Harris Road Middle School

Concord, North Carolina

The Vocabulary Bowl is currently in its off-season. We are excitedly preparing to launch a new Vocabulary Bowl season. Check our blog for updates on the Vocabulary Bowl.

Overall Weekly Ranking

All Middle / Elementary Schools

All North Carolina Schools

North Carolina Middle / Elementary Schools

North Carolina Division I Middle / Elementary Schools

School Facts

Division I 1,409 students
Middle & Elementary School Grades 6-8
Cabarrus County
Harris Road Middle School
1251 Patriots Pride Blvd
Concord, North Carolina 28027

Words Mastered:

This Month:
Last Month:
Last Word:

School Achievements

  1. North American Top 10 23
  2. North Carolina State Champion 45
  3. North Carolina State Top 10 72
  4. Vocabulary Bowl Runner-Up
  5. Vocabulary Bowl Champion - Middle School
  6. Vocabulary Bowl Top 10 - Middle School 4
  7. Vocabulary Bowl Top 10 - Division I 2
  8. North American Runner-Up 3
  9. Vocabulary Bowl Runner-Up - Middle School
  10. North Carolina State Runner-Up 9
  11. North American Champion
  12. Vocabulary Bowl Top 10

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