A huge thank you goes out to all the schools that competed in our special Final Buzzer One-Day Vocabulary Bowl Challenge!

On April 30th, schools across the nation put in a colossal collective effort to master the most words in 24 hours. Thousands of hardworking students, cheered on by their dedicated teachers, doubled down on their word-learning efforts to propel their schools to the top of the Division I, II, and III leaderboards.

Fierce But Friendly Competition

During the 24-hour challenge, which was the final sprint compared in the 7-month Vocabulary Bowl season, competition was fierce. Students from across the nation mastered words with a vengeance to earn points in the Vocab Bowl and vied for word domination in two epic Vocab Jams.

Final Buzzer Winners

Congratulations to the Top 5 schools for April 30, 2021 in Divisions I, II, and III! These vocab victors will all be awarded an official Vocabulary Bowl certificate of achievement.
Division I Winners:  American High School, DuBois Area High School, St. Thomas Aquinas High School, Etiwanda High School, Cooper City High School, Southern Middle School, James I. Barron Elementary School, Harris Road Middle School, Hialeah Gardens Middle School, and Indian Ridge Middle School.
Division II Winners:  Academy of Aerospace and Engineering, Luverne Middle/High School, Orno Senior High School, Archbishop Shaw High School, Boyle County High School, St. Vincent de Paul School, Evans Junior High School, Sacred Heart School, Long County Middle School, and Groton Dunstable Regional Middle School.

Division III Winners: High School for Law and Justice, Buckingham Charter High School, Johnson County High School, Thorp High School, North Vermillion Jr. Sr. High School, McKenzie Middle School, Immaculate Conception School, Cheney Middle School, St. Mary’s Middle School, and Medomak Middle School.

Teacher Resources

Want some ideas to help you build some Bowl momentum in your classroom? Set your students up for success with these helpful resources:

Are you in?

It takes just seconds to sign up and select your school, and from that moment on every word your students master counts for your school in the competition. Here's all the info on how to get your school involved in the Vocabulary Bowl.

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