An effusion is an explosion of something, usually words, ideas, or emotions. A popular singer might inspire an effusion of cheers from her devoted fans.

Mozart is known for the effusion of notes he could produce at a moment's notice — and all without erasing. A heated argument can produce an effusion of words from both sides. The volcano's eruption was an effusion of smoke and fire. The verb form of the word is effuse: After the high-school musical, your mother effused about your singing. Her comments were an effusion of praise. Your father, on the other hand, was less effusive — but he did like the dancing.

Definitions of effusion
  1. noun
    an unrestrained expression of emotion
    synonyms: blowup, ebullition, gush, outburst
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    acting out
    a (usually irritating) impulsive and uncontrollable outburst by a problem child or a neurotic adult
    a fit of weeping
    a sudden outburst
    a sudden outburst of emotion
    type of:
    expression, manifestation, reflection, reflexion
    expression without words
  2. noun
    flow under pressure
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    type of:
    flood, outpouring, overflow
    a large flow
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