Difficult words starting with E

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  1. extirpate
    destroy completely, as if down to the roots
  2. equipoise
    equality of distribution
  3. effigy
    a representation of a person
  4. endear
    make attractive or lovable
  5. epaulet
    an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder
  6. eugenic
    causing improvement in the offspring produced
  7. expound
    add details, as to an account or idea
  8. effectual
    producing or capable of producing an intended result
  9. ecclesiastic
    a clergyman or other person in religious orders
  10. entourage
    the group following and attending to some important person
  11. ebb
    the outward flow of the tide
  12. eschew
    avoid and stay away from deliberately
  13. enduring
  14. enamor
  15. escapade
    any carefree episode
  16. environ
    extend on all sides of simultaneously; encircle
  17. enervate
    weaken mentally or morally
  18. ensue
    issue or terminate in a specified way
  19. epitaph
    an inscription in memory of a buried person
  20. equestrian
    of or relating to or featuring horseback riding
  21. exiguous
    extremely scanty
  22. enjoin
    give instructions to or direct somebody to do something
  23. escapade
    any carefree episode
  24. expropriate
    deprive of possessions
  25. equanimity
    steadiness of mind under stress
  26. edifice
    a structure that has a roof and walls
  27. epicure
    a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment
  28. encroachment
    any entry into an area not previously occupied
  29. extradition
    surrender of an accused by one state or country to another
  30. efficacy
    capacity or power to produce a desired effect
  31. enclave
    an enclosed territory that is culturally distinct
  32. effusion
    an unrestrained expression of emotion
  33. expunge
    remove by erasing or crossing out or as if by drawing a line
  34. emblazon
    decorate with heraldic arms
  35. extricate
    release from entanglement or difficulty
  36. elusive
    skillful at evading capture
  37. embroil
    force into some kind of situation or course of action
  38. emancipate
    free from slavery or servitude
  39. existential
    relating to or dealing with the state of being
  40. epicurean
    devoted to pleasure
  41. expletive
    profane or obscene expression usually of surprise or anger
  42. ethos
    the distinctive spirit of a culture or an era
  43. entreat
    ask for or request earnestly
  44. effervescence
    the process of bubbling as gas escapes
  45. evasive
    avoiding or escaping from difficulty or danger
  46. equitable
    fair to all parties as dictated by reason and conscience
  47. expatiate
    add details, as to an account or idea
  48. ensconce
    fix firmly
  49. emissary
    someone sent on a mission to represent another's interests
  50. exult
    feel extreme happiness or elation
  51. emulate
    strive to equal or match, especially by imitating
  52. edict
    a formal or authoritative proclamation
  53. expostulate
    reason with for the purpose of dissuasion
  54. enrapture
    hold spellbound
  55. elicit
    call forth, as an emotion, feeling, or response
  56. eulogy
    a formal expression of praise for someone who has died
  57. extrude
    form or shape by forcing through an opening
  58. ephemeral
    anything short-lived, as an insect that lives only for a day
  59. epaulet
    an ornamental cloth pad worn on the shoulder
  60. exhort
    spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts
  61. exacerbate
    make worse
  62. evince
    give expression to
  63. egregious
    conspicuously and outrageously bad or reprehensible
  64. epistemology
    the philosophical theory of knowledge
  65. epoch
    a period marked by distinctive character
  66. euphony
    any pleasing and harmonious sounds
  67. emaciated
    very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold
  68. evocative
    serving to bring to mind
  69. enigma
    something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained
  70. execrate
    curse or declare to be evil or anathema
  71. extort
    obtain by coercion or intimidation

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