Sometimes you might feel so happy about something you could just burst. This is the time to exult, or rejoice, and you might show your great happiness by laughing, dancing, and shouting with pure joy.

To exult means to express your joy in some visible way. Some people exult in a sedate manner, maybe just enjoying their happiness quietly within themselves. Others are more emotional, perhaps expressing their triumph in a loud or physical manner. When you break the word down into its Latin parts, the ex- means "out," and saltāre means "to leap." So exult means to leap with joy.

Definitions of exult
  1. verb
    feel extreme happiness or elation
    synonyms: be on cloud nine, jump for joy, walk on air
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    rejoice, triumph, wallow
    be ecstatic with joy
    be overwhelmed with ecstasy, especially when encountering something or someone you admire
    type of:
    joy, rejoice
    feel happiness or joy
  2. verb
    express great joy
    “Who cannot exult in Spring?”
    synonyms: exuberate, jubilate, rejoice, triumph
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    rejoice proudly
    type of:
    cheer, cheer up, chirk up
    become cheerful
Commonly confused words

exalt / exult

To exalt, means to glorify or elevate something, but to exult is to rejoice. Exalt your favorite pro-wrestler, Jesus, or your status in the world. Exult when you get the last two tickets to see your favorite band.

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