A genus is a class or group of something. In biology, it's a taxonomic group covering more than one species.

This is a term used by biologists to classify more than one species under a larger umbrella. In biology, the word family describes the broadest group category, then genus, and then species. For example, primates are a family, and humans are a species within that family, but we're not in the same genus as macaques: macaques have their own genus. Dogs and wolves are so closely related they’re in the same genus. The plural of genus is genera.

Definitions of genus

n (biology) taxonomic group containing one or more species

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form genus
an artificial taxonomic category established on the basis of morphological resemblance for organisms of obscure true relationships especially fossil forms
bacteria genus
a genus of bacteria
protoctist genus
any genus of Protoctista
fish genus
any of various genus of fish
chordate genus
any genus in the phylum Chordata
bird genus
a genus of birds
amphibian genus
any genus of amphibians
reptile genus
a genus of reptiles
arthropod genus
a genus of arthropods
mammal genus
a genus of mammals
sponge genus
a genus of Porifera
coelenterate genus
a genus of coelenterates
ctenophore genus
a genus of ctenophores
worm genus
a genus of worms
mollusk genus
a genus of mollusks
echinoderm genus
a genus of echinoderms
type genus
(biology) genus from which the name of a family or subfamily is formed; it is not necessarily the most representative genus but often the largest or best known or earliest described
form genus
(biology) an artificial taxonomic category for organisms of which the true relationships are obscure
moss genus
a genus of mosses
gymnosperm genus
a genus of gymnosperms
liliopsid genus, monocot genus
genus of flowering plants having a single cotyledon (embryonic leaf) in the seed
dicot genus, magnoliopsid genus
genus of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination
fungus genus
includes lichen genera
plant genus
a genus of plants
fern genus
genera of ferns and fern allies
Heliobacter, genus Heliobacter
a genus of helical or curved or straight aerobic bacteria with rounded ends and multiple flagella; found in the gastric mucosa of primates (including humans)
Aerobacter, genus Aerobacter
aerobic bacteria widely distributed in nature
Rhizobium, genus Rhizobium
the type genus of Rhizobiaceae; usually occur in the root nodules of legumes; can fix atmospheric oxygen
Agrobacterium, genus Agrobacterium
small motile bacterial rods that can reduce nitrates and cause galls on plant stems
genus Bacillus
type genus of the Bacillaceae; includes many saprophytes important in decay of organic matter and a number of parasites
genus Clostridium
anaerobic or micro-aerophilic rod-shaped or spindle-shaped saprophytes; nearly cosmopolitan in soil, animal intestines, and dung
genus Nostoc
type genus of the family Nostocaceae: freshwater blue-green algae
genus Trichodesmium
a genus of blue-green algae
Pseudomonas, genus Pseudomonas
type genus of the family Pseudomonodaceae
Xanthomonas, genus Xanthomonas
a genus of bacteria similar to Pseudomonas but producing a yellow pigment that is not soluble in water
Nitrobacteriaceae, family Nitrobacteriaceae
usually rod-shaped bacteria that oxidize ammonia or nitrites: nitrobacteria
Nitrobacter, genus Nitrobacter
rod-shaped soil bacteria
Nitrosomonas, genus Nitrosomonas
ellipsoidal soil bacteria
genus Thiobacillus
a genus of bacteria
genus Spirillum
a genus of bacteria
genus Vibrio
a genus of bacteria
Bacteroides, genus Bacteroides
type genus of Bacteroidaceae; genus of Gram-negative rodlike anaerobic bacteria producing no endospores and no pigment and living in the gut of man and animals
genus Corynebacterium
the type genus of the family Corynebacteriaceae which is widely distributed in nature; the best known are parasites and pathogens of humans and domestic animals
genus Listeria
a genus of aerobic motile bacteria of the family Corynebacteriaceae containing small Gram-positive rods
genus Escherichia
a genus of bacteria
genus Klebsiella
a genus of bacteria
genus Salmonella
a genus of bacteria
Serratia, genus Serratia
a genus of motile peritrichous bacteria that contain small Gram-negative rod
genus Shigella
a genus of bacteria
genus Erwinia
a genus of bacteria
genus Rickettsia
can cause typhus and Rocky Mountain spotted fever in humans
genus Chlamydia
type genus of the family Chlamydiaceae: disease-causing parasites
genus Mycoplasma
type and sole genus of the family Mycoplasmataceae
genus Actinomyces
type genus of the family Actinomycetaceae
genus Streptomyces
type genus of the family Streptomycetaceae
genus Mycobacterium
nonmotile Gram-positive aerobic bacteria
Polyangium, genus Polyangium
type genus of the family Polyangiaceae: myxobacteria with rounded fruiting bodies enclosed in a membrane
Micrococcus, genus Micrococcus
type genus of the family Micrococcaceae
genus Staphylococcus
includes many pathogenic species
genus Lactobacillus
type genus of the family Lactobacillaceae
genus Diplococcus
a genus of bacteria
genus Streptococcus
a genus of bacteria
Spirochaeta, genus Spirochaeta
the type genus of the family Spirochaetaceae; a bacterium that is flexible, undulating, and chiefly aquatic
genus Treponema
type genus of Treponemataceae: anaerobic spirochetes with an undulating rigid body; parasitic in warm-blooded animals
genus Borrelia
small flexible parasitic spirochetes having three to five wavy spirals
genus Leptospira
very slender aerobic spirochetes; free-living or parasitic in mammals
genus Amoeba
protozoan inhabiting moist soils or bottom vegetation in fresh or salt water
Endamoeba, genus Endamoeba
the type genus of the family Endamoebidae
genus Globigerina
type genus of the family Globigerinidae
genus Arcella
type genus of the Arcellidae
genus Difflugia
genus of protozoans related to ameba
genus Paramecium
freshwater ciliate with an oval body and long deep oral groove
genus Tetrahymena
protozoa having four membranous ciliary organelles
genus Stentor
trumpet-shaped protozoa with a ciliated spiral feeding funnel
genus Vorticella
ciliated protozoans that have a goblet-shaped body with a retractile stalk
Tribonema, genus Conferva, genus Tribonema
type genus of Tribonemaceae
Laminaria, genus Laminaria
type genus of the family Laminariaceae: perennial brown kelps
genus Fucus
type genus of the family Fucaceae: cartilaginous brown algae
Ascophyllum, genus Ascophyllum
brown algae distinguished by compressed or inflated branchlets along the axis
genus Sargassum
a genus of protoctist
genus Euglena
type genus of the family Euglenaceae: green algae with a single flagellum
Ulva, genus Ulva
type genus of the family Ulvaceae; green seaweed having a thallus two cells thick: sea lettuce
Volvox, genus Volvox
type genus of the Volvocaceae; minute pale green flagellates occurring in tiny spherical colonies; minute flagella rotate the colony about an axis
Chlamydomonas, genus Chlamydomonas
type genus of the Chlamydomonadaceae; solitary doubly-flagellated plant-like algae common in fresh water and damp soil; multiply freely; often a pest around filtration plants
Zygnema, genus Zygnema
type genus of the family Zygnemataceae
genus Spirogyra
a genus of protoctist
Chlorococcum, genus Chlorococcum
type genus of Chlorococcales; unicellular green algae occurring singly or in a layer on soil or damp rock
genus Chlorella
nonmotile unicellular green algae potentially important as source of high-grade protein and B-complex vitamins
Oedogonium, genus Oedogonium
type genus of Oedogoniaceae; freshwater green algae having long unbranched filaments; usually free-floating when mature
Chara, genus Chara
green algae common in freshwater lakes of limestone districts
Nitella, genus Nitella
fragile branching stoneworts
Desmidium, genus Desmidium
a genus of protoctist
Chondrus, genus Chondrus
a genus of protoctist
Rhodymenia, genus Rhodymenia
type genus of the family Rhodymeniaceae
Porphyra, genus Porphyra
a genus of protoctist
genus Noctiluca
a genus of protoctist
Peridinium, genus Peridinium
type genus of the family Peridiniidae
genus Costia
a genus of flagellate protoctist
genus Giardia
flagellates parasitic in intestines of vertebrates
Chilomastix, genus Chilomastix
flagellates parasitic in intestines of vertebrates including humans
Hexamita, genus Hexamita
flagellates free-living or parasitic in intestines of birds
genus Trichomonas
flagellates parasitic in alimentary or genitourinary tracts of vertebrates and invertebrates including humans
genus Eimeria
type genus of the family Eimeriidae; includes serious pathogens
genus Plasmodium
type genus of the family Plasmodiidae
Haemoproteus, genus Haemoproteus
type genus of the family Haemoproteidae
genus Leucocytozoan, genus Leucocytozoon
a genus of protoctist
genus Babesia, genus Piroplasma
type genus of the family Babesiidae
Sarcocystis, genus Sarcocystis
chief genus of the order Sarcosporidia
Cyprinus, genus Cyprinus
type genus of the family Cyprinidae: carp
Abramis, genus Abramis
European fishes
Tinca, genus Tinca
Leuciscus, genus Leuciscus
a genus of fish including: dace, chub
Notropis, genus Notropis
Notemigonus, genus Notemigonus
golden shiners
Rutilus, genus Rutilus
Scardinius, genus Scardinius
Phoxinus, genus Phoxinus
Gobio, genus Gobio
true gudgeons
Carassius, genus Carassius
Electrophorus, genus Electrophorus
type genus of the family Electrophoridae; electric eels
Catostomus, genus Catostomus
type genus of the family Catostomidae
Ictiobus, genus Ictiobus
buffalo fishes
Hypentelium, genus Hypentelium
a genus of fish in the family Catostomidae
Maxostoma, genus Maxostoma
a genus of fish in the family Catostomidae
Fundulus, genus Fundulus
genus Rivulus
Jordanella, genus Jordanella
Xyphophorus, genus Xyphophorus
Lebistes, genus Lebistes
Gambusia, genus Gambusia
Platypoecilus, genus Platypoecilus
Mollienesia, genus Mollienesia
Holocentrus, genus Holocentrus
type genus of the family Holocentridae; squirrelfishes
genus Anomalops
type genus of the family Anomalopidae
Krypterophaneron, genus Krypterophaneron
a genus of fish in the family Anomalopidae
Photoblepharon, genus Photoblepharon
a genus of fish in the family Anomalopidae
Zeus, genus Zeus
type genus of the family Zeidae
Capros, genus Capros
a genus of fish in the family Caproidae
Antigonia, genus Antigonia
a genus of fish in the family Caproidae
Fistularia, genus Fistularia
type genus of the family Fistulariidae
Gasterosteus, genus gasterosteus
type genus of the family Gasterosteidae
Syngnathus, genus Syngnathus
type genus of the family Syngnathidae
Cosmocampus, genus Cosmocampus
a genus of fish in the family Syngnathidae
Hippocampus, genus Hippocampus
Aulostomus, genus Aulostomus
type genus of the Aulostomidae
genus Amphioxus
type genus of the Amphioxidae
genus Salpa
type (perhaps sole) genus of the Salpidae
genus Doliolum
type genus of the Doliolidae
genus Appendicularia
a genus of chordates in the class Larvacea
Petromyzon, genus Petromyzon
typical lampreys
Myxine, genus Myxine
type genus of the Myxinidae (typical hagfishes)
genus Eptatretus
a genus of fossil fish of the family Myxinidae
Myxinikela, genus Myxinikela
fossil hagfishes
genus Chimaera
type genus of the Chimaeridae
Hexanchus, genus Hexanchus
a genus of Hexanchidae
Lamna, genus Lamna
a genus of Lamnidae
Isurus, genus Isurus
mako sharks
Carcharodon, genus Carcharodon
man-eating sharks
Cetorhinus, genus Cetorhinus
comprising only the basking sharks; in some classifications considered the type genus of a separate family Cetorhinidae
Alopius, genus Alopius
type genus of the family Alopiidae; in some classifications considered a genus of the family Lamnidae
Orectolobus, genus Orectolobus
carpet sharks
Ginglymostoma, genus Ginglymostoma
nurse sharks
Carcharias, Odontaspis, genus Carcharias, genus Odontaspis
type and sole genus of Carchariidae: sand sharks
Rhincodon, genus Rhincodon
whale sharks
Carcharhinus, genus Carcharhinus
type genus of the Carcharhinidae
Negaprion, genus Negaprion
lemon sharks
Prionace, genus Prionace
blue sharks
Galeocerdo, genus Galeocerdo
tiger sharks
Galeorhinus, genus Galeorhinus
a genus of Carcharhinidae
Mustelus, genus Mustelus
smooth dogfishes
Triaenodon, genus Triaenodon
a genus of Triakidae
Squalus, genus Squalus
spiny dogfishes
Sphyrna, genus Sphyrna
type genus of the Sphyrnidae
Squatina, genus Squatina
type genus of the Squatinidae: angel sharks
Pristis, genus Pristis
type genus of the Pristidae
Dasyatis, genus Dasyatis
type genus of the Dasyatidae
Gymnura, genus Gymnura
butterfly rays
Aetobatus, genus Aetobatus
a genus of Myliobatidae
Rhinoptera, genus Rhinoptera
a genus of Myliobatidae
genus Manta
a genus of Mobulidae
Mobula, genus Mobula
type genus of the Mobulidae
Raja, genus Raja
type genus of the family Rajidae
genus Protoavis
extinct primitive birds of the Triassic period; 70 million years before archaeopteryx
genus Archaeopteryx, genus Archeopteryx
a genus of fossil birds
genus Sinornis
a genus of fossil birds
genus Ibero-mesornis
a genus of fossil bird of the subclass Archaeornithes
genus Archaeornis
a genus of fossil bird
Struthio, genus Struthio
type genus of the Struthionidae: African ostriches
Casuarius, genus Casuarius
type and sole genus of the Casuaridae: cassowaries
Dromaius, genus Dromaius
a genus of birds in the order Casuariiformes
genus Apteryx
type genus of the Apterygidae: kiwis
genus Rhea
type genus of the Rheidae; large tall flightless South American birds similar to but smaller than ostriches
Pterocnemia, genus Pterocnemia
a genus of birds of the family Rheidae
genus Aepyornis
type genus of the Aepyornidae: elephant birds
Dinornis, genus Dinornis
type genus of the Dinornithidae: large moas
genus Anomalopteryx
small moas
Prunella, genus Prunella
type genus of the Prunellidae
Alauda, genus Alauda
type genus of the Alaudidae: skylarks
Motacilla, genus Motacilla
type genus of the Motacillidae: wagtails
Anthus, genus Anthus
Fringilla, genus Fringilla
type genus of the Fringillidae: chaffinch, brambling
Carduelis, genus Carduelis
in some classifications considered the type genus of a subfamily Carduelinae of the family Fringillidae: goldfinches; siskins; redpolls; linnets
Spinus, genus Spinus
in some classifications considered a subgenus of Carduelis: siskins and New World goldfinches
Carpodacus, genus Carpodacus
house finches and purple finches
Serinus, genus Serinus
Old World finches; e.g. canaries and serins
Loxia, genus Loxia
Pyrrhula, genus Pyrrhula
genus Junco
American finches
Pooecetes, genus Pooecetes
a genus of Fringillidae
Zonotrichia, genus Zonotrichia
large New World sparrows
Spizella, genus Spizella
chipping sparrow; field sparrow; tree sparrow
Melospiza, genus Melospiza
American song sparrow and swamp sparrow
Passerina, genus Passerina
a genus of small North American finches including the New World buntings
Emberiza, genus Emberiza
Old World buntings
Plectrophenax, genus Plectrophenax
snow bunting
Coereba, genus Coereba
type genus of the Coerebidae
Passer, genus Passer
type genus of the Passeridae
Hesperiphona, genus Hesperiphona
evening grosbeak
Coccothraustes, genus Coccothraustes
large finches
Pinicola, genus Pinicola
a genus of Fringillidae
Richmondena, genus Richmondena
genus Pyrrhuloxia
large showy finches related to cardinals
Pipilo, genus Pipilo
Chlorura, genus Chlorura
Ploceus, genus Ploceus
type genus of the Ploceidae
Vidua, genus Vidua
Padda, genus Padda
a genus of Ploceidae
Estrilda, genus Estrilda
Poephila, genus Poephila
Drepanis, genus Drepanis
a genus of Drepanididae
Menura, genus Menura
type and sole genus of the family Menuridae
Atrichornis, genus Atrichornis
type genus of the Atrichornithidae
Tyrannus, genus Tyrannus
type genus of the Tyrannidae: tyrant flycatchers
Contopus, genus Contopus
Sayornis, genus Sayornis
Pyrocephalus, genus Pyrocephalus
a genus of Tyrannidae
genus Cotinga
type genus of the Cotingidae: cotingas
Rupicola, genus Rupicola
cock of the rocks
Pipra, genus Pipra
type genus of the Pipridae containing the typical manakins
Procnias, genus Procnias
Cephalopterus, genus Cephalopterus
a genus of Cotingidae
Furnarius, genus Furnarius
type genus of the family Furnariidae: ovenbirds
Formicarius, genus Formicarius
type genus of the Formicariidae
Thamnophilus, genus Thamnophilus
a genus of Formicariidae
Hylophylax, genus Hylophylax
a genus of Formicariidae
Dendrocolaptes, genus Dendrocolaptes
type genus of the Dendrocolaptidae
genus Pitta
type genus of the Pittidae; a large genus of birds of southern Asia and Australia and adjacent islands
Muscivora, genus Muscivora
a genus of Tyrannidae
Muscicapa, genus Muscicapa
type genus of the Muscicapidae
Pachycephala, genus Pachycephala
arboreal insectivorous birds
Turdus, genus Turdus
type genus of the Turdidae
Hylocichla, genus Hylocichla
American thrush: wood thrush; hermit thrush; veery
Luscinia, genus Luscinia
Saxicola, genus Saxicola
Old World chats
Myadestes, genus Myadestes
Phoenicurus, genus Phoenicurus
Old World thrushes
Oenanthe, genus Oenanthe
Sialia, genus Sialia
North American bluebirds
Erithacus, genus Erithacus
Old World thrushes
Polioptila, genus Polioptila
New World gnatcatchers
Regulus, genus Regulus
a genus of birds of the family Sylviidae including kinglets
Silvia, genus Silvia
type genus of the Sylviidae: warblers
Phylloscopus, genus Phylloscopus
Acrocephalus, genus Acrocephalus
a genus of Sylviidae
Prinia, genus Prinia
a genus of Sylviidae
Orthotomus, genus Orthotomus
Timalia, genus Timalia
type genus of the Timaliidae
Parula, genus Parula
type genus of the Parulidae: wood warblers
Setophaga, genus Setophaga
a genus of Parulidae
Dendroica, genus Dendroica
a genus of Parulidae
Icteria, genus Icteria
New World chats
Seiurus, genus Seiurus
ovenbirds and water thrushes
Geothlypis, genus Geothlypis
Ptloris, genus Ptloris
a genus of Paradisaeidae
Icterus, genus Icterus
type genus of the Icteridae
Sturnella, genus Sturnella
a genus of passerine birds including the meadowlarks
Cacicus, genus Cacicus
a genus of tropical American orioles
Dolichonyx, genus Dolichonyx
Quiscalus, genus Quiscalus
Euphagus, genus Euphagus
a genus of Icteridae
Molothrus, genus Molothrus
Agelaius, genus Agelaius
red-winged blackbirds
Oriolus, genus Oriolus
type genus of the Oriolidae
Sphecotheres, genus Sphecotheres
a genus of Old World orioles
Sturnus, genus Sturnus
type genus of the Sturnidae: common starlings
Pastor, subgenus Pastor
only the rose-colored starlings; in some classifications considered a separate genus
Acridotheres, genus Acridotheres
Gracula, genus Gracula
Corvus, genus Corvus
type genus of the Corvidae: crows and ravens
Garrulus, genus Garrulus
type genus of the Garrulinae: Old World jays
Cyanocitta, genus Cyanocitta
New World jays
Perisoreus, genus Perisoreus
Canada jays
Nucifraga, genus Nucifraga
Pica, genus Pica
Cracticus, genus Cracticus
type genus of the Cracticidae: Australian butcherbirds
Strepera, genus Strepera
bell magpies
Gymnorhina, genus Gymnorhina
in some classifications placed in the family Laniidae: Australian piping crows
Troglodytes, genus Troglodytes
type genus of the Troglodytidae
Cistothorus, genus Cistothorus
marsh wrens
Salpinctes, genus Salpinctes
a genus of Troglodytidae
Thryothorus, genus Thryothorus
Carolina wrens
Campylorhynchus, Heleodytes, genus Campylorhynchus, genus Heleodytes
alternative classifications for the cactus wrens
Mimus, genus Mimus
type genus of the family Mimidae: mockingbirds
Melanotis, genus Melanotis
a genus of Mimidae
Dumetella, genus Dumetella
Toxostoma, genus Toxostoma
Xenicus, genus Xenicus
type genus for the Xenicidae
Acanthisitta, genus Acanthisitta
a genus of Xenicidae
Certhia, genus Certhia
type genus of the Certhiidae
Tichodroma, genus Tichodroma
wall creepers; in some classifications placed in family Sittidae
Sitta, genus Sitta
type genus of the Sittidae
Parus, genus Parus
type genus of the family Paridae
Psaltriparus, genus Psaltriparus
a genus of Paridae
Chamaea, genus Chamaea
a genus of Paridae
Auriparus, genus Auriparus
a genus of Paridae
Irena, genus Irena
type genus of the Irenidae: fairy bluebirds
Hirundo, genus Hirundo
type genus of the Hirundinidae
Iridoprocne, genus Iridoprocne
a genus of Hirundinidae
