Sensational Suffixes: OLOGY

An itemization of words ending with the suffix 'ology'.

Other: gastrology, oneirology

Activities for this list:

definitions & notes only words
  1. anesthesiology
    the branch of medical science that studies and applies anesthetics
  2. anthology
    a collection of selected literary passages
  3. anthropology
    science of the origins and social relationships of humans
  4. apology
    an expression of regret at having caused trouble for someone
  5. archaeology
    the branch of anthropology that studies prehistoric people
  6. astrology
    divination by the positions of the planets and sun and moon
  7. audiology
    the measurement of hearing
  8. axiology
    the study of values and value judgments
  9. biology
    the science that studies living organisms
  10. biotechnology
    the branch of molecular biology that studies the use of microorganisms to perform specific industrial processes
  11. cardiology
    the branch of medicine dealing with the heart and its diseases
  12. Christology
    the branch of theology concerned with the person and attributes and deeds of Christ
  13. chronology
    an arrangement of events in time
  14. climatology
    meteorology of climates and their phenomena
  15. cosmology
    metaphysical study of the origin and nature of the universe
  16. criminology
    the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior and law enforcement
  17. cryptology
    the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms
  18. cytology
    the branch of biology that studies the structure and function of cells
  19. dermatology
    the branch of medicine dealing with the skin and its diseases
  20. doxology
    a hymn or verse in Christian liturgy glorifying God
  21. ecology
    the environment as it relates to living organisms
  22. embryology
    the branch of biology that studies the formation and early development of living organisms
  23. endocrinology
    the branch of medicine dealing with the endocrine glands and their secretions
  24. entomology
    the branch of zoology that studies insects
  25. epidemiology
    science dealing with the transmission and control of disease
  26. epistemology
    the philosophical theory of knowledge
  27. eschatology
    the branch of theology that is concerned with final things
  28. ethnology
    branch of anthropology dealing with divisions of humankind
  29. etiology
    the cause of a disease
  30. etymology
    a history of a word
  31. gastroenterology
    the branch of medicine that studies the gastrointestinal tract and its diseases
  32. geology
    science of the history of the earth as recorded in rocks
  33. gerontology
    the scientific study of aging and the elderly
  34. gynecology
    the branch of medicine that deals with the diseases and hygiene of women
  35. hematology
    the branch of medicine that deals with diseases of the blood
  36. herpetology
    the branch of zoology concerned with reptiles and amphibians
  37. histology
    the study of the microscopic structure of tissues
  38. homology
    the quality of being similar or corresponding in position or value or structure or function
  39. horology
    the art of designing and making clocks
  40. hydrology
    the branch of geology that studies water on the earth and in the atmosphere: its distribution and uses and conservation
  41. ichthyology
    the branch of zoology that studies fishes
  42. ideology
    an orientation that characterizes the thinking of a group
  43. immunology
    the branch of medical science that studies the body's immune system
  44. kinesiology
    the study of the mechanics and anatomy of human movement
  45. lexicology
    the branch of linguistics that studies the lexical component of language
  46. meteorology
    the earth science dealing with phenomena of the atmosphere
  47. methodology
    the techniques followed in a particular discipline
  48. microbiology
    the branch of biology that studies microorganisms and their effects on humans
  49. morphology
    the study of the structure of animals and plants
  50. musicology
    the scholarly and scientific study of music
  51. mythology
    the body of stories associated with a culture or institution
  52. nanotechnology
    engineering that involves manipulating atoms and molecules
  53. nephrology
    the branch of medicine concerned with the kidney - its development and anatomy and physiology and disorders
  54. neurology
    the branch of medical science that deals with the nervous system
  55. oncology
    the study and treatment of tumors
  56. ontology
    the metaphysical study of the nature of being and existence
  57. ophthalmology
    the branch of medicine concerned with the eye
  58. ornithology
    the branch of zoology that studies birds
  59. paleontology
    the earth science that studies fossil organisms
  60. pathology
    the branch of medical science that studies diseases
  61. penology
    the branch of criminology concerned with prison management
  62. pharmacology
    the science or study of drugs: their preparation and properties and uses and effects
  63. philology
    the humanistic study of language and literature
  64. phonology
    the study of the sound system of a given language
  65. phraseology
    the manner in which something is expressed in words
  66. phrenology
    study of the shape of the skull to determine character
  67. physiology
    the science dealing with the functioning of organisms
  68. phytology
    the branch of biology that studies plants
  69. psychology
    the science of mental life
  70. radiology
    the branch of medical science dealing with the medical use of X-rays or other penetrating radiation
  71. seismology
    the branch of geology that studies earthquakes
  72. semiology
    a philosophical theory of the functions of signs and symbols
  73. sociology
    the study and classification of human societies
  74. tautology
    useless repetition
  75. technology
    the practical application of science to commerce or industry
  76. teleology
    a doctrine explaining phenomena by their ends or purposes
  77. terminology
    a system of words used to name things in a discipline
  78. theology
    the rational and systematic study of religion
  79. toxicology
    the branch of pharmacology that deals with poisons
  80. typology
    classification according to general type
  81. urology
    the branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the urinary tract or urogenital system
  82. virology
    the branch of medical science that studies viruses and viral diseases
  83. zoology
    the branch of biology that studies animals

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