An encroachment is something that intrudes and has the power to influence whatever it encounters. Some might consider text messaging to be an encroachment of impersonal technology on true, heartfelt interactions.

Encroachment carries the sense of something slowly creeping into something else's space, either literally or figuratively. An encroachment can be of the physical variety, such as the encroachment of new development into a beautiful coastal area. Encroachment typically has a slightly a negative meaning, hinting at something that intrudes on something and then spoils it in some way.

Definitions of encroachment
  1. noun
    any entry into an area not previously occupied
    synonyms: intrusion, invasion
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    type of:
    entering, entrance
    a movement into or inward
  2. noun
    entry to another's property without right or permission
    synonyms: intrusion, trespass, usurpation, violation
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    an encroachment or intrusion
    type of:
    actus reus, misconduct, wrongdoing, wrongful conduct
    activity that transgresses moral or civil law
  3. noun
    the act or state of having strong influence
    synonyms: impact, impingement
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    type of:
    causing something without any direct or apparent effort
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