Delichon, genus Delichon
a genus of Hirundinidae
Riparia, genus Riparia
a genus of Hirundinidae
Progne, genus Progne
a genus of Hirundinidae
Artamus, genus Artamus
type genus of the Artamidae
Piranga, genus Piranga
a genus of Thraupidae
Lanius, genus Lanius
type genus of the Laniidae: typical shrikes
Chlorophoneus, genus Chlorophoneus
a genus of Malaconotinae
Ptilonorhynchus, genus Ptilonorhynchus
type genus of the Ptilonorhynchidae
Chlamydera, genus Chlamydera
a genus of Ptilonorhynchidae
Cinclus, genus Cinclus
type genus of the family Cinclidae
genus Vireo
type genus of the Vireonidae
Bombycilla, genus bombycilla
Accipiter, genus Accipiter
type genus of the family Accipitridae
Buteo, genus Buteo
broad-winged soaring hawks
Pernis, genus Pernis
a common European bird of prey; dull brown with white-streaked underparts
Milvus, genus-Milvus
a genus including the common European kits
Elanoides, genus Elanoides
a genus of kites
Elanus, genus Elanus
a genus of small kites of both Old and New Worlds
Circus, genus Circus
a genus of haws comprising the harriers
Circaetus, genus Circaetus
harrier eagles
Falco, genus Falco
a genus of Falconidae
Polyborus, genus Polyborus
a genus of Falconidae
Harpia, genus Harpia
a genus of Accipitridae
Aquila, genus Aquila
a genus of Accipitridae
Haliaeetus, genus Haliaeetus
a genus of Accipitridae
Pandion, genus Pandion
type genus of the Pandionidae
Gyps, genus Gyps
a genus of Accipitridae
Gypaetus, genus Gypaetus
in some classifications the type genus of the family Aegypiidae
Neophron, genus Neophron
a genus of Accipitridae
Aegypius, genus Aegypius
a genus of Accipitridae
Sagittarius, genus Sagittarius
type genus of the Sagittariidae
Cathartes, genus Cathartes
type genus of the Cathartidae: turkey vultures
Vultur, genus Vultur
a bird that is usually restricted to the Andean condor
Gymnogyps, genus Gymnogyps
containing solely the California condor
Coragyps, genus Coragyps
a genus of Cathartidae
Sarcorhamphus, genus Sarcorhamphus
usually containing only the king vulture
Athene, genus Athene
a genus of Strigidae
Bubo, genus Bubo
a genus of Strigidae
Strix, genus Strix
owls lacking ear tufts
Otus, genus Otus
a genus of Strigidae
Surnia, genus Surnia
a genus of hawk-like owls
Asio, genus Asio
a genus of European owls
Sceloglaux, genus Sceloglaux
a genus of Strigidae
Tyto, genus Tyto
type and only genus of the family Tytonidae
Hynerpeton, genus Hynerpeton
earliest fossil amphibian ever found; of the Devonian; found in Pennsylvania
genus Ichthyostega
second earliest fossil amphibian ever found; of the Devonian; found in Greenland
Salamandra, genus Salamandra
type genus of the Salamandridae
Triturus, genus Triturus
chiefly aquatic salamanders
Notophthalmus, genus Notophthalmus
Taricha, genus Taricha
Pacific newts
Ambystoma, genus Ambystoma
type genus of the Ambystomatidae
Cryptobranchus, genus Cryptobranchus
type genus of the Cryptobranchidae
Megalobatrachus, genus Megalobatrachus
giant salamanders; in some classifications included in the genus Cryptobranchus
Proteidae, family Proteidae
mud puppies
Proteus, genus Proteus
type genus of the Proteidae
Necturus, genus Necturus
a genus of Proteidae
genus Dicamptodon
type genus of the Dicamptodontidae
Rhyacotriton, genus Rhyacotriton
olympic salamanders
Plethodon, genus Plethodon
type genus of the Plethodontidae
Desmograthus, genus Desmograthus
an amphibian genus of Plethodontidae
Aneides, genus Aneides
climbing salamanders
Batrachoseps, genus Batrachoseps
slender salamanders
Hydromantes, genus Hydromantes
web-toed salamanders
genus Amphiuma
congo snakes
genus Siren
a genus of Sirenidae
Rana, genus Rana
type genus of the Ranidae
Eleutherodactylus, genus Eleutherodactylus
completely terrestrial robber frogs
Hylactophryne, genus Hylactophryne
barking frogs
Leptodactylus, genus Leptodactylus
type genus of the Leptodactylidae; in some classifications placed in the family Bufonidae
Polypedates, genus Polypedates
type genus of the Polypedatidae
Ascaphus, genus Ascaphus
type genus of the Ascaphidae; in some classifications included in the family Leiopelmatidae
Leiopelma, Liopelma, genus Leiopelma, genus Liopelma
type and sole genus of the family Leiopelmatidae
genus Bufo
type genus of the Bufonidae; common toads of New and Old Worlds
Alytes, genus Alytes
midwife toads
Bombina, genus Bombina
fire-bellied toads
Scaphiopus, genus Scaphiopus
New World spadefoot toads
Hyla, genus Hyla
the type genus of the Hylidae; tree toads
Acris, genus Acris
cricket frogs
Pseudacris, genus Pseudacris
chorus frogs
Pternohyla, genus Pternohyla
burrowing tree frogs
Gastrophryne, genus Gastrophryne
primarily tropical narrow-mouthed toads
Hypopachus, genus Hypopachus
sheep frogs
Pipa, genus Pipa
type genus of the Pipidae
Xenopus, genus Xenopus
an African clawed frog; in some classifications made the type genus of a separate family Xenopodidae
Chelonia, genus Chelonia
green turtles
Caretta, genus Caretta
loggerhead turtles
Lepidochelys, genus Lepidochelys
Eretmochelys, genus Eretmochelys
Dermochelys, genus Dermochelys
type genus of the Dermochelyidae: leatherback turtles
Chelydra, genus Chelydra
snapping turtles
Macroclemys, genus Macroclemys
includes the alligator snapping turtle
Kinosternon, genus Kinosternon
type genus of the Kinosternidae
Sternotherus, genus Sternotherus
musk turtles
Malaclemys, genus Malaclemys
American terrapins
Pseudemys, genus Pseudemys
sliders; red-bellied terrapin
Terrapene, genus Terrapene
box turtles
Chrysemys, genus Chrysemys
painted turtles
Testudo, genus Testudo
type genus of the Testudinidae
Geochelone, genus Geochelone
giant tortoises
Gopherus, genus Gopherus
gopher tortoises
Xerobates, genus Xerobates
possible new genus for desert and Texas tortoises based on recent research
Trionyx, genus Trionyx
type genus of the Trionychidae
Sphenodon, genus Sphenodon
coextensive with the order Rhynchocephalia: tuataras
Ptychozoon, genus Ptychozoon
flying geckos
Coleonyx, genus Coleonyx
banded geckos
Pygopus, genus Pygopus
type genus of the Pygopodidae; snake-shaped pleurodont lizard with no forelimbs and only rudimentary hind limbs
genus Iguana
type genus of the Iguanidae
Amblyrhynchus, genus Amblyrhynchus
marine iguanas
Dipsosaurus, genus Dipsosaurus
desert iguanas
Sauromalus, genus Sauromalus
Callisaurus, genus Callisaurus
zebra-tailed lizard
Uma, genus Uma
fringe-toed lizard
Holbrookia, genus Holbrookia
earless lizards
Crotaphytus, genus Crotaphytus
collared lizards
Gambelia, genus Gambelia
leopard lizards
Sceloporus, genus Sceloporus
spiny lizards
Uta, genus Uta
a reptile genus of Iguanidae
Urosaurus, genus Urosaurus
a reptile genus of Iguanidae
Phrynosoma, genus Phrynosoma
horned lizards
Basiliscus, genus Basiliscus
a reptile genus of Iguanidae
Anolis, genus Anolis
New World chameleons
Amphisbaena, Amphisbaenia, genus Amphisbaena, genus Amphisbaenia
type genus of the Amphisbaenidae
Scincus, genus Scincus
type genus of Scincidae
Scincella, genus Scincella
a reptile genus of Scincidae
Eumeces, genus Eumeces
New World skinks
Cordylidae, family Cordylidae
small family of spiny ovoviviparous African lizards
Cordylus, genus Cordylus
type genus of the Cordylidae; spiny lizards somewhat resembling tiny crocodiles
Cnemidophorus, genus Cnemidophorus
Tupinambis, genus Tupinambis
genus Agama
type genus of the Agamidae
Chlamydosaurus, genus Chlamydosaurus
frilled lizards
Draco, genus Draco
a reptile genus known as flying dragons or flying lizards
genus Moloch
genus of Australian desert lizard
Gerrhonotus, genus Gerrhonotus
alligator lizards
Anguis, genus Anguis
type genus of the Anguidae: blindworms
Ophisaurus, genus Ophisaurus
glass lizards
Xenosaurus, genus Xenosaurus
type and sole genus of Xenosauridae: slender-bodied Mexican lizards having the upper surface covered with tiny granules and tubercles
Lanthanotus, genus Lanthanotus
one species
Heloderma, genus Heloderma
type genus of the Helodermatidae; American venomous lizards
Lacerta, genus Lacerta
type genus of the Lacertidae
Chamaeleo, genus Chamaeleo, genus Chamaeleon
type genus of the Chamaeleontidae
Varanus, genus Varanus
type and sole extant genus of the Varanidae
Saurosuchus, genus Saurosuchus
early archosaurian carnivore
Proterochampsa, genus Proterochampsa
early archosaurian carnivore
Crocodilus, Crocodylus, genus Crocodilus, genus Crocodylus
type genus of the Crocodylidae
Tomistoma, genus Tomistoma
a genus of Malayan crocodiles
genus Alligator
type genus of the Alligatoridae
genus Caiman
Gavialis, genus Gavialis
type genus of the Gavialidae
genus Pisanosaurus
primitive ornithischian dinosaur found in Argentina; early Triassic
genus Staurikosaurus
primitive ornithischian dinosaur found in Brazil
genus Stegosaurus
quadrupedal armored herbivore of the Jurassic and Cretaceous
genus Ankylosaurus
armored herbivorous dinosaurs of the Cretaceous
genus Protoceratops
small horned dinosaurs
genus Triceratops
genus of herbivorous horned dinosaurs
genus Styracosaurus
genus of horned dinosaurs
genus Psittacosaurus
most primitive genus of horned dinosaurs; early Cretaceous
genus Anatotitan
genus of large duck-billed dinosaurs; late Cretaceous
genus Corythosaurus
genus of duck-billed dinosaurs of late Cretaceous
genus Edmontosaurus
duck-billed dinosaurs of Canada
genus Trachodon
a reptile genus of the suborder Euronithopoda
genus Iguanodon
type genus of the Iguanodontidae
genus Apatosaurus, genus Brontosaurus
large quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaurs with very long neck and tail; late Jurassic
genus Barosaurus
huge quadrupedal herbivorous dinosaur; late Jurassic
genus Diplodocus
a reptile genus of the suborder Sauropoda
Titanosaurus, genus Titanosaurus
genus of herbivorous dinosaurs flourishing during the Cretaceous in South America
Seismosaurus, genus Seismosaurus
genus of large herbivorous dinosaurs of Cretaceous found in western North America
genus Ceratosaurus
primitive saurischian carnivorous dinosaurs
genus Coelophysis
late Triassic carnivorous saurischian dinosaurs
genus Tyrannosaurus
includes a single species
genus Allosaurus, genus Antrodemus
carnivorous dinosaur of North America; late Jurassic
genus Compsognathus
a reptile genus of Theropoda
genus Herrerasaurus
primitive theropod found in Argentina; early Triassic
genus Eoraptor
primitive theropod found in Argentina; early Triassic
genus Megalosaurus
type genus of the Megalosauridae
genus Struthiomimus
small toothless saurischian dinosaurs; later Cretaceous period in Canada
genus Deinocheirus
a reptile genus of Ornithomimida
genus Velociraptor
advanced carnivorous theropod
genus Deinonychus
advanced bipedal carnivorous dinosaur
genus Utahraptor
advanced bipedal carnivorous dinosaur
genus Mononychus
authorities disagree over whether to classify the genus as bird or dinosaur
Chronoperates, genus Chronoperates
a reptile genus of Therapsida
Exaeretodon, genus Exaeretodon
a genus of reptiles of the division Cynodontia
Ischigualastia, genus Ischigualastia
early reptile found in Argentina
genus Edaphosaurus
type genus of the Edaphosauridae
genus Dimetrodon
a reptile genus of Pelycosauria
Pterodactylus, genus Pterodactylus
a reptile genus of Pterodactylidae
genus Ichthyosaurus
type genus of the Ichthyosauridae
genus Stenopterygius
a reptile genus of Ichthyosauridae
genus Plesiosaurus
a reptile genus of suborder Plesiosauria
genus Nothosaurus
a genus of Nothosauria
Carphophis, genus Carphophis
thunder snake
Diadophis, genus Diadophis
a genus of reptiles of the family Colubridae including ringneck snakes
Heterodon, genus Heterodon
a genus of small colubrid snakes containing the North American hognose snakes
Phyllorhynchus, genus Phyllorhynchus
leaf-nosed snakes
Opheodrys, genus Opheodrys
North American green snakes
Chlorophis, genus Chlorophis
African green snakes
Coluber, genus Coluber
Masticophis, genus Masticophis
whip snakes
Elaphe, genus Elaphe
North American rat snakes
Ptyas, genus Ptyas
Asian rat snakes
Arizona, genus Arizona
glossy snake
Pituophis, genus Pituophis
bull snakes
Lampropeltis, genus Lampropeltis
king snakes and milk snakes
Thamnophis, genus Thamnophis
garter snakes
Tropidoclonion, genus Tropidoclonion
lined snakes
Sonora, genus Sonora
ground snakes
Potamophis, genus Potamophis
ground snakes
Haldea, genus Haldea
ground snakes
Natrix, genus Natrix
water snakes; a cosmopolitan genus
Nerodia, genus Nerodia
North American water snakes
Storeria, genus Storeria
a genus of Colubridae
Chilomeniscus, genus Chilomeniscus
sand snakes
Tantilla, genus Tantilla
black-headed snakes
Oxybelis, genus Oxybelis
vine snakes
Trimorphodon, genus Trimorphodon
lyre snakes
Hypsiglena, genus Hypsiglena
night snakes
Leptotyphlops, genus Leptotyphlops
blind snakes of Asia and Africa and Americas
Drymarchon, genus Drymarchon
a genus of Colubridae
Charina, genus Charina
boas of western North America
Lichanura, genus Lichanura
boas of western North America
Eunectes, genus Eunectes
genus Python
Old World boas
Micrurus, genus Micrurus
coral snakes
Micruroides, genus Micruroides
coral snakes
Calliophis, Callophis, genus Calliophis, genus Callophis
Asian coral snakes
Aspidelaps, genus Aspidelaps
African coral snakes
Rhynchoelaps, genus Rhynchoelaps
Australian coral snakes
Denisonia, genus Denisonia
Naja, genus Naja
Ophiophagus, genus Ophiophagus
king cobra
Hemachatus, genus Hemachatus
Dendraspis, Dendroaspis, genus Dendraspis, genus Dendroaspis
Acanthophis, genus Acanthophis
Australian elapid snakes
Notechis, genus Notechis
tiger snakes
Pseudechis, genus Pseudechis
venomous Australian blacksnakes
Bungarus, genus Bungarus
Oxyuranus, genus Oxyuranus
Vipera, genus Vipera
type genus of the Viperidae
Bitis, genus Bitis
a genus of Viperidae
Aspis, genus Aspis, genus Cerastes
horned vipers
Agkistrodon, Ancistrodon, genus Agkistrodon, genus Ancistrodon
Crotalus, genus Crotalus
large rattlesnakes; seldom bite unless startled or pursuing prey
Sistrurus, genus Sistrurus
pygmy rattlesnakes
Bothrops, genus Bothrops
Phalangium, genus Phalangium
type genus of the family Phalangiidae
Chelifer, genus Chelifer
a genus of Chelonethida
Mastigoproctus, genus Mastigoproctus
giant whip scorpions
Argiope, genus Argiope
the type genus of Argiopidae; small genus of orb-weaving spiders
Aranea, Araneus, genus Aranea, genus Araneus
a genus of orb-weaving spiders including common garden spiders and barn spiders
Latrodectus, genus Latrodectus
venomous spiders
Lycosa, genus Lycosa
type genus of the family Lycosidae
Ixodes, genus Ixodes
type genus of the family Ixodidae
Dermacentor, genus Dermacentor
vectors of important diseases of man and animals
Trombicula, genus Trombicula
type genus of the family Trombiculidae
Sarcoptes, genus Sarcoptes
type genus of the family Sarcoptidae: itch mites
Panonychus, genus Panonychus
a genus of Tetranychidae
Scutigerella, genus Scutigerella
garden centipedes
Scutigera, genus Scutigera
a genus of Scutigeridae
Geophilus, genus Geophilus
type genus of the Geophilidae: a cosmopolitan genus of centipedes sometimes called earwigs
Limulus, genus Limulus
type genus of the family Limulidae
Tachypleus, genus Tachypleus
a genus of Limulidae
Gallus, genus Gallus
common domestic birds and related forms
Meleagris, genus Meleagris
type genus of the Meleagrididae: wild and domestic turkeys
Agriocharis, genus Agriocharis
a genus of birds of the family Meleagrididae including the ocellated turkey
Lyrurus, genus Lyrurus
black grouse
Lagopus, genus Lagopus
Tetrao, genus Tetrao
type genus of the Tetraonidae: capercaillies
Canachites, genus Canachites
spruce grouse
Centrocercus, genus Centrocercus
sage grouse
Bonasa, genus Bonasa
ruffed grouse
Pedioecetes, genus Pedioecetes
sharp-tailed grouse
Tympanuchus, genus Tympanuchus
prairie chickens
Crax, genus Crax
type genus of the Cracidae: curassows
Penelope, genus Penelope
a genus of guans (turkey-like arboreal birds valued as game and food birds)
Pipile, genus Pipile
genus of large crested guans (the piping guans)
Ortalis, genus Ortalis
Megapodius, genus-Megapodius
type genus of the Megapodiidae
genus Leipoa
mallee fowl
Alectura, genus Alectura
brush turkeys
Macrocephalon, genus Macrocephalon
Phasianus, genus Phasianus
type genus of the Phasianidae: the typical pheasants
genus Afropavo
Congo peafowl
Argusianus, genus Argusianus
argus pheasants
Chrysolophus, genus Chrysolophus
golden pheasants
Colinus, genus Colinus
New World quail: the bobwhites
Coturnix, genus Coturnix
Old World quail
Lophophorus, genus Lophophorus
Odontophorus, genus Odontophorus
genus of Central and South American crested partridges resembling quails; sometimes placed in a distinct subfamily or isolated in a distinct family
Pavo, genus Pavo
Lofortyx, genus Lofortyx
California quail
genus Tragopan
a genus of Phasianidae
Perdix, genus Perdix
a genus of Perdicinae
Alectoris, genus Alectoris
a genus of Perdicidae
Oreortyx, genus Oreortyx
mountain quail of western United States
Numida, genus Numida
guinea fowl
Opisthocomus, genus Opisthocomus
type genus of the Opisthocomidae: hoatzins
Raphus, genus Raphus
type genus of the Raphidae: dodos
Pezophaps, genus Pezophaps
constituted by the extinct solitaire
Columba, genus Columba
type genus of the Columbidae: typical pigeons
Streptopelia, genus Streptopelia
Stictopelia, genus Stictopelia
a genus of Columbidae
Zenaidura, genus Zenaidura
mourning doves
Ectopistes, genus Ectopistes
a genus of Columbidae
Pterocles, genus Pterocles
type genus of the Pteroclididae
Syrrhaptes, genus Syrrhaptes
a genus of Pteroclididae
Psittacus, genus Psittacus
type genus of the Psittacidae: usually restricted to the African grey
Amazona, genus Amazona
a genus of Psittacidae
Ara, genus Ara
Nestor, genus Nestor
a genus of Psittacidae
Cacatua, Kakatoe, genus Cacatua, genus Kakatoe
a genus of Psittacidae
Nymphicus, genus Nymphicus
a genus of Psittacidae
Agapornis, genus Agapornis
a genus of Psittacidae
Glossopsitta, genus Glossopsitta
a genus of Loriinae
Trichoglossus, genus Trichoglossus
a genus of Loriinae
Conuropsis, genus Conuropsis
a genus of Psittacidae
Melopsittacus, genus Melopsittacus
a genus of Psittacidae
Psittacula, genus Psittacula
a genus of Psittacidae
Cuculus, genus Cuculus
type genus of the Cuculidae
Coccyzus, genus Coccyzus
a genus of Cuculidae
Geococcyx, genus Geococcyx
Crotophaga, genus Crotophaga
Centropus, genus Centropus
a genus of Cuculidae
Musophaga, genus Musophaga
type genus of the Musophagidae
Coracias, genus Coracias
type genus of the Coraciidae
Alcedo, genus Alcedo
type genus of the Alcedinidae
Ceryle, genus Ceryle
a genus of birds of the family Alcedinidae
Dacelo, genus Dacelo
Australasian kingfishers
Halcyon, genus Halcyon
a large kingfisher widely distributed in warmer parts of the Old World
Merops, genus Merops
type genus of the Meropidae
Buceros, genus Buceros
type genus of the family Bucerotidae
Upupa, genus Upupa
type genus of the Upupidae
Phoeniculus, genus Phoeniculus
type and only genus of the family Phoeniculidae
Momotus, genus Momotus
type genus of the Momotidae
Todus, genus Todus
type genus of the Todidae
Apus, genus Apus
type genus
Chateura, genus Chateura
a genus of Apodidae
Collocalia, genus Collocalia
a genus of Apodidae
Archilochus, genus Archilochus
a genus of Trochilidae
Chalcostigma, genus Chalcostigma
Ramphomicron, genus Ramphomicron
Caprimulgus, genus Caprimulgus
type genus of the Caprimulgidae
Chordeiles, genus Chordeiles
a genus of Caprimulgidae
Phalaenoptilus, genus Phalaenoptilus
a genus of Caprimulgidae
Podargus, genus Podargus
type genus of the Podargidae
Steatornis, genus Steatornis
type and sole genus of the family Steatornithidae
Picus, genus Picus
type genus of Picidae
Picoides, genus Picoides
a genus of Picidae
Colaptes, genus Colaptes
a genus of Picidae
Campephilus, genus Campephilus
a genus of Picidae
Melanerpes, genus Melanerpes
a genus of Picidae
Sphyrapicus, genus Sphyrapicus
a genus of Picidae
Jynx, genus Jynx
Picumnus, genus Picumnus
a genus of Picidae
Aulacorhyncus, genus Aulacorhyncus
a genus of Ramphastidae
genus Trogon
type genus of the Trogonidae
Pharomacrus, genus Pharomacrus
a genus of Trogonidae
Anas, genus Anas
type genus of the Anatidae: freshwater ducks
Tadorna, genus Tadorna
Oxyura, genus Oxyura
ruddy duck
Bucephala, genus Bucephala
buffleheads and goldeneyes
Aythya, genus Aythya
canvasback; redhead; pochard; etc.
