Excretion is the physical process of eliminating waste, especially in a living organism. If you think about it, excretion keeps plumbers in business.

In a human, there are three organs that mostly take care of excretion, or ridding the body of substances it doesn't need: lungs, kidneys, and skin. All living things have some form of excretion — in people, some waste is excreted in the form of urine, while the excretion of plants results in carbon dioxide and water being released. Excretion comes from the French excrétion, with its Latin root excernere, "to discharge."

Definitions of excretion

n the bodily process of discharging waste matter

elimination, evacuation, excreting, voiding
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incontinence, incontinency
involuntary urination or defecation
micturition, urination
the discharge of urine
bm, bowel movement, movement
a euphemism for defecation
enuresis, urinary incontinence
inability to control the flow of urine and involuntary urination
haematochezia, hematochezia
passage of stools containing blood (as from diverticulosis or colon cancer or peptic ulcer)
leak, making water, passing water, wetting
a euphemism for urination
passing small stones with the urine
nocturia, nycturia
excessive urination at night; especially common in older men
production of an abnormally small amount of urine
pee, peeing, piss
informal terms for urination
urochesia, urochezia
passage of urine from the anus
Type of:
discharge, emission, expelling
any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body

n waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body

body waste, excrement, excreta, excretory product
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BM, dejection, faecal matter, faeces, fecal matter, feces, ordure, stool
solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels
excreta (especially of insects)
cylindrical mass of earth voided by a burrowing earthworm or lugworm
human waste
the body wastes of human beings
urine, water
liquid excretory product
barf, puke, vomit, vomitus
the matter ejected in vomiting
the excrement of sea birds; used as fertilizer
dog do, dog turd, doggy do
fecal droppings from a dog
droppings, dung, muck
fecal matter of animals
thick dark green mucoid material that is the first feces of a newborn child
melaena, melena
abnormally dark tarry feces containing blood (usually from gastrointestinal bleeding)
Type of:
waste, waste material, waste matter, waste product
any materials unused and rejected as worthless or unwanted

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