Other forms: enchanted; enchanting; enchants

To enchant is to cast a spell over someone, like a witch might do. It also means to attract or catch someone's attention in a less mystical way.

Enchanting has a few meanings, but they all involve seduction. A witch or warlock enchants people they wish to influence through magic spells. A real person enchants in different ways: through jokes, good looks, and charisma. Not only people, but also engrossing songs or shows can be said "to enchant."

Definitions of enchant
  1. verb
    cast a spell over someone or something; put a hex on someone or something
    synonyms: bewitch, ensorcel, ensorcell, glamour, hex, jinx, witch
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    bewitch by or as if by a voodoo
    place under a spell
    type of:
    becharm, charm
    control by magic spells, as by practicing witchcraft
  2. verb
    attract; cause to be enamored
    synonyms: becharm, beguile, bewitch, captivate, capture, catch, charm, enamor, enamour, entrance, fascinate, trance
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    hold the attention of
    gratify and charm, usually in order to influence
    type of:
    appeal, attract
    be attractive to
  3. verb
    hold spellbound
    synonyms: delight, enrapture, enthral, enthrall, ravish, transport
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    disenchant, disillusion
    free from enchantment
    type of:
    delight, please
    give pleasure to or be pleasing to
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