Aix, genus Aix
wood duck and mandarin duck
Cairina, genus Cairina
a genus of Anatidae
Somateria, genus Somateria
eider ducks
Melanitta, genus Melanitta
Clangula, genus Clangula
a genus of ducks
Mergus, genus Mergus
Lophodytes, genus Lophodytes
a genus of Merginae
Anser, genus Anser
typical geese
Chen, subgenus Chen
wild goose having white adult plumage
Branta, genus Branta
wild geese
genus Coscoroba
a genus of Anatidae
Cygnus, genus Cygnus
a genus of Anatidae
Anhima, genus Anhima
type genus of the Anhimidae; horned screamers
Chauna, genus Chauna
crested screamers
Tachyglossus, genus Tachyglossus
type genus of the family Tachyglossidae
Zaglossus, genus Zaglossus
a genus of Tachyglossidae
Ornithorhynchus, genus Ornithorhynchus
type genus of the family Ornithorhynchidae
Didelphis, genus Didelphis
type genus of the family Didelphidae
Caenolestes, genus Caenolestes
type genus of the family Caenolestidae
Macrotis, genus Macrotis
a genus of Peramelidae
Macropus, genus Macropus
type genus of the family Macropodidae: typical kangaroos and wallabies
Lagorchestes, genus Lagorchestes
hare wallabies
Onychogalea, genus Onychogalea
a genus of Macropodidae
Petrogale, genus Petrogale
rock wallabies
Thylogale, genus Thylogale
Dendrolagus, genus Dendrolagus
tree wallabies
Hypsiprymnodon, genus Hypsiprymnodon
musk kangaroos
Potorous, genus Potorous
Bettongia, genus Bettongia
jerboa kangaroo
genus Phalanger
type genus of the family Phalangeridae: cuscuses
Trichosurus, genus Trichosurus
a genus of Phalangeridae
Petaurus, genus Petaurus
a genus of Phalangeridae
Acrobates, genus Acrobates
a genus of Phalangeridae
Phascolarctos, genus Phascolarctos
Dasyurus, genus Dasyurus
type genus of the family Dasyuridae: native cats
Thylacinus, genus Thylacinus
Tasmanian wolf
Sarcophilus, genus Sarcophilus
Tasmanian devil
Phascogale, genus Phascogale
pouched mice
Myrmecobius, genus Myrmecobius
banded anteater
Notoryctus, genus Notoryctus
type genus of the family Notoryctidae: comprising solely the marsupial mole
Condylura, genus Condylura
star-nosed moles
Parascalops, genus Parascalops
brewer's moles
Chrysochloris, genus Chrysochloris
type genus of the Chrysochloridae
Uropsilus, genus Uropsilus
shrew moles
Neurotrichus, genus Neurotrichus
shrew moles
Sorex, genus Sorex
type genus of the family Soricidae: shrews
Blarina, genus Blarina
Neomys, genus Neomys
a genus of Soricidae
Cryptotis, genus Cryptotis
least shrews
Erinaceus, genus Erinaceus
type genus of the family Erinaceidae: hedgehogs
genus Tenrec
type genus of the family Tenrecidae: tenrecs
genus Potamogale
type genus of the family Potamogalidae: otter shrews
Euplectella, genus Euplectella
a genus of Hyalospongiae
Chrysaora, genus Chrysaora
a genus of Scyphozoa
genus Hydra
genus Nanomia
a genus of Siphonophora
Physalia, genus Physalia
Portuguese man-of-war
Sertularia, genus Sertularia
sessile hydroid that forms feathery colonies
Actinia, genus Actinia
a genus of sea anemone common in rock pools
Pennatula, genus Pennatula
type genus of the family Pennatulidae: sea pens
Maeandra, genus Maeandra
brain corals
Acropora, genus Acropora
coelenterate genus of order Madreporaria, including staghorn corals
Fungia, genus Fungia
a genus comprising the usual mushroom corals
genus Beroe
coextensive with the class Nuda
Pleurobrachia, genus Pleurobrachia
sea gooseberries
Cestum, genus Cestum
Venus's girdle
genus Sagitta
chief genus of Chaetognatha including the largest arrowworms
genus Spadella
marine worms resembling the sagittas but with a broader body and only one pair of lateral fins
Fasciola, genus Fasciola
a genus of Fasciolidae
Fasciolopsis, genus Fasciolopsis
a genus of Fasciolidae
Schistosoma, genus Schistosoma
type genus of the family Schistosomatidae: blood flukes
genus Echinococcus
genus Taenia
type genus of the family Taeniidae: tapeworms
Ascaris, genus Ascaris
type genus of the family Ascaridae: roundworms with a three-lipped mouth
Ascaridia, genus Ascaridia
roundworm having a preanal sucker
Enterobius, genus Enterobius
Anguillula, Turbatrix, genus Anguillula, genus Turbatrix
a genus of Cephalobidae
Tylenchus, genus Tylenchus
type genus of the family Tylenchidae
Dracunculus, genus Dracunculus
type genus of the family Dracunculidae
Branchiobdella, genus Branchiobdella
type genus of the Branchiobdellidae: a small worm that lives on the gills or surface of a crayfish attached by a sucker
Terebella, genus Terebella
type genus of Terebellidae; tube-forming marine polychete worms with many filamentous tentacles
Polycirrus, genus Polycirrus
genus of soft-bodied polychete marine worms
Hirudo, genus Hirudo
type genus of the family Hirudinidae
Haemopis, genus Haemopis
Haliotis, genus Haliotis
type genus of the family Haliotidae
Lambis, genus Lambis
scorpion shells of shallow tropical waters of the eastern hemisphere
Strombus, genus Strombus
type genus of the family Strombidae
Helix, genus Helix
type genus of the family Helicidae
Limax, genus Limax
a genus of Limacidae
genus Nerita
type genus of the Neritidae
genus Neritina
a genus of Neritidae
Littorina, genus Littorina
type genus of the family Littorinidae: periwinkles
Patella, genus Patella
type genus of the family Patellidae: common European limpets
Fissurella, genus Fissurella
type genus of the family Fissurellidae: keyhole limpets
Ancylus, genus Ancylus
type genus of the family Ancylidae: river limpet
Aplysia, Tethys, genus Aplysia, genus Tethus
type genus of the family Aplysiidae
Hermissenda, genus Hermissenda
genus of marine sea slugs
Haminoea, genus Haminoea
common genus of marine bubble shells of the Pacific coast of North America
genus Physa
type genus of the Physidae; freshwater air-breathing snails
Cypraea, genus Cypraea
type genus of the family Cypraeidae: the typical cowries
genus Chiton
a genus of Polyplacophora
Mya, genus Mya
type genus of the family Myacidae
Venus, genus Venus
type genus of the family Veneridae: genus of edible clams with thick oval shells
Mercenaria, genus Mercenaria
a genus of Veneridae
Ensis, genus Ensis
razor clams
Tridacna, genus Tridacna
type genus of the family Tridacnidae: giant clams
Cardium, genus Cardium
type genus of the family Cardiidae: cockles
Ostrea, genus Ostrea
type genus of the family Ostreidae
Crassostrea, genus Crassostrea
Virginia oysters
Pinctada, genus Pinctada
pearl oysters
Anomia, genus Anomia
type genus of the family Anomiidae: saddle oysters
Placuna, genus Placuna
windowpane oysters
Arca, genus Arca
type genus of the family Arcidae: ark shells and blood clams
Mytilus, genus Mytilus
type genus of the family Mytilidae: smooth-shelled marine mussels
Unio, genus Unio
type genus of the family Unionidae
Anodonta, genus Anodonta
thin-shelled freshwater mussels
Dreissena, genus Dreissena
zebra mussels
genus Pecten
type genus of the family Pectinidae: sea and bay scallops
genus Teredo
type genus of the family Teredinidae
Bankia, genus Bankia
giant shipworms
Pholas, genus Pholas
type genus of the family Pholadidae: piddocks
genus Nautilus
type genus and sole recent representative of the family Nautilidae
genus Octopus
type genus of the family Octopodidae
Argonauta, genus Argonauta
type genus of the family Argonautidae: paper nautilus
genus Loligo
genus Ommastrephes
a genus of Decapoda
genus Architeuthis
giant squid
Sepia, genus Sepia
type genus of the Sepiidae
genus Spirula
genus of small cephalopods with many-chambered spiral shells resembling those of the extinct belemnites
Menippe, genus Menippe
stone crabs
Cancer, genus Cancer
type genus of the family Cancridae
Portunus, genus Portunus
type genus of the family Portunidae
Ovalipes, genus Ovalipes
a genus of Portunidae
Callinectes, genus Callinectes
New World blue crabs
Uca, genus Uca
fiddler crabs
Pinnotheres, genus Pinnotheres
type genus of the family Pinnotheridae: pea crabs
Paralithodes, genus Paralithodes
a genus of Lithodidae
Maia, Maja, genus Maia, genus Maja
type genus of the Majidae; nearly cosmopolitan in distribution
Macrocheira, genus Macrocheira
giant crabs of Japan
Homarus, genus Homarus
type genus of the family Homaridae: common edible lobsters
Nephrops, genus Nephrops
a genus of Nephropsidae
Palinurus, genus Palinurus
type genus of the family Palinuridae
Astacus, genus Astacus
type genus of the family Astacidae; Old World crayfish
Cambarus, genus Cambarus
a genus of Astacidae
Pagurus, genus Pagurus
type genus of the family Paguridae
Crangon, genus Crangon
type genus of the family Crangonidae
Palaemon, genus Palaemon
type genus of the family Palaemonidae; widely distributed genus
Peneus, genus Peneus
type genus of the family Peneidae
Mysis, genus Mysis
type genus of the family Mysidae
Praunus, genus Praunus
a genus of Mysidae
genus Squilla
type genus of the family Squillidae
Armadillidium, genus Armadillidium
type genus of the Armadillidiidae
Oniscus, genus Oniscus
type genus of the Oniscidae; woodlice that cannot roll into a ball
Porcellio, genus Porcellio
Old World genus of isopod crustaceans
Orchestia, genus Orchestia
type genus of the family Orchestiidae
Caprella, genus Caprella
skeleton shrimp
Cyamus, genus Cyamus
whale lice
genus Daphnia
water fleas
Artemia, Chirocephalus, genus Artemia, genus Chirocephalus
fairy shrimp; brine shrimp
Triops, genus Triops
type genus of the family Triopidae: small crustaceans with a small third median eye
genus Cyclops
copepod water fleas
Balanus, genus Balanus
type genus of the family Balanidae
Lepas, genus Lepas
type genus of the family Lepadidae
genus Peripatus
type genus of Peripatidae; onychophorans of chiefly New World tropical regions
Plicatoperipatus, genus Plicatoperipatus
a genus of Peripatidae
Peripatopsis, genus Peripatopsis
type genus of Peripatopsidae; onychophorans of chiefly Asiatic and African tropical regions
Ciconia, genus Ciconia
type genus of the Ciconiidae: European storks
Leptoptilus, genus Leptoptilus
adjutant birds and marabous
Anastomus, genus Anastomus
genus Jabiru
Ephippiorhynchus, genus Ephippiorhynchus
Xenorhyncus, genus Xenorhyncus
East Indian and Australian storks
Mycteria, genus Mycteria
a genus of storks of the family Ciconiidae now including only the American wood ibis
Balaeniceps, genus Balaeniceps
type genus of the Balaenicipitidae: shoebills
genus Ibis
Threskiornis, genus Threskiornis
type genus of the Threskiornithidae
Platalea, genus Platalea
type genus of the Plataleidae
Ajaia, genus Ajaia
a genus of Platalea
Ardea, genus Ardea
type genus of the Ardeidae: large New and Old World herons
Egretta, genus Egretta
small Old and New World herons
Casmerodius, genus Casmerodius
a white egrets
Bubulcus, genus Bubulcus
small white egrets
Nycticorax, genus Nycticorax
Old World night herons
Nyctanassa, genus Nyctanassa
American night herons
Cochlearius, genus Cochlearius
Botaurus, genus Botaurus
Ixobrychus, genus Ixobrychus
Grus, genus Grus
type genus of the Gruidae: typical cranes
Aramus, genus Aramus
genus of large brown long-billed wading birds found in warm swampy regions of the western hemisphere: courlan; limpkin
Cariama, genus Cariama
the type genus of the Cariamidae comprising only the crested cariama
genus Chunga
a genus of Cariamidae
Gallirallus, genus Gallirallus
rails of New Zealand
Crex, genus Crex
Porzana, genus Porzana
spotted crakes
Gallinula, genus Gallinula
Porphyrio, genus Porphyrio
Old World purple gallinules
Porphyrula, genus Porphyrula
American purple gallinules
genus Notornis
a genus of Rallidae
Fulica, genus Fulica
Otis, genus Otis
type genus of the Otididae: European bustard
Choriotis, genus Choriotis
Australian bustard
Turnix, genus Turnix
type genus of the Turnicidae: button quail
Pedionomus, genus Pedionomus
plain wanderer
Psophia, genus Psophia
type genus of the Psophiidae: trumpeters
Charadrius, genus Charadrius
type genus of the Charadriidae: plovers
Pluvialis, genus Pluvialis
golden plovers
Vanellus, genus Vanellus
Eurasian lapwings
Arenaria, genus Arenaria
Aphriza, genus Aphriza
a genus of Scolopacidae
Actitis, genus Actitis
a genus of Scolopacidae
Erolia, genus Erolia
a genus of Scolopacidae
Tringa, genus Tringa
a genus of Scolopacidae
Calidris, genus Calidris
a genus of Scolopacidae
Crocethia, genus Crocethia
a genus of Scolopacidae
Bartramia, genus Bartramia
a genus of Scolopacidae
Philomachus, genus Philomachus
Heteroscelus, genus Heteroscelus
Catoptrophorus, genus Catoptrophorus
Scolopax, genus Scolopax
type of the Scolopacidae: Old World woodcocks
Philohela, genus Philohela
American woodcocks
Capella, Gallinago, genus Capella, genus Gallinago
Limnocryptes, genus Limnocryptes
Limnodromus, genus Limnodromus
Numenius, genus Numenius
Limosa, genus Limosa
Himantopus, genus Himantopus
major one of two genera of stilts; similar to avocets but with straight bills
Cladorhyncus, genus Cladorhyncus
one of two genera of stilts; similar to avocets but with straight bills
Recurvirostra, genus Recurvirostra
type genus of the Recurvirostridae: avocets
Haematopus, genus Haematopus
Phalaropus, genus Phalaropus
type genus of the Phalaropidae: phalaropes
Lobipes, genus Lobipes
a genus of Phalaropidae
Steganopus, genus Steganopus
a genus of Phalaropidae
Glareola, genus Glareola
type genus of the Glareolidae: the pratincoles
Cursorius, genus Cursorius
Pluvianus, genus Pluvianus
Burhinus, genus Burhinus
type genus of the Burhinidae: stone curlews
Larus, genus Larus
type genus of the Laridae
Pagophila, genus Pagophila
a genus of Laridae
Rissa, genus Rissa
a genus of Laridae
Sterna, genus Sterna
a genus of Sterninae
Rynchops, genus Rynchops
type genus of the Rynchopidae: skimmers
Stercorarius, genus Stercorarius
type genus of the Stercorariidae: jaegers
Catharacta, genus Catharacta
Alca, genus Alca
type genus of the Alcidae comprising solely the razorbill
Plautus, genus Plautus
a genus of Alcidae
Pinguinus, genus Pinguinus
great auk
Cepphus, genus Cepphus
a genus of birds including: guillemots
Uria, genus Uria
Fratercula, genus Fratercula
Lunda, genus Lunda
Gavia, genus Gavia
type genus of the Gavidae: loons
Podiceps, genus Podiceps
type genus of the Podicipedidae: grebes
Podilymbus, genus Podilymbus
a genus of Podicipedidae
Pelecanus, genus Pelecanus
type genus of the Pelecanidae
Fregata, genus Fregata
type genus of the Fregatidae
Sula, genus Sula
type genus of the Sulidae
Phalacrocorax, genus Phalacrocorax
type genus: coextensive with the family Phalacrocoracidae
genus Anhinga
type genus of the Anhingidae
Phaethon, genus Phaethon
type genus of the Phaethontidae
Pygoscelis, genus Pygoscelis
a genus of Spheniscidae
Aptenodytes, genus Aptenodytes
large penguins
Spheniscus, genus Spheniscus
type genus of the Spheniscidae: jackass penguins
Eudyptes, genus Eudyptes
rock hoppers
genus Diomedea
type of the Diomedeidae
Procellaria, genus Procellaria
type genus of the Procellariidae
Macronectes, genus Macronectes
giant petrels
Fulmarus, genus Fulmarus
Puffinus, genus Puffinus
Hydrobates, genus Hydrobates
type genus of the Hydrobatidae
Oceanites, genus Oceanites
a genus of Hydrobatidae
Balaena, genus Balaena
type genus of the Balaenidae: Greenland whales
Balaenoptera, genus Balaenoptera
type genus of the Balaenopteridae
Megaptera, genus Megaptera
humpback whales
Eschrichtius, genus Eschrichtius
type and sole genus of the Eschrichtiidae
Physeter, genus Physeter
type genus of the Physeteridae
Kogia, genus Kogia
pygmy sperm whales
Hyperoodon, genus Hyperoodon
bottle-nosed whales
Delphinus, genus Delphinus
type genus of the Delphinidae
Tursiops, genus Tursiops
a genus of Delphinidae
Phocoena, genus Phocoena
genus Grampus
Orcinus, genus Orcinus
killer whales
Globicephala, genus Globicephala
pilot whales
Monodon, genus Monodon
type genus of the Monodontidae
Delphinapterus, genus Delphinapterus
white whale
Trichechus, genus Trichecus
type and sole genus of the Trichechidae
genus Dugong
type genus of the Dugongidae comprising only the dugongs
Hydrodamalis, genus Hydrodamalis
a genus of the family Dugongidae comprising only Steller's sea cow
Arctocephalus, genus Arctocephalus
fur seals
Callorhinus, genus Callorhinus
fur seals
Otaria, genus Otaria
type genus of the Otariidae
Zalophus, genus Zalophus
sea lions
Eumetopias, genus Eumetopias
sea lions
Phoca, genus Phoca
type genus of the Phocidae: earless seals
Pagophilus, genus Pagophilus
harp seals
Mirounga, genus Mirounga
elephant seals
Erignathus, genus Erignathus
bearded seals
Cystophora, genus Cystophora
hooded seals
Odobenus, genus Odobenus
type genus of the Odobenidae: walruses
Orycteropus, genus Orycteropus
coextensive with the family Orycteropodidae
Canis, genus Canis
type genus of the Canidae: domestic and wild dogs; wolves; jackals
Cuon, Cyon, genus Cuon, genus Cyon
Asiatic wild dog
Dusicyon, genus Dusicyon
crab-eating dog
Nyctereutes, genus Nyctereutes
raccoon dogs
Lycaeon, genus Lycaeon
African hunting dog
genus Hyaena
type genus of the Hyaenidae
Crocuta, genus Crocuta
a genus of Hyaenidae
Proteles, genus Proteles
Vulpes, genus Vulpes
Alopex, genus Alopex
arctic foxes
Urocyon, genus Urocyon
grey foxes
Felis, genus Felis
type genus of the Felidae: true cats and most wildcats
genus Lynx
Panthera, genus Panthera
lions; leopards; snow leopards; jaguars; tigers; cheetahs; saber-toothed tigers
Acinonyx, genus Acinonyx
Smiledon, genus Smiledon
saber-toothed tigers
Nimravus, genus Nimravus
false sabertoothed tigers
Ursus, genus Ursus
type genus of Ursidae: brown bears; in some classifications genus Ursus includes all bears
Euarctos, genus Euarctos
American black bears; in some classifications not a separate genus from Ursus
Selenarctos, genus Selenarctos
Asiatic black bears; in some classifications not a separate genus from Ursus
Thalarctos, genus Thalarctos
polar bears; in some classifications not a separate genus from Ursus
Melursus, genus Melursus
sloth bears; in some classifications not a separate genus from Ursus
Viverra, genus Viverra
type genus of the family Viverridae
Viverricula, genus Viverricula
a genus of Viverridae
Arctictis, genus Arctictis
Fossa, genus Fossa
monotypic genus of Madagascar civets closely related to palm civets
Genetta, genus Genetta
Hemigalus, genus Hemigalus
banded palm civets
Herpestes, genus Herpestes
Paradoxurus, genus Paradoxurus
palm civets
Suricata, genus Suricata
Pteropus, genus Pteropus
a genus of Megachiroptera
Nyctimene, genus Nyctimene
East Indian fruit bats
Cynopterus, genus Cynopterus
a genus of Megachiroptera
genus Macrotus
leafnose bats
Phyllostomus, genus Phyllostomus
type genus of the family Phyllostomatidae
Choeronycteris, genus Choeronycteris
a genus of Phyllostomatidae
Hipposideros, genus Hipposideros
horseshoe bats
Rhinonicteris, genus Rhinonicteris
orange horseshoe bats
Megaderma, genus Megaderma
type genus of the Megadermatidae
Vespertilio, genus Vespertilio
a genus of Vespertilionidae
Lasiurus, genus Lasiurus
a genus of Vespertilionidae
Myotis, genus Myotis
largest and most widely distributed genus of bats
Eptesicus, genus Eptesicus
a genus of Vespertilionidae
Antrozous, genus Antrozous
a genus of Vespertilionidae
Pipistrellus, genus Pipistrellus
nearly cosmopolitan genus of very small bats
Euderma, genus Euderma
a genus of Vespertilionidae
Plecotus, genus Plecotus
a genus of Vespertilionidae
Tadarida, genus Tadarida
freetail bats
Eumops, genus Eumops
mastiff bats
Desmodus, genus Desmodus
type genus of the Desmodontidae: vampire bats
Diphylla, genus Diphylla
vampire bats
Adalia, genus Adalia
genus of ladybugs
Epilachna, genus Epilachna
genus of ladybugs native to Mexico and Central America; both larvae and adults feed on plants
Hippodamia, genus Hippodamia
genus of ladybugs
Rodolia, genus Rodolia, genus Vedalia
genus of Australian ladybugs
Brachinus, genus Brachinus
bombardier beetles
genus Calosoma
genus of large predaceous ground beetles that feed on injurious caterpillars
Monochamus, genus Monochamus
sawyer beetles
Leptinotarsa, genus Leptinotarsa
Colorado potato beetles
genus Scarabaeus
type genus of the Scarabaeidae
Popillia, genus Popillia
a genus of Scarabaeidae
Anomala, genus Anomala
genus of beetles whose grubs feed mainly on roots of plants; includes several pests of cultivated grasses
Melolontha, genus Melolontha
a genus of Melolonthidae
Macrodactylus, genus Macrodactylus
a genus of Melolonthidae
Cetonia, genus Cetonia
a genus of Cetoniidae
Pyrophorus, genus Pyrophorus
tropical click beetles
