If you emancipate someone, you set them free from something. At the end of the Civil War, slaves were emancipated and became free men and women.

If you break down emancipate, you have e- "out," -man- from the Latin manus "hand," and -cip- from the Latin verb "to take." Put it together, and you have "to be taken out of someone's hands" — a good definition of freedom. The American Revolution was about colonists emancipating themselves from British rule. As a legal term, if a child is emancipated, he or she is declared independent from parental control.

Definitions of emancipate
  1. verb
    free from slavery or servitude
    synonyms: manumit
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    type of:
    liberate, set free
    grant freedom to
  2. verb
    give equal rights to; of women and minorities
    synonyms: liberate
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    type of:
    change state, turn
    undergo a transformation or a change of position or action
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