Congratulations to all the schools that competed in our first-ever Vocabulary Bowl Thanksgiving Break Away with Words Challenge!

From November 22–28, schools across the nation took a well-deserved break for the Thanksgiving holiday. But that doesn’t mean the word learning came to a halt! Thousands of industrious students, cheered on by their devoted teachers, doubled down on their word-learning efforts to propel their schools to the top of Divisions I, II, and III.

During the 7-day challenge, which is like a sprint compared to the 7-month Vocabulary Bowl season, competition was fierce but friendly as students mastered words with a vengeance and vied for word domination in daily Vocab Jams.

Thanksgiving Break Champions

Congratulations to the Top 5 schools for November 22–28, 2021, in Divisions I, II, and III! These vocab victors will all be awarded an official Vocabulary Bowl certificate of achievement.

Join the fun!

If you're not in on the action yet, there's still plenty of time for your school to compete in the Vocab Bowl this season! Here's how to get involved.

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