Anthonomus, genus Anthonomus
weevils destructive of cultivated plants
Scolytus, genus Scolytus
type genus of the Scolytidae comprising numerous small bark beetles
Dendroctonus, genus Dendroctonus
genus of small bark beetles destructive especially to mature conifers
Tribolium, genus Tribolium
flour beetles
Bruchus, genus Bruchus
type genus of the Bruchidae
Acanthoscelides, genus Acanthoscelides
a genus of Bruchidae
Sitophylus, genus Sitophylus
a genus of Bruchidae
Pediculus, genus Pediculus
type genus of Pediculidae: true lice infecting humans
Phthirius, Phthirus, genus Phthirius, genus Phthirus
true lice: crab lice
Menopon, genus Menopon
chicken lice
Pulex, genus Pulex
type genus of the Pulicidae
Ctenocephalides, genus Ctenocephalides
an arthropod genus of fleas
Tunga, genus Tunga
a genus of Siphonaptera
Echidnophaga, genus Echidnophaga
a genus of Siphonaptera
Mayetiola, genus Mayetiola
a genus of Cecidomyidae
Musca, genus Musca
type genus of the Muscidae: houseflies
genus Glossina
type genus of the Glossinidae: tsetse flies
Calliphora, genus Calliphora
type genus of the Calliphoridae: blowflies
Lucilia, genus Lucilia
greenbottle flies
Sarcophaga, genus Sarcophaga
flesh flies
Gasterophilus, genus Gasterophilus
type genus of the Gasterophilidae: horse botflies
Cuterebra, genus Cuterebra
type genus of the Cuterebridae
Dermatobia, genus Dermatobia
larvae live under the skin of domestic mammals and humans
Oestrus, genus Oestrus
type genus of the Oestridae: sheep botflies
Hypoderma, genus Hypoderma
in some classifications considered the type genus of the family Hypodermatidae: warble flies
Rhagoletis, genus Rhagoletis
a genus of Trypetidae
Ceratitis, genus Ceratitis
Mediterranean fruit flies
genus Drosophila
a genus of Drosophilidae
Philophylla, genus Philophylla
leaf miners
Hippobosca, genus Hippobosca
type genus of the Hippoboscidae
Melophagus, genus Melophagus
an arthropod genus of wingless flies including the sheep ked
Haematobia, genus Haematobia
European genus of bloodsucking flies
Aedes, genus Aedes
yellow-fever mosquitos
Anopheles, genus Anopheles
malaria mosquitoes; distinguished by the adult's head-downward stance and absence of breathing tubes in the larvae
Culex, genus Culex
type genus of the Culicidae: widespread genus of mosquitoes distinguished by holding the body parallel to the resting surface
Ceratopogon, genus Ceratopogon
type genus of the Ceratopogonidae
Chironomus, genus Chironomus
type genus of the Chironomidae
Phlebotomus, genus Phlebotomus
small bloodsucking sand flies that resemble moths
genus Sciara
type genus of the Sciaridae: fungus gnat
Simulium, genus Simulium
type genus of the Simuliidae: blackflies
Apis, genus Apis
type genus of the Apidae: honeybees
Xylocopa, genus Xylocopa
carpenter bees
Bombus, genus Bombus
Psithyrus, genus Psithyrus
a large bee that resembles the bumblebee but lacks pollen-collecting apparatus and a worker caste
genus Andrena
a solitary burrowing short-tongued bee
genus Nomia, nomia
a genus of bee; some are important pollinators of legumes
Megachile, genus Megachile
type genus of the Megachilidae: leaf-cutting bees
Anthidium, genus Anthidium
potter bees
Vespa, genus Vespa
type genus of the Vespidae: various hornets and yellow jackets
Vespula, genus Vespula
sometimes considered a subgenus of Vespa: social wasps
Polistes, genus Polistes
a genus of Vespidae
Eumenes, genus Eumenes
mason wasps
Sceliphron, genus Sceliphron
mud daubers
Sphecius, genus Sphecius
large solitary wasps: cicada killer
Cynips, genus Cynips
type genus of the Cynipidae: gall wasps
Amphibolips, genus Amphibolips
cynipid gall wasps, especially causing oak-apple galls
Andricus, genus Andricus
cynipid gall wasps, chiefly affecting oaks
Chalcis, genus Chalcis
type genus of the Chalcididae
Fenusa, genus-Fenusa
birch leaf miner
Monomorium, genus Monomorium
a genus of Formicidae
Camponotus, genus Camponotus
carpenter ants
Solenopsis, genus Solenopsis
fire ants
Formica, genus Formica
type genus of the Formicidae
Myrmecia, genus Myrmecia
bulldog ants
Polyergus, genus Polyergus
Amazon ants
Termes, genus Termes
type genus of the Termitidae
Reticulitermes, genus Reticulitermes
includes species highly destructive to structures and living trees
Mastotermes, genus Mastotermes
primitive genus of termites; mostly extinct; sometimes considered the most primitive Isoptera
Kalotermes, genus Kalotermes
type genus of Kalotermitidae; termites destructive of wood and living trees
Cryptotermes, genus Cryptotermes
genus of dry wood termites; cosmopolitan in distribution; sometimes considered a subgenus of Kalotermes
Locusta, genus Locusta
a genus of Acrididae
Melanoplus, genus Melanoplus
New World migratory locusts and common American grasshoppers
Microcentrum, genus Microcentrum
Anabrus, genus Anabrus
a genus of Tettigoniidae
Stenopelmatus, genus Stenopelmatus
sand crickets
Acheta, genus Acheta
common house and field crickets
Oecanthus, genus Oecanthus
tree crickets
genus Diapheromera
a genus of Phasmidae
Phyllium, genus Phyllium
type genus of the Phyllidae
Blatta, genus Blatta
type genus of the Blattidae: cockroaches infesting buildings worldwide
Periplaneta, genus Periplaneta
cosmopolitan genus of large cockroaches
Blattella, genus Blattella
small cockroaches
Blaberus, genus Blaberus
giant cockroaches
Cryptocercus, genus Cryptocercus
genus Mantis
type genus of the Mantidae: mantises
Poecilocapsus, genus Poecilocapsus
a genus of Miridae
Lygus, genus Lygus
plant-sucking bugs
Blissus, genus Blissus
chinch bugs
Anasa, genus Anasa
squash bugs
Leptoglossus, genus Leptoglossus
leaf-footed bugs
Cimex, genus Cimex
type genus of the Cimicidae: bedbugs
Notonecta, genus Notonecta
type genus of the Notonectidae: backswimmers
Nepa, genus Nepa
type genus of the Nepidae: typical elongate-oval water scorpions
Ranatra, genus Ranatra
elongate very slender water scorpions
Corixa, genus Corixa
type genus of the Corixidae: boat bugs
Gerris, genus Gerris
type genus of the Gerrididae
Triatoma, genus Triatoma
Arilus, genus Arilus
a genus of Reduviidae
Dysdercus, genus Dysdercus
a genus of slender long-legged bugs that feed on the developing seeds of cotton and stain it
Aleyrodes, genus Aleyrodes
type genus of the Aleyrodidae
Dialeurodes, genus Dialeurodes
a genus of Aleyrodidae
Trialeurodes, genus Trialeurodes
a genus of Aleyrodidae
Bemisia, genus Bemisia
sweet-potato whitefly
genus Coccus
type genus of the Coccidae
Aspidiotus, genus Aspidiotus
a genus of Diaspididae
Dactylopius, genus Dactylopius
type genus of the Dactylopiidae
Pseudococcus, genus Pseudococcus
type genus of the Pseudococcidae
Planococcus, genus Planococcus
a genus of Pseudococcidae
Aphis, genus Aphis
type genus of the Aphididae: injurious to fruit trees and vegetables
Eriosoma, genus Eriosoma
woolly aphids
Prociphilus, genus Prociphilus
a genus of Aphididae
Adelges, genus Adelges
type genus of the Adelgidae: plant lice
Pineus, genus Pineus
a genus of Adelgidae
Phylloxera, genus Phylloxera
type genus of the Phylloxeridae: plant lice
genus Cicada
type genus of the Cicadidae: cicadas
Tibicen, genus Tibicen
harvest flies
Magicicada, genus Magicicada
seventeen-year locust
Philaenus, genus Philaenus
a genus of Cercopidae
Aphrophora, genus Aphrophora
a genus of Cercopidae
Liposcelis, genus Liposcelis
a genus of Psocidae
Trogium, genus Trogium
a genus of Psocidae
Myrmeleon, genus Myrmeleon
type genus of the Myrmeleontidae: antlions
Corydalis, Corydalus, genus Corydalis, genus Corydalus
type genus of the Corydalidae
Sialis, genus Sialis
type genus of the Sialidae
Lepisma, genus Lepisma
type genus of the Lepismatidae: silverfish
Thermobia, genus Thermobia
a genus of Lepismatidae
Frankliniella, genus Frankliniella
tobacco thrips
genus Thrips
type genus of the Thripidae
Forficula, genus Forficula
type genus of Forficulidae
Nymphalis, genus Nymphalis
type genus of the Nymphalidae: mourning cloak butterflies
Vanessa, genus Vanessa
painted beauty and red admiral
Limenitis, genus Limenitis
mainly dark northern butterflies with white wing bars
Polygonia, genus Polygonia
comma butterflies
Spyeria, genus Spyeria
Argynnis, genus Argynnis
Apatura, genus Apatura
large Old World butterflies
Inachis, genus Inachis
a genus of Nymphalidae
Danaus, genus Danaus
type genus of the Danaidae: monarch butterflies
Pieris, genus Pieris
type genus of the Pieridae
Lycaena, genus Lycaena
type genus of the Lycaenidae; small slender butterflies with upper surface of wings usually metallic blue or green or copper
Strymon, genus Strymon
large and widely distributed genus of hairstreak butterflies
genus Tortrix
type genus of the Tortricidae
Homona, genus Homona
tea tortrix
Argyrotaenia, genus Argyrotaenia
orange tortrix
Carpocapsa, genus Carpocapsa
codling moths
Lymantria, genus Lymantria
type genus of the Lymantriidae; a pest (Lymantria means `destroyer')
Euproctis, genus Euproctis
a genus of Lymantriidae
Paleacrita, genus Paleacrita
geometrid moths
Alsophila, genus Alsophila
geometrid moths
Pyralis, genus Pyralis
type genus of the Pyralidae
Galleria, genus Galleria
a genus of Pyralidae
Pyrausta, genus Pyrausta
moths whose larvae are corn borers
Anagasta, genus Anagasta
moth whose larvae are flour moths
Ephestia, genus Ephestia
small moths whose larvae spin silken tunnels and feed on stored food products
Cadra, genus Cadra
a genus of Pyralidae
Tinea, genus Tinea
type genus of the Tineidae: clothes moths
Tineola, genus Tineola
webbing clothes moths
Trichophaga, genus Trichophaga
carpet moths
Gelechia, genus Gelechia
type genus of the Gelechiidae: pink bollworms
Sitotroga, genus Sitotroga
grain moths
Phthorimaea, genus Phthorimaea
potato moths
Noctua, genus Noctua
type genus of the Noctuidae: moths whose larvae are cutworms
Catacala, genus Catacala
moths whose larvae are cutworms: underwings
Cerapteryx, genus Cerapteryx
antler moths
Heliothis, genus Heliothis
a genus of Noctuidae
Chorizagrotis, genus Chorizagrotis
moths whose larvae are army cutworms
Pseudaletia, genus Pseudaletia
moths whose larvae are armyworms
Spodoptera, genus Spodoptera
moths whose larvae are armyworms
Manduca, genus Manduca
moths whose larvae are tobacco hornworms or tomato hornworms
Acherontia, genus Acherontia
death's-head moth
Bombyx, genus Bombyx
type genus of the Bombycidae: Chinese silkworm moth
Saturnia, genus Saturnia
type genus of the Saturniidae: emperor moth
Eacles, genus Eacles
imperial moths
Actias, genus Actias
luna moths
Hyalophora, genus Hyalophora
American silkworm moth
Samia, genus Samia
silkworm moths
Automeris, genus Automeris
io moth
Antheraea, genus Antheraea
large moths whose larvae produce silk of high quality
Atticus, genus Atticus
atlas moth
Callimorpha, genus Callimorpha
cinnabar moths
Lasiocampa, genus Lasiocampa
type genus of the Lasiocampidae: eggars
Malacosoma, genus Malacosoma
tent caterpillars
Hyphantria, genus Hyphantria
fall webworms
Loxostege, genus Loxostege
garden webworms
Euryale, genus Euryale
basket stars
Astrophyton, genus Astrophyton
includes many of the basket stars
Gorgonocephalus, genus Gorgonocephalus
basket stars
Ptilocrinus, genus Ptilocrinus
sea lilies
Antedon, genus Antedon
a genus of echinoderms of the family Antedonidae
Holothuria, genus Holothuria
type genus of the Holothuridae
Oryctolagus, genus Oryctolagus
Old World rabbits
Sylvilagus, genus Sylvilagus
North American rabbits
Lepus, genus Lepus
type genus of the Leporidae: hares
Ochotona, genus Ochotona
type genus of the Ochotonidae
Mus, genus Mus
type genus of the Muridae: common house mice; the tips of the upper incisors have a square notch
Micromyx, genus Micromyx
Old World harvest mice
Apodemus, genus Apodemus
Old World field mice
Rattus, genus Rattus
common house rats; upper incisors have a beveled edge
Nesokia, genus Nesokia
bandicoot rats
Conilurus, genus Conilurus
jerboa rats
Notomys, genus Notomys
jerboa rats
Hydromys, genus Hydromys
water rats
Reithrodontomys, genus Reithrodontomys
New World harvest mice
Peromyscus, genus Peromyscus
New World wood mice
Baiomys, genus Baiomys
pygmy mice
Onychomys, genus Onychomys
grasshopper mice
Ondatra, genus Ondatra
Neofiber, genus Neofiber
round-tailed muskrat
Sigmodon, genus Sigmodon
American cotton rats
Neotoma, genus Neotoma
Oryzomys, genus Oryzomys
rice rats
Pitymys, genus Pitymys
pine mice
Microtus, genus Microtus
voles of the northern hemisphere
Arvicola, genus Arvicola
in some classifications considered synonymous with Microtus
Clethrionomys, genus Clethrionomys
a genus of Cricetidae
genus Phenacomys
North American voles
Cricetus, genus Cricetus
type genus of the Cricetidae: Old World hamsters
Mesocricetus, genus Mesocricetus
golden hamsters
Gerbillus, genus Gerbillus
type genus of the Gerbillinae: typical gerbils
Meriones, genus Meriones
a genus of Cricetidae
Lemmus, genus lemmus
Myopus, genus Myopus
a genus of Cricetidae
Dicrostonyx, genus Dicrostonyx
pied lemmings
Synaptomys, genus Synaptomys
bog lemmings
Atherurus, genus Atherurus
a genus of Hystricidae
Trichys, genus Trichys
a genus of Hystricidae
Erethizon, genus Erethizon
a genus of Erethizontidae
Perognathus, genus Perognathus
pocket mice
Liomys, genus Liomys
pocket mice
Dipodomys, genus Dipodomys
kangaroo rats
Microdipodops, genus Microdipodops
kangaroo mice
Zapus, genus Zapus
type genus of the Zapodidae
Dipus, genus Dipus
type genus of the Dipodidae; typical jerboas having three toes on each hind foot
Jaculus, genus Jaculus
Glis, genus Glis
type genus of the Gliridae
Muscardinus, genus Muscardinus
a genus of Gliridae
Eliomys, genus Eliomys
Geomys, genus Geomys
type genus of the Geomyidae
Thomomys, genus Thomomys
western pocket gophers
Sciurus, genus Sciurus
type genus of the Sciuridae; typical moderate-sized arboreal squirrels
Tamiasciurus, genus Tamiasciurus
American red squirrels
Citellus, Spermophilus, genus Citellus, genus Spermophilus
typical ground squirrels
Cynomys, genus Cynomys
prairie dogs
Tamias, genus Tamias
chipmunks of eastern North America
Eutamias, genus Eutamias
chipmunks of western America and Asia
Glaucomys, genus Glaucomys
New World flying squirrels
Marmota, genus Marmota
Petaurista, genus Petaurista
very large Asiatic flying squirrels
Castor, genus Castor
type genus of the Castoridae: beavers
Castoroides, genus Castoroides
extinct beavers of the Pleistocene; of eastern and southern United States
Aplodontia, genus Aplodontia
type genus of the Aplodontiidae: comprising the mountain beavers
Cavia, genus Cavia
type genus of the Caviidae: guinea pigs
Dolichotis, genus Dolichotis
Hydrochoerus, genus Hydrochoerus
a genus of Hydrochoeridae
Dasyprocta, genus Dasyprocta
type genus of the Dasyproctidae: agoutis
Cuniculus, genus Cuniculus
Stictomys, genus Stictomys
mountain pacas
Myocastor, genus Myocastor
a genus of Capromyidae
genus Chinchilla
type genus of the Chinchillidae
Lagidium, genus Lagidium
a genus of Chinchillidae
Lagostomus, genus Lagostomus
Abrocoma, genus Abrocoma
Spalax, genus Spalax
type genus of the Spalacidae
Bathyergus, genus Bathyergus
mole rats
Heterocephalus, genus Heterocephalus
sand rats
Uintatherium, genus Uintatherium
type genus of the Uintatheriidae; extinct large herbivorous ungulates somewhat resembling elephants; from the Eocene in Wyoming
Procavia, genus Procavia
type genus of the Procaviidae
Equus, genus Equus
type genus of the Equidae: only surviving genus of the family Equidae
Hyracotherium, genus Hyracotherium
extinct horse genus; formerly called eohippus
genus Mesohippus
a genus of Equidae
genus Protohippus
a genus of Equidae
genus Rhinoceros
type genus of the Rhinocerotidae
Ceratotherium, genus Ceratotherium
African genus
Diceros, genus Diceros
most common species in Africa
Tapirus, genus Tapirus
type genus of the Tapiridae
Sus, genus Sus
type genus of the Suidae
Babyrousa, genus Babyrousa
a genus of Suidae
Phacochoerus, genus Phacochoerus
Tayassu, genus Pecari, genus Tayassu
type genus of the Tayassuidae
genus Hippopotamus
type genus of the Hippopotamidae
Bos, genus Bos
wild and domestic cattle; in some classifications placed in the subfamily Bovinae or tribe Bovini
Bubalus, genus Bubalus, tribe Bubalus
in some classification systems included in genus Bos; water buffaloes
genus Anoa
a genus of mammals of the family Bovidae
Synercus, genus Synercus, tribe synercus
Cape buffalo
Bibos, genus Bibos
wild ox
genus Bison
sometimes considered a subgenus of genus Bos: American buffalo
Ovibos, genus Ovibos
consisting of the musk-ox
Ovis, genus Ovis
Ammotragus, genus Ammotragus
genus of wild sheep
Capra, genus Capra
Oreamnos, genus Oreamnos
mountain goats
Naemorhedus, genus Naemorhedus
Capricornis, genus Capricornis
Rupicapra, genus Rupicapra
Budorcas, genus Budorcas
gnu goats
Antilope, genus Antilope
Litocranius, genus Litocranius
antelopes of eastern Africa: gerenuks
genus Addax
genus of antelopes of northern African deserts
Connochaetes, genus Connochaetes
African antelopes: gnus
Madoqua, genus Madoqua
genus comprising some small antelopes of eastern and northeastern Africa
Alcelaphus, genus Alcelaphus
African antelopes: hartebeests
Damaliscus, genus Damaliscus
African antelopes: sassabies
Aepyceros, genus Aepyceros
African antelopes: impalas
Gazella, genus Gazella
typical gazelles
Antidorcas, genus Antidorcas
Strepsiceros, Tragelaphus, genus Strepsiceros, genus Tragelaphus
African antelopes: kudus; bongos; nyalas; bushbucks
Boselaphus, genus Boselaphus
Indian antelopes: nilgais
Hippotragus, genus Hippotragus
sable antelopes
genus Saiga
Eurasian antelopes: saigas
Raphicerus, genus Raphicerus
African antelopes: steenboks
Taurotragus, genus Taurotragus
African antelopes: elands
Kobus, genus Kobus
African antelopes: waterbucks
Adenota, genus Adenota
African antelopes: puku
genus Oryx
African antelopes: oryxes
Pseudoryx, genus Pseudoryx
species of large cow-like mammals of Vietnam discovered by scientists in 1992
Antilocapra, genus Antilocapra
type and sole genus of the Antilocapridae comprising one species
Cervus, genus Cervus
the type genus of the Cervidae
Odocoileus, genus Odocoileus
North American deer
Alces, genus Alces
elk or moose
Dama, genus Dama
fallow deer
Capreolus, genus Capreolus
roe deer
Rangifer, genus Rangifer
reindeer or caribou
Mazama, genus Mazama
Muntiacus, genus Muntiacus
Moschus, genus Moschus
musk deer
Elaphurus, genus Elaphurus
a genus of Cervidae
Tragulus, genus Tragulus
type genus of the Tragulidae
Hyemoschus, genus Hyemoschus
water chevrotains
Camelus, genus Camelus
type genus of the Camelidae: camels
Lama, genus Lama
Vicugna, genus Vicugna
a genus of Camelidae
Giraffa, genus Giraffa
type genus of the Giraffidae
Okapia, genus Okapia
Mustela, genus Mustela
type genus of the family Mustelidae: minks and weasels
Poecilogale, genus Poecilogale
Ictonyx, genus Ictonyx
a genus of Mustelidae
Lutra, genus Lutra
in some classifications considered a genus of the subfamily Lutrinae
Enhydra, genus Enhydra
sea otters
Mephitis, genus Mephitis
in some classifications: type genus of the subfamily Mephitinae
Conepatus, genus Conepatus
a genus of Mustelidae
Spilogale, genus Spilogale
a genus of Mustelidae
Taxidea, genus Taxidea
in some classifications considered a genus of subfamily Melinae
Meles, genus Meles
in some classifications: type genus of the subfamily Melinae
Mellivora, genus Mellivora
Melogale, genus Melogale
a genus of Mustelidae
Arctonyx, genus Arctonyx
a genus of Mustelidae
Gulo, genus Gulo
a genus of Mustelidae
genus Grison
a genus of Mustelidae
genus Galictis
alternative name for the genus Grison
Martes, genus Martes
Charronia, genus Charronia
a genus of Mustelidae
Eira, genus Eira
a genus of Mustelidae
Dasypus, genus Dasypus
type genus of the Dasypodidae
Tolypeutes, genus Tolypeutes
a genus of Dasypodidae
genus Cabassous
solely the tatouay
Euphractus, genus Euphractus
a genus of Dasypodidae
Priodontes, genus Priodontes
solely the giant armadillo
Chlamyphorus, genus Chlamyphorus
Burmeisteria, genus Burmeisteria
a genus of Dasypodidae
Bradypus, genus Bradypus
type genus of the Bradypodidae: three-toed sloths
Choloepus, genus Choloepus
a genus of Megalonychidae consisting of the two-toed sloth
Megatherium, genus Megatherium
type genus of the Megatheriidae
genus Mylodon
type genus of the Mylodontidae; sometimes included in family Megatheriidae
Myrmecophaga, genus Myrmecophaga
