Other forms: appealed; appeals; appealing

Appeal means "to ask, or address." If you appeal to someone's better nature, you're asking them for mercy. If a shirt doesn't appeal to you, you could also say it doesn't "speak" to you, or more simply, you don't like it.

Appeal can also be used as a noun to refer to a request, as in "his parents ignored his appeal for a later curfew," or to refer to something's attractiveness or desirability, as in "we all agreed on the appeal of a tropical vacation." In judicial contexts, appeal means "to call upon a higher court to review a lower court's decision." If a lawyer appeals a court's conviction of her client, she's asking a higher court to throw the decision out. This word descends from the Latin appellare, "to address, call upon."

Definitions of appeal
  1. noun
    earnest or urgent request
    “an appeal for help”
    “an appeal to the public to keep calm”
    synonyms: entreaty, prayer
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    a solemn and earnest appeal to someone to do something
    demagoguery, demagogy
    impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace
    plea, supplication
    a humble request for help from someone in authority
    an entreaty addressed to someone of superior status
    a petition or appeal made to a person of superior status or rank
    courting, courtship, suit, wooing
    a man's courting of a woman; seeking the affections of a woman (usually with the hope of marriage)
    flag waving, jingoism
    an appeal intended to arouse patriotic emotions
    beggary, begging, mendicancy
    a solicitation for money or food (especially in the street by an apparently penniless person)
    the act of soliciting money (as a gift or loan)
    importunity, urgency, urging
    insistent solicitation and entreaty
    a onetime custom during courtship of unmarried couples occupying the same bed without undressing
    type of:
    asking, request
    the verbal act of requesting
  2. noun
    request for a sum of money
    “an appeal to raise money for starving children”
    synonyms: collection, ingathering, solicitation
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    (British) solicitation of money usually for a benevolent purpose
    type of:
    petition, postulation, request
    a formal message requesting something that is submitted to an authority
  3. verb
    request earnestly (something from somebody); ask for aid or protection
    appeal to somebody for help”
    synonyms: invoke
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    appeal or request earnestly
    call on, turn
    have recourse to or make an appeal or request for help or information to
    beg, implore, pray
    call upon in supplication; entreat
    adjure, beseech, bid, conjure, entreat, press
    ask for or request earnestly
    type of:
    bespeak, call for, quest, request
    express the need or desire for; ask for
  4. noun
    (law) a legal proceeding in which the appellant resorts to a higher court for the purpose of obtaining a review of a lower court decision and a reversal of the lower court's judgment or the granting of a new trial
    “their appeal was denied in the superior court”
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    type of:
    legal proceeding, proceeding, proceedings
    (law) the institution of a sequence of steps by which legal judgments are invoked
  5. verb
    take a court case to a higher court for review
    “He was found guilty but appealed immediately”
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    type of:
    issue a challenge to
  6. verb
    challenge (a decision)
    “She appealed the verdict”
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    type of:
    challenge, take exception
    raise a formal objection in a court of law
  7. verb
    cite as an authority; resort to
    “I appealed to the law of 1900”
    synonyms: invoke
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    type of:
    advert, bring up, cite, mention, name, refer
    make reference to
  8. noun
    attractiveness that interests or pleases or stimulates
    “his smile was part of his appeal to her”
    synonyms: appealingness, charm
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    siren call, siren song
    the enticing appeal of something alluring but potentially dangerous
    childlike charm or appeal
    type of:
    sexual allure
  9. verb
    be attractive to
    “The idea of a vacation appeals to me”
    synonyms: attract
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    repel, repulse
    be repellent to; cause aversion in
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    becharm, beguile, bewitch, captivate, capture, catch, charm, enamor, enamour, enchant, entrance, fascinate, trance
    attract; cause to be enamored
    appear inviting
    hold the attention of
    gratify and charm, usually in order to influence
  10. noun
    (rhetoric) a method or mode of persuasion
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    type of:
    persuasion, suasion
    the act of persuading (or attempting to persuade); communication intended to induce belief or action




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