
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    fire a weapon with a loud explosive noise
    let drive, let fly, loose off
    fire as from a gun
    blast, shoot
    fire a shot
    attack with fusillade
    blaze, blaze away
    shoot rapidly and repeatedly
    shoot beyond or over (a target)
    sharpshoot, snipe
    aim and shoot with great precision
    fire, open fire
    start firing a weapon
    shoot with a gun
    deliver forth
  5. verb
    pour forth or release
    discharge liquids”
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    eject, force out, squeeze out, squirt
    cause to come out in a squirt
    disperse, dot, dust, scatter, sprinkle
    distribute loosely
    discharge or direct or be discharged or directed as if in a continuous stream
    discharge in, or as if in, a volley
    eject (a liquid) quickly
    scatter in a mass or jet of droplets
    be discharged in sprays of liquid
    plash, spatter, splash, splatter, splosh, swash
    dash a liquid upon or against
    splash, splosh, sprinkle
    cause (a liquid) to spatter about, especially with force
    force out or cause to escape from a proper vessel or channel
    dot or sprinkle with sparkling or glittering objects
    aerosolise, aerosolize
    disperse as an aerosol
    type of:
    distribute, spread
    distribute or disperse widely
  6. verb
    eliminate (a substance)
    synonyms: eject, exhaust, expel, release
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    cough out, cough up, expectorate, spit out, spit up
    discharge (phlegm or sputum) from the lungs and out of the mouth
    free of obstruction by blowing air through
    terminate a pregnancy by undergoing an abortion
    produce and discharge eggs
    egest, eliminate, excrete, pass
    eliminate from the body
    bleed, hemorrhage, shed blood
    lose blood from one's body
    eruct, spew, spew out
    eject or send out in large quantities, also metaphorical
    fester, maturate, suppurate
    ripen and generate pus
    breathe, emit, pass off
    expel (gases or odors)
    belch, bubble, burp, eruct
    expel gas from the stomach
    force out
    emit or cause to move with force of effort
    emanate, exhale, give forth
    give out (breath or an odor)
    exhale abruptly, as when one has a chest cold or congestion
    suffer a miscarriage
    flow, menstruate
    undergo menstruation
    perspire, sudate, sweat
    excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin
    exudate, exude, ooze, ooze out, transude
    release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities
    pass after the manner of urine
    empty, evacuate, void
    excrete or discharge from the body
    ca-ca, defecate, make, stool
    have a bowel movement
    barf, be sick, chuck, disgorge, regurgitate, throw up, vomit, vomit up
    eject the contents of the stomach through the mouth
    ptyalise, ptyalize, spew, spit, spue
    expel or eject (saliva or phlegm or sputum) from the mouth
    spit out, splutter, sputter
    spit up in an explosive manner
    send out real or metaphoric rays
    form, produce, or emit bubbles
  7. verb
    become empty or void of its content
    synonyms: empty
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    fill, fill up
    become full
    flow away, flow off
    flow off or away gradually
    type of:
    change state, turn
    undergo a transformation or a change of position or action
  8. verb
    free from obligations or duties
    synonyms: free
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    disinvest, divest
    deprive of status or authority
    relieve, take over
    free someone temporarily from his or her obligations
    discharge from a group
    free from payment of customs duties, as of a shipment
    discharge with dishonor, as in the army
    liberate, set free
    grant freedom to
    disembroil, disentangle, disinvolve
    free from involvement or entanglement
    remove a monarch from the throne
    relieve (someone) from work by taking a turn
    defrock, unfrock
    remove from one's position in the church
    affranchise, enfranchise
    grant freedom to; as from slavery or servitude
    emancipate, manumit
    free from slavery or servitude
    decolonise, decolonize
    grant independence to (a former colony)
  9. verb
    pronounce not guilty of criminal charges
    synonyms: acquit, assoil, clear, exculpate, exonerate
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    find or declare guilty
    clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting proof
    exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data
    clear of a charge
    type of:
    judge, label, pronounce
    pronounce judgment on
  10. verb
    release from military service
    synonyms: muster out
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    draft, enlist, muster in
    engage somebody to enter the army
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    remove from active military status or reassign
    demob, demobilise, demobilize
    retire from military service
    demobilise, demobilize, inactivate
    release from military service or remove from the active list of military service
    fire a cannon
    type of:
    let go, let go of, release, relinquish
    release, as from one's grip
  11. verb
    complete or carry out
    discharge one's duties”
    synonyms: complete, dispatch
Definitions of discharge
  1. noun
    the sudden giving off of energy
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    electrical discharge
    a discharge of electricity
    blowup, detonation, explosion
    a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction
    eruption, volcanic eruption
    the sudden occurrence of a violent discharge of steam and volcanic material
    impulse, nerve impulse, nervous impulse, neural impulse
    the electrical discharge that travels along a nerve fiber
    a transient variation in voltage or current
    Plinian eruption
    a volcanic eruption in which a stream of gas and ash is violently ejected to a height of several miles
