To enrapture someone is cast an irresistible spell over them, to make them feel "rapture." I was enraptured by her gorgeous voice and stunning way of interpreting a song.

When you see the word "rapture," you know you're dealing with a pleasure so great it borders on the divine. The Rapture is, after all, what believers call the time when Jesus is meant to return and take them all to Heaven. So when someone enraptures another person, they're creating a feeling of wonder, enchantment, and delight that recalls that heavenly feeling. On our first date, I was so enraptured by his charm, humor, and good looks, I knew we would spend our lives together.

Definitions of enrapture
  1. verb
    hold spellbound
    synonyms: delight, enchant, enthral, enthrall, ravish, transport
    see moresee less
    disenchant, disillusion
    free from enchantment
    type of:
    delight, please
    give pleasure to or be pleasing to
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