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County Leaderboards are the latest and greatest way get your students psyched to play, compete and learn in the Vocabulary Bowl. Imagine the taste of sweet victory, perhaps even redemption, when you come out ahead of nearby schools. And remember, everybody wins when the way you get to the top is learning. Continue reading...
We decided to make our last stop on the 2017 Road trip a double whammy with two final stops in SoCal. Back-to-back evenings in Costa Mesa and Riverside brought together teachers from the region for a night of revelry and competition, and was the perfect way to cap off our tour. Continue reading...
Our Road Trip event in Houston lured teachers out of the house and away from the rodeo (no joke) to celebrate innovative educators and have a night of laughs and learning. These amped up educators schooled us on why this stretch of Houston has been dubbed "The Energy Corridor"! Continue reading... Road Trip Heads to Houston

Join us for a night of fun, food, drinks and the latest scoop on word-learning. Help us celebrate innovative educators (like you) who are dedicated to boosting their students' word power. Whether you already love, want to find out more, or want to help us improve, we'd love to meet you us at Brenner's Steakhouse on March 23 at 5:30.

Due to high demand, we're now offering a waitlist for the Houston Road Trip. Join the waitlist.

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