    an explosion in the atmosphere
    an explosion (as of dynamite)
    a loud noise made by the explosion of fuel in the manifold or exhaust of an internal combustion engine
    big bang
    (cosmology) the cosmic explosion that is hypothesized to have marked the origin of the universe
    backfire, blowback
    the backward escape of gases and unburned gunpowder after a gun is fired
    the scattering of bomb fragments after the bomb explodes
    (cosmology) a brief exponential expansion of the universe (faster than the speed of light) postulated to have occurred shortly after the big bang
    atmospheric electricity
    electrical discharges in the atmosphere
    type of:
    happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent
    an event that happens
  2. noun
    electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field
    synonyms: arc, electric arc, electric discharge, spark
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    brush discharge
    discharge between electrodes creating visible streamers of ionized particles
    Saint Elmo's fire, Saint Elmo's light, Saint Ulmo's fire, Saint Ulmo's light, St. Elmo's fire, corona, corona discharge, corposant, electric glow
    an electrical discharge accompanied by ionization of surrounding atmosphere
    an unintended electric discharge (as over or around an insulator)
    type of:
    electrical conduction
    the passage of electricity through a conductor
  3. noun
    the act of discharging a gun
    synonyms: firing, firing off
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    the discharge of a firearm as signal or as a salute in military ceremonies
    type of:
    shooting, shot
    the act of firing a projectile
  4. noun
    any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body
    “the discharge of pus”
    synonyms: emission, expelling
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    elimination, evacuation, excreting, excretion, voiding
    the bodily process of discharging waste matter
    catamenia, flow, menses, menstruation, menstruum, period
    the monthly discharge of blood from the uterus of nonpregnant women from puberty to menopause
    incontinence, incontinency
    involuntary urination or defecation
    hypermenorrhea, menorrhagia
    abnormally heavy or prolonged menstruation; can be a symptom of uterine tumors and can lead to anemia if prolonged
    micturition, urination
    the discharge of urine
    abnormally light or infrequent menstruation
    type of:
    activity, bodily function, bodily process, body process
    an organic process that takes place in the body
  5. noun
    a substance that is emitted or released
    synonyms: emission
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    exudate, exudation
    a substance that oozes out from plant pores
    transudate, transudation
    a substance that transudes
    a foul-smelling outflow or vapor (especially a gaseous waste)
    a watery discharge from the mucous membranes (especially from the eyes or nose)
    vaginal discharge
    discharge of secretions from the cervical glands of the vagina; normally clear or white
    any of various substances (soluble in water) that exude from certain plants; they are gelatinous when moist but harden on drying
    a milky exudate from certain plants that coagulates on exposure to air
    type of:
    material, stuff
    the tangible substance that goes into the makeup of a physical object
  6. noun
    the pouring forth of a fluid
    synonyms: outpouring, run
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    jet, spirt, spurt, squirt
    the occurrence of a sudden discharge (as of liquid)
    escape, leak, leakage, outflow
    the discharge of a fluid from some container
    a jet of vapor
    a quick squirt of some liquid (usually carbonated water)
    type of:
    flow, flowing
    the motion characteristic of fluids (liquids or gases)
  7. noun
    the act of venting
    synonyms: venting
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    type of:
    emanation, emission
    the act of emitting; causing to flow forth
  8. noun
    a formal written statement of relinquishment
    synonyms: release, waiver
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    exemption, granting immunity, immunity
    an act exempting someone
    an exemption granted after influence (e.g., money) is brought to bear
    official immunity
    personal immunity accorded to a public official from liability to anyone injured by actions that are the consequence of exerting official authority
    sovereign immunity
    an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent
    testimonial immunity, use immunity
    an exemption that displaces the privilege against self-incrimination; neither compelled testimony or any fruits of it can be used against the witness who therefore can no longer fear self-incrimination
    type of:
    relinquishing, relinquishment
    the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc.
  9. noun
    the termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart)
    synonyms: dismissal, dismission, firing, liberation, release, sack, sacking
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    the act of discharging someone because of age (especially to cause someone to retire from service on a pension)
    conge, congee
    an abrupt and unceremonious dismissal
    dismissal from office
    deactivation, inactivation
    breaking up a military unit (by transfers or discharges)
    honorable discharge
    a discharge from the armed forces with a commendable record
    dishonorable discharge
    a discharge from the armed forces for a grave offense (as sabotage or espionage or cowardice or murder)
    Section Eight
    a discharge from the US Army based on unfitness or character traits deemed undesirable
    an abrupt or sudden removal of a person or group from an organization or place
    type of:
    conclusion, ending, termination
    the act of ending something
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