Dung means animal droppings or waste. If you work at an elephant sanctuary, you're likely to spend a lot of time shoveling up elephant dung.

Dung is a tidy word for an untidy substance — animal poop. When farmers talk about cow dung or chicken dung, they'll probably call it manure instead. Some dung causes problems, like the runoff of pig dung into lakes and rivers, while other dung is used to help fertilize vegetable gardens. Dung is an Old English word, from a Germanic root — in Old High German, a tung was an underground room that was covered with dung for warmth.

Definitions of dung

n fecal matter of animals

droppings, muck
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buffalo chip, chip, cow chip, cow dung
a piece of dried bovine dung
fossil excrement; petrified dung
pigeon droppings
droppings of pigeons
cow pie, cowpie
fecal matter of a cow
Type of:
BM, dejection, faecal matter, faeces, fecal matter, feces, ordure, stool
solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels

v fertilize or dress with dung

“you must dung the land”
Type of:
feed, fertilise, fertilize
provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to

v defecate; used of animals

Type of:
ca-ca, crap, defecate, make, stool, take a crap
have a bowel movement

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