type genus of the Myrmecophagidae; South American ant bear
Cyclopes, genus Cyclopes
only the silky anteater
genus Tamandua
lesser anteater
Manis, genus Manis
type genus of the Manidae
genus Homo
type genus of the family Hominidae
Australopithecus, genus Australopithecus
extinct genus of African hominid
Plesianthropus, genus Plesianthropus
former name for the genus Australopithecus
genus Sivapithecus
extinct primates; lower Pliocene
Dryopithecus, genus Dryopithecus
genus of Old World hominoids; Miocene and Pliocene
Ouranopithecus, genus Ouranopithecus
a genus of Hominidae
Lufengpithecus, genus Lufengpithecus
a genus of Hominidae
genus Proconsul
genus of extinct primitive African primates of the Miocene epoch; sometimes considered a subgenus of Dryopithecus
Kenyapithecus, genus Kenyapithecus
extinct primate having powerful chewing muscles along with large molars and small incisors; fossils found in Kenya
genus Aegyptopithecus
a genus of Hominoidea
Algeripithecus, genus Algeripithecus
an extinct genus of Hominoidea
Pongo, genus Pongo
type genus of the family Pongidae: orangutans
genus Gorilla
Pan, genus Pan
chimpanzees; more closely related to Australopithecus than to other pongids
Hylobates, genus Hylobates
Symphalangus, genus Symphalangus
used in some classifications for the siamangs
Cercopithecus, genus Cercopithecus
type genus of the Cercopithecidae: guenons
Cercocebus, genus Cercocebus
Erythrocebus, genus Erythrocebus
Papio, genus Papio
Mandrillus, genus Mandrillus
Macaca, genus Macaca
macaques; rhesus monkeys
Presbytes, genus Presbytes, mammal Semnopithecus
genus Colobus
a genus of Cercopithecidae
Nasalis, genus Nasalis
proboscis monkeys
Callithrix, genus Callithrix
type genus of the Callithricidae: true marmosets
Cebuella, genus Cebuella
pygmy marmosets
Leontocebus, genus Leontideus, genus Leontocebus
Cebus, genus Cebus
type genus of the Cebidae
Aotus, genus Aotus
Alouatta, genus Alouatta
howler monkeys
Pithecia, genus Pithecia
Cacajao, genus Cacajao
Callicebus, genus Callicebus
Ateles, genus Ateles
spider monkeys
Saimiri, genus Saimiri
squirrel monkeys
Lagothrix, genus Lagothrix
woolly monkeys
Tupaia, genus Tupaia
the type genus of the Tupaia: chief genus of tree shrews
Ptilocercus, genus Ptilocercus
genus Lemur
type genus of the Lemuridae
Daubentonia, genus Daubentonia
type genus; coextensive with the family Daubentoniidae
genus Loris
type genus of the Lorisidae
Nycticebus, genus Nycticebus
a genus of Lorisidae
Perodicticus, genus Perodicticus
a genus of Lorisidae
Arctocebus, genus Arctocebus
a genus of Lorisidae
genus Galago
bush babies
genus Indri
type genus of the Indriidae
Avahi, genus Avahi
a genus of Indriidae
Tarsius, genus Tarsius
type and sole genus of the family Tarsiidae
Cynocephalus, genus Cynocephalus
type genus of the family Cynocephalidae
Elephas, genus Elephas
type genus of the family Elephantidae
Loxodonta, genus Loxodonta
a genus of Elephantidae
Mammuthus, genus Mammuthus
extinct genus: mammoths
Archidiskidon, genus Archidiskidon
a genus of Elephantidae
Mammut, genus Mammut, genus Mastodon
extinct type genus of the Mammutidae: mastodons
Gomphotherium, genus Gomphotherium
type genus of the Gomphotheriidae
Procyon, genus Procyon
the type genus of the family Procyonidae: raccoons
Bassariscus, genus Bassariscus
Potos, genus Potos
a genus of Procyonidae
Nasua, genus Nasua
Ailurus, genus Ailurus
lesser pandas
Ailuropoda, genus Ailuropoda
only the giant panda: in some classifications considered a genus of the separate family Ailuropodidae
Latimeria, genus Latimeria
type genus of the Latimeridae: coelacanth
genus Ceratodus
type genus of the Ceratodontidae: extinct genus of lungfishes
Neoceratodus, genus Neoceratodus
extant Australian lungfishes
Silurus, genus Silurus
type genus of the Siluridae: catfishes
Malopterurus, genus Malopterurus
electric catfish
Ameiurus, genus Ameiurus
type genus of the Ameiuridae: bullhead catfishes
Ictalurus, genus Ictalurus
channel catfishes
Pylodictus, genus Pylodictus
flathead catfishes
Arius, genus Arius
type genus of the Ariidae: sea catfishes
Gadus, genus Gadus
type genus of the Gadidae: the typical codfishes
Merlangus, genus Merlangus
Lota, genus Lota
Melanogrammus, genus Melanogrammus
Pollachius, genus Pollachius
Merluccius, genus Merluccius
Urophycis, genus Urophycis
Molva, genus Molva
Brosmius, genus Browmius
Anguilla, genus Anguilla
type genus of the Anguillidae: eels
Gonorhynchus, genus Gonorhynchus
slender cylindrical marine fishes lacking air bladders and teeth
Alosa, genus Alosa
Pomolobus, genus Pomolobus
genus to which the alewife is sometimes assigned
Brevoortia, genus Brevoortia
Clupea, genus Clupea
type genus of the Clupeidae: typical herrings
Sardina, genus Sardina, genus Sardinia
Sardinops, genus Sardinops
Engraulis, genus Engraulis
type genus of the family Engraulidae
Salmo, genus Salmo
type genus of the Salmonidae: salmon and trout
Oncorhynchus, genus Oncorhynchus
Pacific salmon including sockeye salmon; chinook salmon; chum salmon; coho salmon
Salvelinus, genus Salvelinus
brook trout
Coregonus, genus Coregonus
type genus of the Coregonidae: whitefishes
Prosopium, genus Prosopium
Osmerus, genus Osmerus
type genus of the Osmeridae
Mallotus, genus Mallotus
genus Tarpon
Elops, genus Elops
type genus of the Elopidae: tenpounder
Albula, genus Albula
type and sole genus of the family Albulidae
Argentina, genus Argentina
type genus of the Argentinidae: argentines
Alepisaurus, genus Alepisaurus
slender scaleless predaceous tropical deep-sea fishes
Scleropages, genus Scleropages
a genus of large freshwater fishes of Australia and Borneo
Lampris, genus Lampris
type genus of the Lampridae
Trachipterus, genus Trachipterus
type genus of the Trachipteridae
Reglaecus, genus Regalecus
type genus of the Regalecidae
Lophius, genus Lophius
type genus of family Lophiidae
Scomberesox, Scombresox, genus Scomberesox, genus Scombresox
a genus of Scomberesocidae
Ophiodon, genus Ophiodon
a genus of Ophiodontidae
Anabas, genus Anabas
the type genus of the family Anabantidae; small fish that resemble perch
Perca, genus Perca
type genus of the Percidae
Stizostedion, genus Stizostedion
Percina, genus Percina
a genus of Percidae
Centropomus, genus Centropomus
type genus of the Centropomidae: snooks
Lates, genus Lates
a genus of large percoid fishes of fresh and brackish water
Esox, genus Esox
type and only genus of the family Esocidae
Pomoxis, genus Pomoxis
Lepomis, genus Lepomis
Ambloplites, genus Ambloplites
a genus of Centrarchidae
Micropterus, genus Micropterus
American freshwater black basses
Morone, genus Morone
carnivorous fresh and salt water fishes
Synagrops, genus Synagrops
a genus of Serranidae
Centropristis, genus Centropristis
sea basses
Roccus, genus Roccus
a genus of Serranidae
Polyprion, genus Polyprion
Serranus, genus Serranus
type genus of the Serranidae: mostly small Pacific sea basses
Epinephelus, genus Epinephelus
genus of groupers or sea bass
Paranthias, genus Paranthias
a genus of Serranidae
Mycteroperca, genus Mycteroperca
Rypticus, genus Rypticus
a genus of fish of the family Serranidae, including soapfishes
Hipsurus, genus Hipsurus
a genus of Embiotocidae
Priacanthus, genus Priacanthus
type genus of the Priacanthidae
Apogon, genus Apogon
type genus of the Apogonidae
Astropogon, genus Astropogon
a genus of fish of the family Apogonidae
Lopholatilus, genus Lopholatilus
large brightly colored food fish of deep Atlantic waters
Pomatomus, genus Pomatomus
type genus of the Pomatomidae
Rachycentron, genus Rachycentron
genus and family are coextensive and comprise only the cobia
Echeneis, genus Echeneis
type genus of the Echeneididae: typical remoras
Remilegia, genus Remilegia
a genus of Echeneididae
Caranx, genus Caranx
type genus of the Carangidae
Elagatis, genus Elagatis
a genus of Carangidae
Oligoplites, genus Oligoplites
Alectis, genus Alectis
a genus of Carangidae
Selene, genus Selene
a genus of Carangidae
Seriola, genus Seriola
a genus of Carangidae
Trachinotus, genus Trachinotus
a genus of Carangidae
Naucrates, genus Naucrates
a genus of Carangidae
Trachurus, genus Trachurus
the scads (particularly horse mackerels)
Selar, genus Selar
big-eyed scad
Decapterus, genus Decapterus
scads especially mackerel scad; cosmopolitan in distribution
Brama, genus Brama
type genus of the Bramidae
Hemigrammus, genus Hemigrammus
Paracheirodon, genus Paracheirodon
a genus of Characidae
Serrasalmus, genus Serrasalmus
Tilapia, genus Tilapia
a genus of Cichlidae
Lutjanus, genus Lutjanus
type genus of the Lutjanidae: snappers
Ocyurus, genus Ocyurus
Haemulon, genus Haemulon
type genus of the Haemulidae
Anisotremus, genus Anisotremus
a genus of Haemulidae
Orthopristis, genus Orthopristis
a genus of Haemulidae
Pagrus, genus Pagrus
a genus of Sparidae
Pagellus, genus Pagellus
sea breams
Archosargus, genus Archosargus
a genus of Sparidae
Lagodon, genus Lagodon
a genus of Sparidae
Calamus, genus Calamus
a genus of Sparidae
Chrysophrys, genus Chrysophrys
Australian snapper
Stenotomus, genus Stenotomus
Equetus, genus Equetus
Bairdiella, genus Bairdiella
Sciaenops, genus Sciaenops
a genus of Sciaenidae
Sciaena, genus Sciaena
type genus of the Sciaenidae: croakers
Micropogonias, genus Micropogonias
Umbrina, genus Umbrina
Menticirrhus, genus Menticirrhus
kingfishes; whiting
Genyonemus, genus Genyonemus
a genus of Sciaenidae
Seriphus, genus Seriphus
a genus of Sciaenidae
Cynoscion, genus Cynoscion
sea trout
Mullus, genus Mullus
type genus of the Mullidae: goatfishes
Mulloidichthys, genus Mulloidichthys
a genus of Mullidae
Mugil, genus Mugil
type genus of the Mugilidae: mullets
Atherinopsis, genus Atherinopsis
a genus of Atherinidae
Sphyraena, genus Sphyraena
type and sole genus of the Sphyraenidae: barracuda
Kyphosus, genus Kyphosus
type genus of the Kyphosidae
Chaetodipterus, genus Chaetodipterus
a genus of Ephippidae
genus Chaetodon
type genus of the Chaetodontidae
Pomacanthus, genus Pomacanthus
Pomacentrus, genus Pomacentrus
type genus of the Pomacentridae: damselfishes
Amphiprion, genus Amphiprion
damsel fishes
Abudefduf, genus Abudefduf
damsel fishes
Achoerodus, genus Achoerodus
a genus of Labridae
Lachnolaimus, genus Lachnolaimus
a genus of Labridae
Halicoeres, genus Halicoeres
a genus of Labridae
Thalassoma, genus Thalassoma
a genus of Labridae
Hemipteronatus, genus Hemipteronatus
razor fish
Tautoga, genus Tautoga
Tautogolabrus, genus Tautogolabrus
a genus of Labridae
Polydactylus, genus Polydactylus
a genus of Polynemidae
Blennius, genus Blennius
type genus of the Blenniidae
Scartella, genus Scartella
a genus of Blenniidae
Chaenopsis, genus Chaenopsis
a genus of fish of the family Clinidae including pikeblennies
Pholis, genus Pholis
type genus of the Pholidae: gunnels
Lumpenus, genus Lumpenus
a genus of Stichaeidae
Cryptacanthodes, genus Cryptacanthodes
a genus of Stichaeidae
Anarhichas, genus Anarhichas
type genus of the Anarhichadidae
Zoarces, genus Zoarces
type genus of the Zoarcidae
Gymnelis, genus Gymnelis
a genus of Zoarcidae
Macrozoarces, genus Macrozoarces
a genus of Zoarcidae
Ammodytes, genus Ammodytes
type genus of the Ammodytidae
Periophthalmus, genus Periophthalmus
a genus of Gobiidae
Toxotes, genus Toxotes
type genus of the Toxotidae
Acanthurus, genus Acanthurus
type genus of the Acanthuridae: doctorfishes
Gempylus, genus Gempylus
type genus of the Gempylidae
Lepidocybium, genus Lepidocybium
a genus of Gempylidae
Scomber, genus Scomber
type genus of the Scombridae
Acanthocybium, genus Acanthocybium
Scomberomorus, genus Scomberomorus
Spanish mackerels
Thunnus, genus Thunnus
tunas: warm-blooded fishes
Sarda, genus Sarda
Euthynnus, genus Euthynnus
a genus of Scombridae
Katsuwonus, genus Katsuwonus
oceanic bonitos; in some classifications placed in its own family Katsuwonidae
Xiphias, genus Xiphias
type genus of the Xiphiidae
Istiophorus, genus Istiophorus
type genus of the Istiophoridae
Makaira, genus Makaira
Tetrapturus, genus Tetrapturus
a genus of Istiophoridae
Luvarus, genus Luvarus
type genus of the Luvaridae
Poronotus, genus Poronotus
a genus of Stromateidae
genus Palometa
a genus of Stromateidae
Paprilus, genus Paprilus
a genus of Stromateidae
Psenes, genus Psenes
a genus of Stromateidae
Ariomma, genus Ariomma
a genus of Stromateidae
Tetragonurus, genus Tetragonurus
a genus of Stromateidae
Hyperoglyphe, genus Hyperoglyphe
a genus of Stromateidae
Gobiesox, genus Gobiesox
type genus of the Gobiesocidae
Lobotes, genus Lobotes
type genus of the Lobotidae
Gerres, genus Gerres
type genus of the Gerreidae
Eucinostomus, genus Eucinostomus
a genus of Gerreidae
Sillago, genus Sillago
type genus of the Sillaginidae
Amia, genus Amia
type genus of the Amiidae
Polyodon, genus Polyodon
type genus of the Polyodontidae
Psephurus, genus Psephurus
a genus of Polyodontidae
Acipenser, genus Acipenser
type genus of the Acipenseridae: sturgeons
Lepisosteus, genus Lepisosteus
type genus of the Lepisosteidae: freshwater gars
Scorpaena, genus Scorpaena
type genus of the Scorpaenidae: scorpionfishes
Pterois, genus Pterois
Synanceja, genus Synanceja
Sebastodes, genus Sebastodes
Cottus, genus Cottus
type genus of the Cottidae: sculpins
Hemitripterus, genus Hemitripterus
sea ravens
Myxocephalus, genus Myxocephalus
Cyclopterus, genus Cyclopterus
type genus of the Cyclopteridae: lumpfishes
Liparis, genus Liparis
type genus of the Liparididae: snailfishes
Agonus, genus Agonus
type genus of the Agonidae
Aspidophoroides, genus Aspidophoroides
Hexagrammos, genus Hexagrammos
type genus of the Hexagrammidae
Oxylebius, genus Oxylebius
a genus of Hexagrammidae
Triga, genus Triga
type genus of the Triglidae
Prionotus, genus Prionotus
a genus of Triglidae
Peristedion, genus Peristedion
in some classifications the type genus of the subfamily Peristediinae: armored sea robins
Dactylopterus, genus Dactylopterus
a genus of Dactylopteridae
Balistes, genus Balistes
type genus of the Balistidae
Monocanthus, genus Monocanthus
type genus of the Monocanthidae
Lactophrys, genus Lactophrys
a genus of Ostraciidae
Diodon, genus Diodon
type genus of the Diodontidae
Chilomycterus, genus Chilomycterus
genus Mola
type genus of the Molidae
Pleuronectes, genus Pleuronectes
type genus of the Pleuronectidae
Platichthys, genus Platichthys
a genus of Pleuronectidae
Limanda, genus Limanda
a genus of Pleuronectidae; righteye flounders having a humped nose and small scales; the underside is often brightly colored
Pseudopleuronectes, genus Pseudopleuronectes
a genus of Pleuronectidae
Microstomus, genus Microstomus
a genus of Pleuronectidae
Hippoglossoides, genus Hippoglossoides
a genus of Pleuronectidae
Hippoglossus, genus Hippoglossus
Paralichthys, genus Paralichthys
a genus of Bothidae
Etropus, genus Etropus
a genus of Bothidae
Citharichthys, genus Citharichthys
a genus of Bothidae
Scophthalmus, genus Scophthalmus
a genus of Bothidae
Psetta, genus Psetta
a genus of Bothidae
Solea, genus Solea
type genus of the Soleidae
Parophrys, genus Parophrys
a genus of Soleidae
Psettichthys, genus Psettichthys
a genus of Soleidae
Trinectes, genus Trinectes
a genus of Soleidae
Anthoceros, genus Anthoceros
Andreaea, genus Andreaea
brown or blackish Alpine mosses having a dehiscent capsule with 4 longitudinal slits
Dicranum, genus Dicranum
type genus of Dicranaceae
Bryum, genus Bryum
type genus of the Bryaceae: mosses distinguished by mostly erect and tufted gametophytes and symmetrical short-necked capsules
Mnium, genus Mnium
mosses similar to those of genus Bryum but larger
genus Sphagnum
a large genus constituting the order Sphagnales: atypical mosses of temperate bogs with leaves that can hold much water
Marchantia, genus Marchantia
type genus of Marchantiaceae; liverworts that reproduce asexually by gemmae and have stalked antheridiophores
Sphaerocarpos, Sphaerocarpus, genus Sphaerocarpos, genus Sphaerocarpus
type genus of Sphaerocarpaceae; liverworts with small many-lobed usually orbicular thallus
genus Pecopteris
genus of Carboniferous fossil ferns
liliid monocot genus
genus of monocotyledonous plants comprising mostly herbs having usually petaloid sepals and petals and compound pistils
magnoliid dicot genus
genus of dicotyledonous flowering plants regarded as among the most primitive of extant angiosperms
hamamelid dicot genus
genus of mostly woody relatively primitive dicotyledonous flowering plants with flowers often unisexual and often borne in catkins
caryophylloid dicot genus
genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
dilleniid dicot genus
genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs
asterid dicot genus
genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs
rosid dicot genus
a genus of dicotyledonous plants
genus Gnetum
type genus of the Gnetaceae; small trees or shrubs usually with climbing jointed stems and terminal spikes of flowers with orange-red seeds clustered in rough cones
Catha, genus Catha
a genus of African evergreen shrubs characterized by thick leaves and white flowers
genus Ephedra
type and sole genus of Ephedraceae: tropical and subtropical evergreen shrubby or creeping plants native to dry and inhospitable regions
genus Welwitchia, genus Welwitschia
type and sole genus of Welwitschiaceae
Cycas, genus Cycas
type genus of Cycadaceae: genus of widely distributed Old World evergreen tropical trees having pinnate leaves and columnar stems covered with persistent bases of old leaves
genus Zamia
genus of small evergreen tropical and subtropical American cycads
genus Ceratozamia
small genus of Mexican cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae
genus Dioon
small genus of arborescent cycads of Mexico and Central America; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae
genus Encephalartos
genus of arborescent African cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae
genus Macrozamia
genus of large evergreen Australian cycads; sometimes classified in family Cycadaceae
Bennettitis, genus Bennettitis
type of the Bennettitales
Lyginopteris, genus Lyginopteris
genus of fossil seed ferns of the Carboniferous
Cordaites, genus Cordaites
tall Paleozoic trees superficially resembling modern screw pines; structurally intermediate in some ways between cycads and conifers
Pinus, genus Pinus
type genus of the Pinaceae: large genus of true pines
Larix, genus Larix
Pseudolarix, genus Pseudolarix
one species: golden larch
Abies, genus Abies
true firs
Cedrus, genus Cedrus
true cedars
Picea, genus Picea
a genus of temperate and Arctic evergreen trees (see spruce)
Tsuga, genus Tsuga
hemlock; hemlock fir; hemlock spruce
Pseudotsuga, genus Pseudotsuga
douglas fir; closely related to genera Larix and Cathaya
genus Cathaya
one species; related to Pseudotsuga and Larix
Cupressus, genus Cupressus
type genus of Cupressaceae
Athrotaxis, genus Athrotaxis
a genus of gymnosperm
Austrocedrus, genus Austrocedrus
one species; formerly included in genus Libocedrus
Callitris, genus Callitris
evergreen monoecious coniferous trees or shrubs: cypress pines
Calocedrus, genus Calocedrus
tall evergreens of western North America and eastern Asia; formerly included in genus Libocedrus
Chamaecyparis, genus Chamaecyparis
a genus of Chamaecyparis
Cryptomeria, genus Cryptomeria
Japanese cedar; sugi
Juniperus, genus Juniperus
Libocedrus, genus Libocedrus
cypresses that resemble cedars
genus Metasequoia
genus of deciduous conifers comprising both living and fossil forms; 1 extant species: dawn redwood of China; variously classified as member of Pinaceae or Taxodiaceae
genus Sequoia
redwoods; until recently considered a genus of a separate family Taxodiaceae
Sequoiadendron, genus Sequoiadendron
giant sequoias; sometimes included in the genus Sequoia; until recently placed in the Taxodiaceae
Taxodium, genus Taxodium
bald cypress; swamp cypress
Tetraclinis, genus Tetraclinis
sandarac tree
Thuja, genus Thuja
red cedar
Thujopsis, genus Thujopsis
one species; has close similarity to genus Thuja
genus Keteleeria
a genus of keteleeria
genus Araucaria
a genus of the araucaria family
Agathis, genus Agathis
kauri pine
Cephalotaxus, genus Cephalotaxus
the genus of Cephalotaxus (see plum-yews)
Torreya, genus Torreya
Phyllocladus, genus Phyllocladus
celery pine
Podocarpus, genus Podocarpus
evergreen trees or shrubs; sometimes classified as member of the family Taxaceae
