To beckon is to use a physical gesture to call someone over to you. Universally recognized gestures used to beckon include crooking the finger or nodding the head to invite someone over.

We get the word beckon from the Old English gebecnian, meaning "to make a mute sign," which comes from bēacen, meaning "a sign or beacon." (Remember that "beacon" is a noun while beckon is a verb). When you beckon to someone, you give them a physical sign to "come here." Figuratively, an ice cream sundae might beckon you, calling you away from your diet.

Definitions of beckon

v summon with a wave, nod, or some other gesture

Type of:
ask to come

v appear inviting

“The shop window decorations beckoned
Type of:
appeal, attract
be attractive to

v signal with the hands or nod

Type of:
gesticulate, gesture, motion
show, express or direct through movement

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