Extraction is the action of removing something. For example, when the dentist yanks out your rotten tooth, the extraction is complete!

In addition to this wince-inducing meaning, the noun extraction is the process of separating out something from a chemical mixture or compound. Take decaffeinated coffee — the caffeine is removed by extraction, so you've got science to thank for not being jittery after breakfast. Extraction can also refer to your family background. If you are of Greek extraction, for example, your family history can be traced back to Greece.

Definitions of extraction
  1. noun
    the action of taking out something (especially using effort or force)
    “the dentist gave her a local anesthetic prior to the extraction
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    type of:
    remotion, removal
    the act of removing
  2. noun
    the process of obtaining something from a mixture or compound by chemical or physical or mechanical means
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    (pharmacology) the extraction of water-soluble drug substances by boiling
    dehydration, desiccation, drying up, evaporation
    the process of extracting moisture
    the process of extracting one material from another by washing with a solvent to remove adsorbed material from an adsorbent (as in washing of loaded ion-exchange resins to remove captured ions); used to obtain uranium ions
    the process of extracting certain active properties (as a drug from a plant) by steeping or soaking (usually in water)
    beneficiation, mineral dressing, mineral extraction, mineral processing, ore dressing, ore processing
    crushing and separating ore into valuable substances or waste by any of a variety of techniques
    a method of extracting natural gas or oil from rock by injecting liquid at high pressure
    freeze-drying, lyophilisation, lyophilization
    a method of drying food or blood plasma or pharmaceuticals or tissue without destroying their physical structure; material is frozen and then warmed in a vacuum so that the ice sublimes
    the process of thickening by dehydration
    type of:
    action, activity, natural action, natural process
    a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)
  3. noun
    properties attributable to your ancestry
    synonyms: descent, origin
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    full blood
    descent from parents both of one pure breed
    type of:
    ancestry, derivation, filiation, lineage
    inherited properties shared with others of your bloodline
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