Afrocarpus, genus Afrocarpus
dioecious evergreen trees or shrubs; equatorial to southern and southeastern Africa: yellowwood; similar to trees or genus Podocarpus
Dacrycarpus, genus Dacrycarpus
evergreen coniferous shrubs or trees of New Zealand to Malaysia and Philippines
Dacrydium, genus Dacrydium
Australasian evergreen trees or shrubs
Falcatifolium, genus Falcatifolium
sickle pines: dioecious evergreen tropical trees and shrubs having sickle-shaped leaves; similar to Dacrycarpus in habit; Malaysia and Philippines to New Guinea and New Caledonia
Halocarpus, genus Halocarpus
dioecious trees or shrubs of New Zealand; similar in habit to Dacrydium
Lagarostrobus, genus Lagarostrobus
genus of dioecious evergreen trees of New Zealand and Tasmania; similar to genus Dacrydium
Lepidothamnus, genus Lepidothamnus
small usually shrubby conifers
Microstrobos, genus Microstrobos
2 species of small evergreen shrubs of Australia and Tasmania
Nageia, genus Nageia
small genus of Asian evergreen trees having columnar crowns and distinguished by leaves lacking a midrib; eastern Asia including India and Philippines and New Guinea
Parasitaxus, genus Parasitaxus
one species: parasite yew
Prumnopitys, genus Prumnopitys
mostly dioecious evergreen conifers; leaves are softer than in Podocarpus
Retrophyllum, genus Retrophyllum
small genus of tropical evergreen dioecious shrubs or trees of Oceania and tropical South America
Saxe-gothea, Saxegothea, genus Saxe-gothea, genus Saxegothea
one species: Prince Albert's yew
Sundacarpus, genus Sundacarpus
one species
Sciadopitys, genus Sciadopitys
type and sole genus of Sciadopityaceae; Japanese umbrella pines
Taxus, genus Taxus
Austrotaxus, genus Austrotaxus
a gymnosperm genus having one species: New Caledonian yew
Pseudotaxus, genus Pseudotaxus
one species
genus Ginkgo
sole surviving genus of the Ginkgoaceae
Myrica, genus Myrica
deciduous aromatic shrubs or small trees
Comptonia, genus Comptonia
one species: sweet fern
Leitneria, genus Leitneria
one species: corkwood
Juncus, genus Juncus
type genus of the Juncaceae; perennial tufted glabrous marsh plants of temperate regions: rushes
Apocynum, genus Apocynum
perennial herbs with small pink or white flowers
Acocanthera, Acokanthera, genus Acocanthera, genus Acokanthera
small genus of trees and shrubs containing strongly toxic cardiac glycosides; Arabia to Africa
Adenium, genus Adenium
one species: succulent shrub or tree of tropical Africa and Arabia
genus Allamanda
genus of tropical American woody vines
Alstonia, genus Alstonia
genus of evergreen trees or shrubs with white funnel-shaped flowers and milky sap; tropical Africa to southeastern Asia and Polynesia
Amsonia, genus Amsonia
genus of herbs and subshrubs with milky juice and showy bluish flowers; Europe to Asia Minor to Japan and North America
Beaumontia, genus Beaumontia
small genus of evergreen woody vines in the East Indies and Asia
genus Carissa
Old World genus of tropical evergreen usually spiny shrubs
Catharanthus, genus Catharanthus
small genus of erect annual or perennial herbs native to Madagascar; widely naturalized in the tropics; formerly included in genus Vinca
Holarrhena, genus Holarrhena
genus of deciduous trees and shrubs of tropical Africa and Asia
Dipladenia, Mandevilla, genus Dipladenia, genus Mandevilla
genus of tropical South American tuberous perennial woody vines with large racemose flowers and milky sap
Nerium, genus Nerium
one species: oleander
Plumeria, Plumiera, genus Plumeria
deciduous shrubs and trees of tropical America having branches like candelabra and fragrant white or pink flowers
genus Rauvolfia, genus Rauwolfia
pantropical genus of somewhat poisonous shrubs and small trees
genus Strophanthus
genus of tropical Asiatic and African shrubs and woody vines and small trees
Tabernaemontana, genus Tabernaemontana
evergreen tropical trees and shrubs with milky sap
Thevetia, genus Thevetia
genus of poisonous tropical American evergreen shrubs and trees having entire leaves and large cymose flowers
Trachelospermum, genus Trachelospermum
genus of Asiatic woody vines with milky sap in leaves and stems
Vinca, genus Vinca
periwinkles: low creeping evergreen perennials
genus Arum
type genus of the Araceae: tuberous perennial herbs of Europe and Asia with usually heart-shaped leaves
Acorus, genus Acorus
sweet flags; sometimes placed in subfamily Acoraceae
Aglaonema, genus Aglaonema
climbing herbs of southeastern Asia having thick fleshy oblong leaves and naked unisexual flowers: Chinese evergreen
genus Alocasia
tropical Asiatic herbs similar to Colocasia but distinguished by a large sterile spadix
genus Amorphophallus
genus of large tropical east Asian cormous aroids: devil's tongue; snake palm
genus Anthurium
large genus of often epiphytic evergreen tropical American plants often cultivated as houseplants
Arisaema, genus Arisaema
tuberous or rhizomatous herbaceous perennials
Arisarum, genus Arisarum
tuberous or rhizomatous perennial herbs; mainly Mediterranean area
genus Caladium
small genus of tropical South American tuberous perennials with large variously colored leaves
Calla, genus Calla
water arum
Colocasia, genus Colocasia
small genus of perennial tuberous herbs of tropical Asia: taro
genus Cryptocoryne
water trumpet; aquatic herbs having broad leaves and long slender spathes; often used as aquarium plants
Dieffenbachia, genus Dieffenbachia
evergreen perennial herbs of tropical America with lush foliage and poisonous sap; often cultivated as houseplants
genus Dracontium
small genus of tropical American cormous herbs
Dracunculus, genus Dracunculus
tuberous herbaceous perennials: dragon arum
Epipremnum, genus Epipremnum
small genus of evergreen lianas of southeastern Asia to western Pacific areas
Lysichiton, Lysichitum, genus Lysichiton, genus Lysichitum
skunk cabbage
genus Monstera
tropical American climbing plant with deeply incised leaves
genus Nephthytis
small genus of tropical western African creeping or twining herbs
Orontium, genus Orontium
one species of aquatic plant: golden club
Peltandra, genus Peltandra
small genus of North American marsh or aquatic herbs
genus Philodendron
any of several tropical American climbing plants with smooth shiny evergreen leaves
genus Pistia
one species: water lettuce
Scindapsus, genus Pothos, genus Scindapsus
evergreen climbers with adhesive adventitious roots; southeastern Asia and Brazil
genus Spathiphyllum
evergreen rhizomatous perennials of tropical America and Philippines and Indonesia
Symplocarpus, genus Symplocarpus
one species: skunk cabbage
Syngonium, genus Syngonium
epiphytic or terrestrial climbing shrubs of Central and South America; used as ornamental houseplants for their velvety foliage
Xanthosoma, genus Xanthosoma
tropical American tuberous perennials
Zantedeschia, genus Zantedeschia
calla lily
Lemna, genus Lemna
minute aquatic herbs floating on or below the water surface of still water consisting of a leaflike frond or plant body and single root
Spirodela, genus Spirodela
minute aquatic herbs floating on the water surface consisting of a shiny leaflike frond and 2-21 roots
Wolffia, genus Wolffia
minute rootless aquatic herbs having globular fronds floating on or near the water surface and bearing one flower per frond
Wolffiella, genus Wolffiella
minute rootless aquatic herbs having flat fronds floating on or below the water surface and bearing 1-2 flowers per frond; America and Africa
Aristolochia, genus Aristolochia
birthworts; Dutchman's-pipe
Asarum, genus Asarum
wild ginger
Nopalea, genus Nopalea
a genus of the cactus family with scarlet flowers
genus Campanula
large genus of herbs grown for their blossoms: bellflowers
genus Orchis
type genus of the orchid family; hardy terrestrial orchids of the temperate the northern hemisphere
genus Aerides
epiphytic orchids of tropical Asia having stiff leaves and fragrant white flowers in arching racemes
Angraecum, genus Angraecum, genus Angrecum
genus of tropical Old World epiphytic orchids with showy flowers sometimes grotesque
Anoectochilus, genus Anoectochilus
genus of delicate Asiatic orchids
Aplectrum, genus Aplectrum
a monocotyledonous genus of the family Orchidaceae
genus Arethusa
genus of bog orchids of North America and Japan
genus Bletia
genus of tropical American terrestrial orchids with large purple or pink flowers
Bletilla, genus Bletilla
small genus of chiefly east Asiatic hardy terrestrial orchids similar to genus Bletia
genus Brassavola
genus of tropical American epiphytic or lithophytic rhizomatous orchids
Brassia, genus Brassia
genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids having striking axillary racemes of yellow to green spiderlike flowers with long slender sepals and warty lips: spider orchids
genus Caladenia
terrestrial orchids of Australia to New Caledonia
genus Calanthe
large and widely distributed genus of terrestrial orchids
Calopogon, genus Calopogon
terrestrial orchids of North America
genus Calypso
one species found throughout much of northern North America and Eurasia
Catasetum, genus Catasetum
genus of tropical American orchids having showy male and female flowers usually on separate inflorescences
genus Cattleya
large and highly valued genus of beautiful tropical American epiphytic or lithophytic orchids; the typical orchids; known in many varieties
Cephalanthera, genus Cephalanthera
small genus of temperate Old World terrestrial orchids
Cleistes, genus Cleistes
terrestrial orchids of North and South America having slender fibrous roots; allied to genus Pogonia
Coeloglossum, genus Coeloglossum
terrestrial orchids of cooler parts of North America and Europe: satyr orchid
genus Coelogyne
large diverse genus of tropical Asiatic epiphytic orchids
Corallorhiza, genus Corallorhiza
genus of leafless root-parasitic orchids having small purplish or yellowish racemose flowers with lobed lips; widely distributed in temperate regions
Coryanthes, genus Coryanthes
small genus of tropical American epiphytic or lithophytic orchids
Cycnoches, genus Cycnoches
genus of epiphytic or terrestrial tropical American orchids
genus Cymbidium
genus of tropical epiphytic or terrestrial Old World orchids; one of the most popular orchid genera
Cypripedium, genus Cypripedium
genus of chiefly American perennial leafy-stemmed orchids: lady's slippers; sometimes includes species of genus Paphiopedilum
Dactylorhiza, genus Dactylorhiza
genus of terrestrial orchids of Europe and Asia and North Africa
genus Dendrobium
large genus and variable genus of chiefly epiphytic or lithophytic orchids of tropical and subtropical Asia and Australasia
genus Disa
genus of showy tropical African terrestrial orchids
Dracula, genus Dracula
comprises tropical American species usually placed in genus Masdevallia: diminutive plants having bizarre and often sinister-looking flowers with pendulous scapes and motile lips
Dryadella, genus Dryadella
comprises tropical American species usually placed in genus Masdevallia: very dwarf plants having short tufted and usually unifoliate stems with usually solitary flowers
Eburophyton, genus Eburophyton
a monocotyledonous genus of the family Orchidaceae
Encyclia, genus Encyclia
large genus of epiphytic and lithophytic orchids of tropical and subtropical Americas and West Indies; formerly included in genus Epidendrum
Epidendrum, genus Epidendrum
large and variable genus of terrestrial or epiphytic or lithophytic orchids of tropical and subtropical Americas; some native to United States
Epipactis, genus Epipactis
genus of hardy orchids with leafy-bracted racemes of greenish or purplish irregular flowers
Glossodia, genus Glossodia
small genus of Australian orchids
Goodyera, genus Goodyera
genus of small orchids of the northern hemisphere with creeping rhizomes and stalked ovate leaves and small flowers
Grammatophyllum, genus Grammatophyllum
small genus of large epiphytic or terrestrial orchids of southeastern Asia to Polynesia; the giants of the Orchidaceae having long narrow leaves and drooping flower clusters often 6 feet long
Gymnadenia, genus Gymnadenia
small genus of terrestrial orchids of North America and temperate Eurasia
Gymnadeniopsis, genus Gymnadeniopsis
genus of North American terrestrial orchids usually included in genus Habenaria
Habenaria, genus Habenaria
chiefly terrestrial orchids with tubers or fleshy roots often having long slender spurs and petals and lip lobes; includes species formerly placed in genus Gymnadeniopsis
Hexalectris, genus Hexalectris
a monocotyledonous genus of the family Orchidaceae
Himantoglossum, genus Himantoglossum
small genus of terrestrial orchids of Europe and Mediterranean region
genus Laelia
large genus of mostly epiphytic or lithophytic Central and South American orchids of various sizes
genus Liparis
genus of terrestrial and epiphytic orchids; pantropical to temperate
Listera, genus Listera
genus of terrestrial orchids having usually a single pair of broad shining leaves near the middle of the stem; found in temperate Asia and North America and Europe
Malaxis, genus Malaxis
large genus of largely terrestrial orchids with one or a few plicate leaves and slender spikes or tiny mostly green flowers; cosmopolitan
genus Masdevallia
large genus of tropical American mostly epiphytic orchids whose flowers have sepals fused at the base forming a tube; includes orchids sometimes placed in genera Dracula and Dryadella and Scaphosepalum
genus Maxillaria
large genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids with persistent leathery leaves and single-flowered scapes
Miltonia, genus Miltonia
genus of tropical American orchids
genus Odontoglossum
large and important genus of tropical American mostly epiphytic orchids; some of the most widely grown species are often placed in other genera
genus Oncidium
large genus of showy epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial orchids of tropical and subtropical America
Ophrys, genus Ophrys
a hardy genus of terrestrial orchids of Europe and northern Africa and western Asia
Paphiopedilum, genus Paphiopedilum
horticulturally important genus of mainly terrestrial orchids including many hybrids; southeastern Asia and Indonesia to Philippines and Solomon Islands; Paphiopedilum species sometimes included in genus Cypripedium
genus Phaius
genus of Asiatic and Australian terrestrial orchids
Phalaenopsis, genus Phalaenopsis
genus of ornamental epiphytic orchids of Asia and Australia
Pholidota, genus Pholidota
genus of mostly epiphytic orchids of Indonesia and the western Pacific
Phragmipedium, genus Phragmipedium
genus of tropical American orchid species often included in genus Cypripedium or Paphiopedilum and Selenipedium: lady slippers
Platanthera, genus Platanthera
herbaceous terrestrial orchids of temperate northern and southern hemispheres
Plectorrhiza, genus Plectorrhiza
small genus of Australian orchids
Pleione, genus Pleione
small genus of dwarf orchids; India to Thailand and Taiwan
genus Pleurothallis
large genus of epiphytic or lithophytic orchids of tropical America
genus Pogonia
small but widely distributed genus of orchids closely related to genus Cleistes;: of damp or boggy areas of north temperate zone
Psychopsis, genus Psychopsis
epiphytic orchids of Central and South America formerly included in genus Oncidium
Pterostylis, genus Pterostylis
genus of terrestrial orchids of Australia and New Zealand and western Pacific
Rhyncostylis, genus Rhyncostylis
genus of epiphytic orchids of tropical Asia
Sarcochilus, genus Sarcochilus
diminutive epiphytic or lithophytic orchids with clumped short-stemmed foliage and arching racemes of colorful flowers; Australia and Polynesia to southeastern Asia
Scaphosepalum, genus Scaphosepalum
comprises some tropical American species usually placed in genus Masdevallia: diminutive plants with small flowers carried on one scape
Schomburgkia, genus Schomburgkia
genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids with showy racemose flowers
Selenipedium, genus Selenipedium
genus of tall reedlike tropical American orchids; includes species with pods used locally as a substitute for vanilla
genus Sobralia
genus of tropical American orchids
Spiranthes, genus Spiranthes
large cosmopolitan genus of white-flowered terrestrial orchids
genus Stanhopea
genus of tropical American epiphytic orchids
genus Stelis
genus of small caespitose orchids of tropical America
Trichoceros, genus Trichoceros
small genus of small epiphytic or terrestrial orchids of tropical South America
genus Vanda
genus of showy epiphytic orchids of Himalayas to Malaysia
genus Vanilla
large genus of tropical climbing orchids; Old and New Worlds
Burmannia, genus Burmannia
type genus of the Burmanniaceae; slender herbs of warm regions with leaves resembling scales and flowers with a three-angled or three-winged perianth
Dioscorea, genus Dioscorea
Tamus, genus Tamus
a genus of tuberous vines of the family Dioscoreaceae; has twining stems and heart-shaped leaves and axillary racemes
genus Primula
very large and important genus of plants of temperate Europe and Asia having showy flowers
Anagallis, genus Anagallis
chiefly Old World herbs
Centunculus, genus Centunculus
a dicotyledonous genus of the family Primulaceae
genus Cyclamen
genus of widely cultivated flowering Eurasian herbs with centrally depressed rounded tubers and rounded heart-shaped leaves
Glaux, genus Glaux
sea milkwort
Hottonia, genus Hottonia
aquatic herbs
Lysimachia, genus Lysimachia
loosestrife: a cosmopolitan genus found in damp or swampy terrain having usually yellow flowers; inclined to be invasive
Samolus, genus Samolus
genus of herbs usually growing in salt marshes: water pimpernels
Myrsine, genus Myrsine
evergreen trees and shrubs having aromatic foliage; Africa; Asia (New Zealand)
Ardisia, genus Ardisia
tropical evergreen subshrubs (some climbers) to trees of Asia and Australasia to Americas
genus Plumbago
shrubs and herbs and woody vines of warm regions: leadwort
Armeria, genus Armeria
shrubby or herbaceous low-growing evergreen perennials
Limonium, genus Limonium
sea lavender
Jacquinia, genus Jacquinia
sometimes placed in family Myrsinaceae
Aegilops, genus Aegilops
goat grass
Agropyron, genus Agropyron
perennial grasses of temperate and cool regions: wheatgrass; dog grass
Agrostis, genus Agrostis
annual or perennial grasses cosmopolitan in northern hemisphere: bent grass (so named from `bent' meaning an area of unfenced grassland)
Alopecurus, genus Alopecurus
annual or perennial grasses including decorative and meadow species as well as notorious agricultural weeds
Andropogon, genus Andropogon
tall annual or perennial grasses with spikelike racemes; warm regions
Arrhenatherum, genus Arrhenatherum
oat grass
Arundo, genus Arundo
any of several coarse tall perennial grasses of most warm areas: reeds
Avena, genus Avena
Bromus, genus Bromus
a genus of grasses of the family Gramineae
Bouteloua, genus Bouteloua
forage grasses
Buchloe, genus Buchloe
buffalo grass
Calamagrostis, genus Calamagrostis
reed grass
Cenchrus, genus Cenchrus
a genus of grasses of the family Gramineae that have burs
Chloris, genus Chloris
tufted or perennial or annual grasses having runners: finger grass; windmill grass
Cortaderia, genus Cortaderia
tall ornamental grasses of South America and New Zealand and New Guinea: pampas grass
Cynodon, genus Cynodon
creeping perennial grasses of tropical and southern Africa
Dactylis, genus Dactylis
a monocotyledonous grass of the family Gramineae (has only one species)
Dactyloctenium, genus Dactyloctenium
a monocotyledonous genus of the family Gramineae
Digitaria, genus Digitaria
crab grass; finger grass
Echinochloa, genus Echinochloa
annual or perennial succulent grasses of warm regions
Eleusine, genus Eleusine
annual and perennial grasses of savannas and upland grasslands
Elymus, genus Elymus
tall tufted perennial grasses (such as lyme grass or wild rye)
Eragrostis, genus Eragrostis
annual or perennial grasses of tropics and subtropics
Erianthus, genus Erianthus
genus of reedlike grasses having spikes crowded in a panicle covered with long silky hairs
Festuca, genus Festuca
a genus of tufted perennial grasses of the family Gramineae
Glyceria, genus Glyceria
manna grass
