The word lineage is used to describe everyone who descends from a particular ancestor. Mozart had six children, but none of them had children of their own, so the composer’s lineage ended after one generation.

If you put an adjective like artistic or spiritual before lineage, it becomes clear you're talking about people who are related by ideas or attitude, not by blood. There are many composers, even today, who trace their musical lineage to Mozart, even though his actual lineage ended in the 19th century.

Definitions of lineage
  1. noun
    the kinship relation between an individual and the individual's progenitors
    synonyms: descent, filiation, line of descent
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    bilateral descent
    line of descent traced through both the maternal and paternal sides of the family
    unilateral descent
    line of descent traced through one side of the family
    cognation, enation, matrilineage
    line of descent traced through the maternal side of the family
    agnation, patrilineage
    line of descent traced through the paternal side of the family
    type of:
    family relationship, kinship, relationship
    (anthropology) relatedness or connection by blood or marriage or adoption
  2. noun
    the descendants of one individual
    “his entire lineage has been warriors”
    synonyms: ancestry, blood, blood line, bloodline, descent, line, line of descent, origin, parentage, pedigree, stemma, stock
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    family, family line, folk, kinfolk, kinsfolk, phratry, sept
    people descended from a common ancestor
    a family line of descent
    members of a family line
    the people of your home locality (especially your own family)
    aristocratic family line
    a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
    gens, name
    family based on male descent
    type of:
    family tree, genealogy
    successive generations of kin
  3. noun
    inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline
    synonyms: ancestry, derivation, filiation
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    descent, extraction, origin
    properties attributable to your ancestry
    bloodline, pedigree
    ancestry of a purebred animal
    full blood
    descent from parents both of one pure breed
    type of:
    hereditary pattern, inheritance
    (genetics) attributes acquired via biological heredity from the parents
  4. noun
    the number of lines in a piece of printed material
    synonyms: linage
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    type of:
    a concept of quantity involving zero and units
  5. noun
    a rate of payment for written material that is measured according to the number of lines submitted
    synonyms: linage
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    type of:
    charge per unit, rate
    amount of a charge or payment relative to some basis
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