Holcus, genus Holcus
a genus of Old World grasses widely cultivated in America
Hordeum, genus Hordeum
annual to perennial grasses of temperate northern hemisphere and South America: barley
Leymus, genus Leymus
genus that in some classifications overlaps the genus Elymus
Lolium, genus Lolium
darnel; ryegrass
Muhlenbergia, genus Muhlenbergia
a genus of grasses of the family Gramineae grown in America and Asia
Oryza, genus Oryza
Oryzopsis, genus Oryzopsis
rice grass
Panicum, genus Panicum
panic grass
genus Paspalum
a genus of perennial grasses of warm regions
Pennisetum, genus Pennisetum
a genus of Old World grasses
Phalaris, genus Phalaris
a genus of grasses with broad leaves and a dense spike of flowers
Phleum, genus Phleum
grasses native to temperate regions
Phragmites, genus Phragmites
reeds of marshes and riversides in tropical or temperate regions
Poa, genus Poa
chiefly perennial grasses of cool temperate regions
Saccharum, genus Saccharum
tall perennial reedlike grass originally of southeastern Asia: sugarcane
Schizachyrium, genus Schizachyrium
overlaps the genus Andropogon
Secale, genus Secale
cereal grass widely cultivated for its grain: rye
Setaria, genus Setaria
annual or perennial grasses of warm regions: bristlegrasses
Sorghum, genus Sorghum
annual or perennial tropical and subtropical cereal grasses: sorghum
Spartina, genus Spartina
grass of freshwater swamps and salt marshes of Europe, Africa, America, and South Atlantic islands
Sporobolus, genus Sporobolus
cosmopolitan annual and perennial grasses (as dropseed or rush grass)
Stenotaphrum, genus Stenotaphrum
lawn grasses
Triticum, genus Triticum
annual cereal grasses from Mediterranean area; widely cultivated in temperate regions
Zea, genus Zea
Zizania, genus Zizania
wild rice
Zoisia, genus Zoisia, genus Zoysia
lawn grasses native to southeastern Asia and New Zealand; grown especially in warm regions
Bambusa, genus Bambusa
tall tender clumping bamboos
Arundinaria, genus Arundinaria
North American bamboo
Dendrocalamus, genus Dendrocalamus
giant clump-forming bamboos
Phyllostachys, genus Phyllostachys
medium and large bamboos
Cyperus, genus Cyperus
type genus of Cyperaceae; grasslike rhizomatous herbs; cosmopolitan except very cold regions
Carex, genus Carex
large genus of plants found in damp woodlands and bogs and ditches or at water margins: sedges
Eriophorum, genus Eriophorum
cotton grass
Scirpus, genus Scirpus
rhizomatous perennial grasslike herbs
Eleocharis, genus Eleocharis
sedges having dense spikes of flowers and leaves reduced to basal sheaths
genus Pandanus
type genus of the Pandanaceae (as screw pines)
Typha, genus Typha
reed maces; cattails
Sparganium, genus Sparganium
type and sole genus of Sparganiaceae; marsh or aquatic herbs of temperate regions
Cucurbita, genus Cucurbita
type genus of the Cucurbitaceae
genus Bryonia
climbing perennial herbs: bryony
Citrullus, genus Citrullus
a dicot genus of the family Cucurbitaceae including watermelons
Cucumis, genus Cucumis
cucumbers; muskmelons
Ecballium, genus Ecballium
exploding cucumber; squirting cucumber
Lagenaria, genus Lagenaria
bottle gourds
genus Luffa
dishcloth gourds
Momordica, genus Momordica
Old World tropical vine
a genus of shrubs and herbs that grow in Australia and New Guinea and Malaysia and southeast Asia
genus Lobelia
in some classifications considered the type genus of a separate family Lobeliaceae
Bartle Frere, genus Bartle-Frere, green dinosaur
a living fossil or so-called `green dinosaur'; genus or subfamily of primitive nut-bearing trees thought to have died out 50 million years ago; a single specimen found in 1994 on Mount Bartle Frere in eastern Australia; not yet officially named
genus Protea
type genus of Proteaceae; tropical African shrubs
genus Banksia
important genus of Australian evergreen shrubs or trees with alternate leathery leaves and yellowish flowers
Conospermum, genus Conospermum
Australian shrubs (some trees) with flowers in dense spikes: smoke bush
Embothrium, genus Embothrium
small genus of South American evergreen shrubs or small trees with long willowy branches and flowers in flamboyant terminal clusters
Guevina, genus Guevina
one species: Chilean nut
genus Grevillea
large genus of Australian shrubs and trees having usually showy orange or red flowers
Hakea, genus Hakea
Australian shrubs and small trees with evergreen usually spiny leaves and dense clusters of showy flowers
Knightia, genus Knightia
small genus of trees or shrubs of New Zealand and New Caledonia
Lambertia, genus Lambertia
small genus of Australian shrubs
Leucadendron, genus Leucadendron
large genus of evergreen trees and shrubs having silvery white leaves and solitary terminal flowers with conspicuous silvery bracts
genus Lomatia
small genus of low-growing evergreens of Chile and Australia; some yield dyes
genus Macadamia
trees or shrubs; Madagascar to Australia
Orites, genus Orites
small genus of Australian shrubs or trees
Persoonia, genus Persoonia
Australian undershrubs to small trees: geebungs
Stenocarpus, genus Stenocarpus
small genus of timber trees; Australia to Malaysia
Telopea, genus Telopea
Australian evergreen shrubs: waratahs
Xylomelum, genus Xylomelum
small species of Australian trees or shrubs; grown for their fruit and flowers
genus Casuarina
genus of trees and shrubs widely naturalized in southern United States and West Indies; coextensive with the family Casuarinaceae and order Casuarinales
Clethra, genus Clethra
type and sole genus of the Clethraceae; deciduous shrubs or small trees: white alder, summer-sweet
Centaurium, genus Centaurium
genus of low-growing herbs mostly of northern hemisphere having flowers with protruding spirally twisted anthers
Eustoma, genus Eustoma
small genus of herbs of warm regions of southern North America to northern South America
Exacum, genus Exacum
genus of tropical Asiatic and African plants: especially Persian violets
Frasera, genus Frasera
genus of North American herbs: columbo; includes some species sometimes placed in genus Swertia
Gentiana, genus Gentiana
type genus of the Gentianaceae; cosmopolitan genus of herbs nearly cosmopolitan in cool temperate regions; in some classifications includes genera Gentianopsis and Gentianella
Gentianella, genus Gentianella
genus of herbs with flowers that resemble gentian; in some classifications included in genus Gentiana
Gentianopsis, genus Gentianopsis
genus of fringed gentians; in some classifications included in genus Gentiana
Halenia, genus Halenia
genus of herbs of Eurasia and the Americas: spurred gentians
genus Sabbatia
genus of smooth slender North American herbs with showy flowers
Swertia, genus Swertia
genus of herbs of mountains of North America and Eurasia and Africa
Salvadora, genus Salvadora
genus of evergreen trees or shrubs; fruit is a drupe; grows in Africa through Arabia to India and China
Olea, genus Olea
evergreen trees and shrubs having oily one-seeded fruits
Chionanthus, genus Chionanthus
deciduous trees or shrubs: fringe tree
genus Forestiera
genus of often spiny American shrubs and trees
genus Forsythia
Fraxinus, genus Fraxinus
Jasminum, genus Jasminum
shrubs and woody climbers mostly of tropical and temperate Old World: jasmine; jessamine
Ligustrum, genus Ligustrum
genus of Old World shrubs: privet
Osmanthus, genus Osmanthus
widely distributed genus of evergreen shrubs or trees of southern United States and Middle East and China and Japan
Phillyrea, genus Phillyrea
small genus of evergreen shrubs of the Mediterranean region
Syringa, genus Syringa
genus of Old World shrubs or low trees having fragrant flowers in showy panicles: lilacs
Haemodorum, genus Haemodorum
type genus of family Haemodoraceae
Anigozanthus, genus Anigozanthus
genus of monocotyledonous plants with curious woolly flowers on sturdy stems above a fan of sword-shaped leaves; includes kangaroo's paw and Australian sword lily; sometimes placed in family Amaryllidaceae
Hamamelidanthum, genus Hamamelidanthum
genus of fossil plants of the Oligocene having flowers resembling those of the witch hazel; found in Baltic region
Hamamelidoxylon, genus Hamamelidoxylon
genus of fossil plants having wood identical with or similar to that of the witch hazel
Hamamelites, genus Hamamelites
genus of fossil plants having leaves similar to those of the witch hazel
Hamamelis, genus Hamamelis
deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazel
Corylopsis, genus Corylopsis
small genus of deciduous shrubs of temperate regions of Asia
Fothergilla, genus Fothergilla
small genus of deciduous shrubs of the southeastern United States
Liquidambar, genus Liquidambar
sweet gum
Parrotia, genus Parrotia
one species: iron tree
Parrotiopsis, genus Parrotiopsis
one species: deciduous tree of the Himalaya Mountains
Juglans, genus Juglans
type genus of the Juglandaceae
Carya, genus Carya
genus of large deciduous nut-bearing trees; United States and China
Pterocarya, genus Pterocarya
Asiatic nut trees: wing nuts
genus Combretum
type genus of the Combretaceae: tropical and subtropical small shrubs and trees
Conocarpus, genus Conocarpus
monotypic genus of tropical American trees: button tree
Laguncularia, genus Laguncularia
a genus of Laguncularia
Elaeagnus, genus Elaeagnus
Myriophyllum, genus Myriophyllum
chiefly monoecious and usually aquatic herbs (as the milfoils)
Grias, genus Grias
anchovy pear tree
Bertholletia, genus Bertholletia
brazil nut
Lythrum, genus Lythrum
Lagerstroemia, genus Lagerstroemia
shrubs or small trees of tropical Asia and Africa usually with showy white, pink, or purplish flowers
Myrtus, genus Myrtus
type genus of the Myrtaceae
Pimenta, genus Pimenta
allspice tree
Eugenia, genus Eugenia
tropical trees and shrubs with aromatic leaves and often valuable hard wood
genus Feijoa
small South American shrubs or trees
Jambos, genus Jambos
used in some classifications for rose apples (Eugenia jambos)
Myrcia, Myrciaria, genus Myrciaria
a genus of tropical American trees and shrubs of the myrtle family
Psidium, genus Psidium
genus Eucalyptus
tall trees native to the Australian region; source of timber and medicinal oils from the aromatic leaves
Syzygium, genus Syzygium
a tropical evergreen tree of the myrtle family native to the East Indies but cultivated elsewhere
Nyssa, genus Nyssa
tupelos: deciduous trees of moist habitats especially swamps and beside ponds
genus Fuchsia
large genus of decorative tropical shrubs with pendulous tetramerous flowers
Oenothera, genus Oenothera
chiefly North American herbs with usually nocturnal flowers
Punica, genus Punica
coextensive with the family Punicaceae
Rhizophora, genus Rhizophora
type genus of the Rhizophoraceae; a small genus of tropical trees and shrubs
genus Daphne
usually evergreen Eurasian shrubs
Dirca, genus Dirca
deciduous shrub of North America: leatherwood
Trapa, genus Trapa
small genus of Eurasian aquatic perennial herbs: water chestnut
genus Canna
type and sole genus of the Cannaceae: perennial lily-like herbs of New World tropics
genus Maranta
herbs of tropical America
Musa, genus Musa
type genus of the Musaceae: bananas
Ensete, genus Ensete
Old World tropical herbs: Abyssinian bananas
Strelitzia, genus Strelitzia
small genus of large perennial evergreen herbs having leaves resembling those of banana plants; sometimes placed in family Musaceae
genus Ravenala
woody tropical plants with tall trunks; sometimes placed in family Musaceae
Zingiber, genus Zingiber
tropical Asiatic and Polynesian perennial plants: ginger
Curcuma, genus Curcuma
tropical Asiatic perennial herbs
Alpinia, genus Alpinia, genus Languas, genus Zerumbet
perennial rhizomatous herbs of Asia and Australia and Polynesia having ginger-scented rhizomes
Aframomum, genus Aframomum
an African genus of plants of the family Zingiberaceae
Elettaria, genus Elettaria
Urtica, genus Urtica
a nettle yielding fiber resembling flax
Boehmeria, genus Boehmeria
false nettle
Helxine, Soleirolia, genus Helxine, genus Soleirolia
one species; a dwarf creeping mat-forming evergreen herb
Laportea, genus Laportea
mostly tropical stinging herbs or trees: nettle
Parietaria, genus Parietaria
small genus of stingless herbs
Pilea, genus Pilea
low-growing tropical perennials grown for their stingless foliage
Pipturus, genus Pipturus
an Australian genus of woody plants of the family Urticaceae
genus Cannabis
hemp: genus of coarse annuals native to central Asia and widely naturalized in north temperate regions; in some classifications included in the family Moraceae
Humulus, genus Humulus
hops: hardy perennial vines of Europe, North America and central and eastern Asia producing a latex sap; in some classifications included in the family Urticaceae
Morus, genus Morus
type genus of the Moraceae: mulberries
Maclura, genus Maclura
yellowwood trees or shrubs
Artocarpus, genus Artocarpus
evergreen Asiatic trees now grown through the tropics: breadfruit; jackfruit
Ficus, genus Ficus
large genus of tropical trees or shrubs or climbers including fig trees
Broussonetia, genus Broussonetia
paper mulberry
Cecropia, genus Cecropia
large genus of tropical American trees that yield a bast fiber used for cordage and bark used in tanning; milky juice yields caoutchouc
Ulmus, genus Ulmus
type genus of family Ulmaceae; deciduous trees having simple serrate leaves; widely distributed in temperate regions
Celtis, genus Celtis
large genus of trees and shrubs with berrylike fruit
Planera, genus Planera
a deciduous tree of the family Ulmaceae that grows in the southeastern United States
Trema, genus Trema
an evergreen tree of the family Ulmaceae that grows in tropical America and Africa and Asia
Paris, genus Paris
sometimes placed in subfamily Trilliaceae
Menyanthes, genus Menyanthes
the type genus of the Menyanthaceae; one species: bogbeans
Logania, genus Logania
type genus of the Loganiaceae; Australian and New Zealand shrubs sometimes cultivated for their flowers
genus Buddleia
shrubs or trees of warm regions
Gelsemium, genus Gelsemium
evergreen twining shrubs of Americas and southeastern Asia
Linum, genus Linum
a herbaceous plant genus of the family Linaceae with small sessile leaves
Physostigma, genus Physostigma
African woody vines: calabar beans
Acrocomia, genus Acrocomia
Central and South American feather palms
genus Areca
a monocotyledonous genus of palm trees
Arenga, genus Arenga
a genus of tropical Asian and Malaysian palm trees
Attalea, genus Attalea
unarmed feather palms of central and northern South America
Borassus, genus Borassus
genus Calamus
distinctive often spiny-stemmed palms found as climbers in tropical and subtropical forest
Caryota, genus Caryota
fishtail palms
Ceroxylon, genus Ceroxylon
wax palms
Cocos, genus Cocos
coconut palms
Copernicia, genus Copernicia
slow-growing tropical fan palms
genus Corozo
a monocotyledonous genus of tropical American palm trees
Corypha, genus Corypha
large fan palms of tropical Asia to Australia
Elaeis, genus Elaeis
oil palms
Euterpe, genus Euterpe
a monocotyledonous genus of graceful palm trees in tropical America
Livistona, genus Livistona
fan palms of Asia and Australia and Malaysia
Metroxylon, genus Metroxylon
a genus of Malayan pinnate-leaved palm trees that flower and fruit once and then die
Nipa, Nypa, genus Nipa, genus Nypa
monotypic genus of palms of Australasia
Orbignya, genus Orbignya
palms of southern Mexico to northern South America: babassu palm
genus Phoenicophorium, phoenicophorium
latanier palm
genus Phoenix, phoenix
a large monocotyledonous genus of pinnate-leaved palms found in Asia and Africa
genus Phytelephas, phytelephas
small genus of South American feather palms
Raffia, Raphia, genus Raffia, genus Raphia
feather palm of tropical Africa and Madagascar and Central and South America widely grown for commercial purposes
Rhapis, genus Rhapis
genus of small clump-forming fan palms of China and Japan
Roystonea, genus Roystonea
a monocotyledonous genus of West Indian feather palms
Sabal, genus Sabal
American dwarf fan palms
Serenoa, genus Serenoa
one species: saw palmetto
Thrinax, genus Thrinax
small to medium-sized fan palms
Plantago, genus Plantago
type genus of the family Plantaginaceae; large cosmopolitan genus of mostly small herbs
Polygonum, genus Polygonum
diverse genus of herbs or woody subshrubs of north temperate regions
Fagopyrum, genus Fagopyrum
buckwheat; in some classifications included in the genus Polygonum
genus Eriogonum
North American herbs of the buckwheat family
Rheum, genus Rheum
Rumex, genus Rumex
docks: coarse herbs and shrubs mainly native to north temperate regions
Xyris, genus Xyris
chiefly American marsh plants, having usually yellow flowers
genus Commelina
type genus of the Commelinaceae; large genus of herbs of branching or creeping habit: day flower; widow's tears
Tradescantia, genus Tradescantia
Ananas, genus Ananas
a genus of tropical American plants have sword-shaped leaves and a fleshy compound fruits composed of the fruits of several flowers (such as pineapples)
the type genus of the family Bromeliaceae which includes tropical American plants with deeply cleft calyx
Tillandsia, genus Tillandsia
large genus of epiphytic or terrestrial sparse-rooting tropical plants usually forming dense clumps or pendant masses
Mayaca, genus Mayaca
small genus of delicate mossy bog plants having white or violet flowers
Eriocaulon, genus Eriocaulon
type genus of the Eriocaulaceae: rushlike aquatic or marginal perennials usually found in shallow waters of acid lakes and pools and bogs
Pontederia, genus Pontederia
Eichhornia, genus Eichhornia
water hyacinth; water orchid
Heteranthera, genus Heteranthera
mud plantains
Naias, Najas, genus Naias, genus Najas
sole genus of the family Naiadaceae
Alisma, genus Alisma
small genus of aquatic or semiaquatic plants
Sagittaria, genus Sagittaria
genus of aquatic herbs of temperate and tropical regions having sagittate or hastate leaves and white scapose flowers
Hydrocharis, genus Hydrocharis
genus Hydrilla
one species
Limnobium, genus Limnobium
American frogbit
Elodea, ditchmoss, genus Elodea, pondweed
submerged freshwater perennials
Egeria, genus Egeria
small genus of dioecious tropical aquatic plants
Vallisneria, genus Vallisneria
eelgrass; eel grass
Potamogeton, genus Potamogeton
a large genus of aquatic herbs found in quiet waters in temperate regions; leaves usually float on the water
Groenlandia, genus Groenlandia
a monocotyledonous genus of the family Potamogetonaceae
Triglochin, genus Triglochin
perennial or annual bog or marsh plants; includes arrow grass
Zannichellia, genus Zannichellia
horned pondweed: completely submerged herbs; in some classifications included in Potamogetonaceae
Zostera, genus Zostera
(or in some classifications family Zosteraceae) small genus of widely distributed marine plants
genus Geranium
genus of mostly North American geraniums: cranesbills
Erythroxylon, Erythroxylum, genus Erythroxylon, genus Erythroxylum
a large genus of South American shrubs and small trees of the family Erythroxylaceae
Dodonaea, genus Dodonaea
a genus of tropical shrub or tree
Sapindus, genus Sapindus
type genus of the Sapindaceae
Blighia, genus Blighia
small genus of western African evergreen trees and shrubs bearing fleshy capsular three-seeded fruits edible when neither unripe nor overripe
Cardiospermum, genus Cardiospermum
tendril-climbing herbs or shrubs whose seeds have a white heart-shaped spot
Dimocarpus, genus Dimocarpus
genus Harpullia
genus of tropical Asiatic and African trees
genus Litchi
Chinese trees
Melicocca, Melicoccus, genus Melicocca, genus Melicoccus
tropical American trees and shrubs bearing berries
Nephelium, genus Nephelium
a genus of dicotyledonous trees of the family Sapindaceae that are native to Asia and Australia
Buxus, genus Buxus
type genus of the Buxaceae
genus Pachysandra
evergreen perennial procumbent subshrubs or herbs
Celastrus, genus Celastrus
genus of woody vines and erect shrubs (type genus of the Celastraceae) that is native chiefly to Asia and Australia: includes bittersweet
Euonymus, genus Euonymus
widely distributed chiefly evergreen shrubs or small trees or vines
genus Cyrilla
one species: trees and shrubs having flowers with acute or twisted petals and wingless fruit
Cliftonia, genus Cliftonia
one species: titi
Empetrum, genus Empetrum
Acer, genus Acer
type genus of the Aceraceae; trees or shrubs having winged fruit
Dipteronia, genus Dipteronia
small genus of large deciduous shrubs having large clusters of winged seeds that turn red as they mature; central and southern China
Ilex, genus Ilex
a large genus of dicotyledonous trees and shrubs of the family Aquifoliaceae that have small flowers and berries (including hollies)
Anacardium, genus Anacardium
type genus of the Anacardiaceae: cashew
Astronium, genus Astronium
a genus of dicotyledonous plants of the family Anacardiaceae
Cotinus, genus Cotinus
smoke trees
Malosma, genus Malosma
one species; often included in the genus Rhus
Mangifera, genus Mangifera
tropical tree native to Asia bearing fleshy fruit
Pistacia, genus Pistacia
a dicotyledonous genus of trees of the family Anacardiaceae having drupaceous fruit
Rhodosphaera, genus Rhodosphaera
one species; an Australian evergreen sumac
Rhus, genus Rhus
deciduous or evergreen shrubs and shrubby trees of temperate and subtropical North America, South Africa, eastern Asia and northeastern Australia; usually limited to nonpoisonous sumacs (see genus Toxicodendron)
Schinus, genus Schinus
genus of evergreen shrubs and trees of tropical and subtropical regions of South and Central America and Canary Islands and China
Spondias, genus Spondias
tropical trees having one-seeded fruit
Toxicodendron, genus Toxicodendron
in some classifications: comprising those members of the genus Rhus having foliage that is poisonous to the touch; of North America and northern South America
Aesculus, genus Aesculus
deciduous trees or some shrubs of North America; southeastern Europe; eastern Asia
Staphylea, genus Staphylea
a genus of small trees or shrubs of the family Staphylaceae
Diospyros, genus Diospyros
a genus of trees or shrubs that have beautiful and valuable wood
Achras, genus Achras
tropical trees having papery leaves and large fruit
Bumelia, genus Bumelia
deciduous or evergreen American shrubs small trees having very hard wood and milky latex
Calocarpum, genus Calocarpum
a genus of tropical American trees of the family Sapotaceae
Chrysophyllum, genus Chrysophyllum
tropical American evergreen trees or shrubs
Manilkara, genus Manilkara
genus of large evergreen trees with milky latex; pantropical
Palaquium, genus Palaquium
large genus of Malaysian trees with milky juice and leathery leaves
Payena, genus Payena
genus of medium to large Malaysian trees yielding gutta-percha
Pouteria, genus Pouteria
tropical American timber tree with edible fruit (canistel)
Symplocus, genus Symplocus
type and sole genus of Symplocaceae including sweetleaf
genus Styrax
deciduous or evergreen shrubs and small trees
Halesia, genus Halesia
deciduous small trees or shrubs of China and eastern North America
Sarracenia, genus Sarracenia
pitcher plants
Darlingtonia, genus Darlingtonia
one species: California pitcher plant
Heliamphora, genus Heliamphora
genus of pitcher plants of the Guiana Highlands in South America
Nepenthes, genus Nepenthes
pitcher plants
Drosera, genus Drosera
the type genus of Droseraceae including many low bog-inhabiting insectivorous plants
Dionaea, genus Dionaea
a genus of the family Droseraceae
Aldrovanda, genus Aldrovanda
one species: waterwheel plant
Drosophyllum, genus Drosophyllum
one species
genus Roridula
insectivorous undershrubs of South Africa; in some classifications placed in the family Droseraceae
Crassula, genus Crassula
type genus of Crassulaceae; herbs and small shrubs having woody stems and succulent aerial parts
genus Sedum
large genus of rock plants having thick fleshy leaves
Aeonium, genus Aeonium
a genus of plants of the family Crassulaceae
Ribes, genus Ribes
a flowering shrub bearing currants or gooseberries; native to northern hemisphere
genus Phlox
herbaceous to shrubby evergreen or deciduous annuals or perennials, diffuse (spreading) or caespitose (tufted or matted); from Alaska and western Canada to Mexico
Linanthus, genus Linanthus
a genus of herbs of the family Polemoniaceae; found in western United States
Borago, genus Borago
perennial herbs of the Mediterranean region
Amsinckia, genus Amsinckia
rough annual herbs of Europe and the Americas: fiddlenecks
genus Anchusa
rough and hairy Old World herbs
Cordia, genus Cordia
tropical deciduous or evergreen trees or shrubs of the family Boraginaceae
Cynoglossum, genus Cynoglossum
a large genus of tall rough herbs belonging to the family Boraginaceae
Echium, genus Echium
a genus of bristly herbs and shrubs of the family Boraginaceae
Hackelia, Lappula, genus Hackelia, genus Lappula
stickweed; beggar's lice
Lithospermum, genus Lithospermum
annual or perennial herbaceous or shrubby plants; cosmopolitan except Australia
Mertensia, genus Mertensia
a genus of herbs belonging to the family Boraginaceae that grow in temperate regions and have blue or purple flowers shaped like funnels
Myosotis, genus Myosotis
forget-me-nots; scorpion grass
Onosmodium, genus Onosmodium
a genus of North American perennial herbs of the family Boraginaceae
Symphytum, genus Symphytum
genus Convolvulus
genus of mostly climbing or scrambling herbs and shrubs: bindweed
Argyreia, genus Argyreia
woody climbers of tropical Asia to Australia
Calystegia, genus Calystegia
climbing or scrambling herbs: bindweed
Cuscuta, genus Cuscuta
genus of twining leafless parasitic herbs lacking chlorophyll: dodder
genus Dichondra
genus of chiefly tropical prostrate perennial herbs with creeping stems that root at the nodes
Ipomoea, genus Ipomoea
morning glory
Monardella, genus Monardella
a genus of fragrant herbs of the family Labiatae in the western United States
Utricularia, genus Utricularia
bladderworts: large genus of aquatic carnivorous plants; cosmopolitan in distribution
Pinguicula, genus Pinguicula
butterworts: a large genus of almost stemless carnivorous bog plants; Europe and America to Antarctica
genus Genlisea
small genus of carnivorous plants of tropical African swamps
genus Martynia
in some classifications includes the unicorn plants
Sesamum, genus Sesamum
tropical African and Indian herbs
Proboscidea, genus Proboscidea
in some classifications included in the genus Martynia and hence the two taxonomic names for some of the unicorn plants
Hymenophyllum, genus Hymenophyllum
type genus of the Hymenophyllaceae: filmy ferns
Trichomanes, genus Trichomanes
bristle ferns; kidney ferns
genus Osmunda
type genus of the Osmundaceae
Leptopteris, genus Leptopteris
including some ferns sometimes placed in genus Todea
Todea, genus Todea
a genus of delicate ferns belonging to the family Osmundaceae
Schizaea, genus Schizaea
type genus of the Schizaeaceae cosmopolitan especially in tropics; small leptosporangiate ferns: curly grass fern
Anemia, genus Anemia
genus of terrestrial or lithophytic ferns having pinnatifid fronds; chiefly of tropical America
Lygodium, genus Lygodium
chiefly tropical climbing ferns
Mohria, genus Mohria
African terrestrial ferns
Marsilea, genus Marsilea
clover ferns
Pilularia, genus Pilularia
genus Regnellidium
one species of aquatic or semiaquatic fern
Salvinia, genus Salvinia
type genus of the Salviniaceae: water ferns
Azolla, genus Azolla
a genus of fern sometimes placed in its own family Azollaceae
Ophioglossum, genus Ophioglossum
the type genus of the fern family Ophioglossaceae
Botrychium, genus Botrychium
grape fern; moonwort
Helminthostachys, genus Helminthostachys
one species: terrestrial fern of southeastern Asia and Australia
Erysiphe, genus Erysiphe
genus of powdery mildews
Neurospora, genus Neurospora
genus of fungi with black perithecia used extensively in genetic research; includes some forms with orange spore masses that cause severe damage in bakeries
Ceratostomella, genus Ceratostomella
genus of fungi forming continuous hyaline spores
Claviceps, genus Claviceps
fungi parasitic upon the ovaries of various grasses
Xylaria, genus Xylaria
type genus of Xylariaceae; fungi with perithecia in the upper part of erect black woody stromata
Rosellinia, genus Rosellinia
fungi having smooth perithecia with dark one-celled ascospores
Helotium, genus Helotium
type genus of the Helotiaceae
genus Sclerotinia
large genus of ascomycetous fungi including various destructive plant pathogens
Scleroderma, genus Scleroderma
genus of poisonous fungi having hard-skinned fruiting bodies: false truffles
Tulestoma, Tulostoma, genus Tulestoma, genus Tulostoma
type genus of the Tulostomaceae
Rhizopogon, genus Rhizopogon
a genus of fungi having subterranean sporophores resembling tubers
Truncocolumella, genus Truncocolumella
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Rhizopogonaceae
genus Mucor
type genus of the Mucoraceae; genus of molds having cylindrical or pear-shaped sporangia not limited in location to points where rhizoids develop
genus Rhizopus
a genus of rot-causing fungi having columnar hemispherical aerial sporangia anchored to the substrate by rhizoids
Entomophthora, genus Entomophthora
type genus of the Entomophthoraceae; fungi parasitic on insects
genus Dictostylium
genus of slime molds that grow on dung and decaying vegetation
Blastocladia, genus Blastocladia
a genus of fungi of the family Blastodiaceae
Synchytrium, genus Synchytrium
simple parasitic fungi including pond scum parasites
Saprolegnia, genus Saprolegnia
aquatic fungi growing chiefly on plant debris and animal remains
Peronospora, genus Peronospora
genus of destructive downy mildews
Albugo, genus Albugo
type genus of the Albuginaceae; fungi causing white rusts
genus Pythium
destructive root-parasitic fungi
Phytophthora, genus Phytophthora
destructive parasitic fungi causing brown rot in plants
Plasmodiophora, genus Plasmodiophora
type genus of Plasmodiophoraceae comprising minute plant parasitic fungi similar to and sometimes included among the slime molds
Tuber, genus Tuber
type genus of the Tuberaceae: fungi whose fruiting bodies are typically truffles
Hydnum, genus Hydnum
type genus of Hydnaceae
genus Lecanora
type genus of Lecanoraceae; crustaceous lichens
genus Roccella
chiefly fruticose maritime rock-inhabiting lichens
Pertusaria, genus Pertusaria
crustose lichens that are a source of the dye archil and of litmus
Usnea, genus Usnea
widely distributed lichens usually having a greyish or yellow pendulous freely branched thallus
Evernia, genus Evernia
lichens of the family Usneaceae having a pendulous or shrubby thallus
Ramalina, genus Ramalina
shrubby lichens of the family Usneaceae having a flattened thallus
Alectoria, genus Alectoria
lichens having dark brown erect or pendulous much-branched cylindrical thallus
Cladonia, genus Cladonia
type genus of Cladoniaceae; lichens characterized by a crustose thallus and capitate fruiting bodies borne on simple or branched podetia
Parmelia, genus Parmelia
type genus of the Parmeliaceae; a large genus of chiefly alpine foliaceous lichens
Cetraria, genus Cetraria
foliose lichens chiefly of northern latitudes
Agaricus, genus Agaricus
type genus of Agaricaceae; gill fungi having brown spores and including several edible species
Lentinus, genus Lentinus
a genus of fungus belonging to the family Tricholomataceae
Amanita, genus Amanita
genus of widely distributed agarics that have white spores and are poisonous with few exceptions
Cantharellus, genus Cantharellus
a well-known genus of fungus; has funnel-shaped fruiting body; includes the chanterelles
Omphalotus, genus Omphalotus
a genus of fungi with a depressed disc in the cap
Coprinus, genus Coprinus
genus of black-spotted agarics in which the cap breaks down at maturity into an inky fluid; sometimes placed in its own family Coprinaceae
Lactarius, genus Lactarius
large genus of agarics that have white spore and contain a white or milky juice when cut or broken; includes both edible and poisonous species
Marasmius, genus Marasmius
chiefly small mushrooms with white spores
Pleurotus, genus Pleurotus
agarics with white spores and caps having an eccentric stem; an important mushroom of Japan
Pholiota, genus Pholiota
genus of gilled agarics of Europe and North America having brown spores and an annulus; grows on open ground or decaying wood
Russula, genus Russula
large genus of fungi with stout stems and white spores and neither annulus nor volva; brittle caps of red or purple or yellow or green or blue; differs from genus Lactarius in lacking milky juice
Stropharia, genus Stropharia, ring-stalked fungus
genus of gill fungi with brown spores that is closely related to Agaricus; here placed in its own family Strophariaceae
Entoloma, genus Entoloma
agarics with pink spores but lacking both volva and annulus (includes some that are poisonous)
genus Chlorophyllum
a genus of fungus belonging to the family Lepiotaceae
genus Lepiota
agarics with white spores that includes several edible and poisonous mushrooms: parasol mushrooms
Corticium, genus Corticium
genus of fungi having simple smooth sporophores; some are parasitic on wood or economic crops; some species formerly placed in form genus Rhizoctinia
Pellicularia, genus Pellicularia
genus of fungi having the hymenium in the form of a crust; some species formerly placed in form genus Rhizoctinia
Tricholoma, genus Tricholoma
agarics with white spores and a fleshy stalk and notched gills; of various colors both edible and inedible
Volvaria, genus Volvaria
agarics having pink spores and a distinct volva
Pluteus, genus Pluteus, roof mushroom
a large genus of fungi belonging to the family Pluteaceae; the shape of the cap resembles a roof; often abundant early in the summer
Volvariella, genus Volvariella
an important genus of mushrooms in the Orient
Clitocybe, genus Clitocybe
a genus of agarics with white to pale yellow spore deposits and fleshy stalks centrally attached to the cap and closely attached gills
Flammulina, genus Flammulina
a genus of agarics
Saccharomyces, genus Saccharomyces
single-celled yeasts that reproduce asexually by budding; used to ferment carbohydrates
Schizosaccharomyces, genus Schizosaccharomyces
type and only genus of Schizosaccharomycetaceae; comprises the fission yeasts
Eurotium, genus Eurotium
a genus of fungi belonging to the order Eurotiales
Aspergillus, genus Aspergillus
genus of common molds causing food spoilage and some pathogenic to plants and animals
Thielavia, genus Thielavia
genus of fungi having spherical brown perithecia and some conidia borne in chains; cause root rot
Peziza, genus Peziza
type genus of the Pezizaceae: a variety of cup fungus
Plectania, genus Plectania
genus of fungi in the family Pezizaceae closely related to and often included in genus Peziza
Morchella, genus Morchella
genus of edible fungi: morel
Wynnea, genus Wynnea
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Sarcoscyphaceae
genus Helvella
type genus of the Helvellaceae
genus Discina
a genus of fungi of the family Helvellaceae with a cup-shaped or saucer-shaped fruiting body and ornamented spores
genus Gyromitra
a genus of fungi of the family Helvellaceae with a fertile portion that is tan to brown
Phallales, order Phallales
order of fungi comprising the stinkhorns and related forms whose mature hymenium is slimy and fetid; sometimes placed in subclass Homobasidiomycetes
Phallus, genus Phallus
genus of fungi having the cap or pileus hanging free around the stem
Dictyophera, genus Dictyophera
closely related to genus Phallus distinguished by an indusium hanging like a skirt from below the pileus
Mutinus, genus Mutinus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Phallaceae
Clathrus, genus Clathrus
type genus of the Clathraceae
Pseudocolus, genus Pseudocolus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Clathraceae
Lycoperdon, genus Lycoperdon
genus of fungi whose fruiting body tapers toward a base consisting of spongy mycelium
Calvatia, genus Calvatia
genus of puffballs having outer casings whose upper parts break at maturity into angular pieces to expose the spores
Geastrum, genus Geastrum
type genus of Geastraceae; fungi whose outer peridium when dry splits into starlike segments
Radiigera, genus Radiigera
a genus of fungus belonging to the family Geastraceae
Astreus, genus Astreus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Geastraceae
Nidularia, genus Nidularia
type genus of the Nidulariaceae
Gastrocybe, genus Gastrocybe
a genus of fungi of the family Secotiaceae
Macowanites, genus Macowanites
a stout-stemmed genus of fungus belonging to the family Secotiaceae having fruiting bodies that never expand completely
Gastroboletus, genus Gastroboletus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Secotiaceae; they resemble boletes but the spores are not discharged from the basidium
Albatrellus, genus Albatrellus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Polyporaceae
Neolentinus, genus Neolentinus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Polyporaceae
Nigroporus, genus Nigroporus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Polyporaceae
Oligoporus, genus Oligoporus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Polyporaceae
Polyporus, genus Polyporus
type genus of the Polyporaceae; includes important pathogens of e.g. birches and conifers
Fistulina, genus Fistulina
fungi having each pore separate though crowded
Fomes, genus Fomes
genus of bracket fungi forming corky or woody perennial shelflike sporophores often of large size; includes some that cause destructive heartrot in trees
Boletus, genus Boletus
type genus of Boletaceae; genus of soft early-decaying pore fungi; some poisonous and some edible
Fuscoboletinus, genus Fuscoboletinus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Boletaceae
Leccinum, genus Leccinum
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Boletaceae
Phylloporus, genus Phylloporus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Boletaceae
Suillus, genus Suillus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Boletaceae
Strobilomyces, genus Strobilomyces
fungi similar to Boletus but with a shaggy scaly cap
Boletellus, genus Boletellus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Boletaceae
Tremella, genus Tremella
fungi with yellowish gelatinous sporophores having convolutions resembling those of the brain
Auricularia, genus Auricularia
type genus of the Auriculariaceae
Dacrymyces, genus Dacrymyces
type genus of the Dacrymycetaceae: fungi with a bifurcate basidium that lacks septa
Melampsora, genus Melampsora
rusts having sessile one-celled teliospores in a single layer
Cronartium, genus Cronartium
rust fungi having aecia produced in raised or swollen sori and teliospores borne in waxy columns
Puccinia, genus Puccinia
type genus of the Pucciniaceae; a large genus of parasitic fungi including many that are destructive to various economic plants
Gymnosporangium, genus Gymnosporangium
genus of fungi that produce galls on cedars and other conifers of genera Juniperus and Libocedrus and causes rust spots on apples and pears and other plants of family Rosaceae
Ustilago, genus Ustilago
type genus of the Ustilaginaceae; genus comprising the loose smuts
Tilletia, genus Tilletia
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Tilletiaceae
Urocystis, genus Urocystis
a genus of smut fungi belonging to the family Tilletiaceae
Septobasidium, genus Septobasidium
type genus of Septobasidiaceae: smooth shelf fungi usually having a well-developed sometimes thick-walled hypobasidium
Hygrocybe, genus Hygrocybe
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
Hygrophorus, genus Hygrophorus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
Hygrotrama, genus Hygrotrama
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
Neohygrophorus, genus Neohygrophorus
a genus of fungi belonging to the family Hygrophoraceae
Cortinarius, genus Cortinarius
the largest genus in the Agaricales; agarics having rusty spores and prominent cortinae (cobwebby partial veils)
Gymnopilus, genus Gymnopilus
a genus of fungus characterized by the orange color of the spore deposit
genus Verticillium
genus of imperfect fungi having conidia borne singly at the apex of whorled branchlets; cause wilt diseases
Trichophyton, genus Trichophyton
a genus of fungus of the family Moniliaceae; causes ringworm and favus
Microsporum, genus Microsporum
a genus of fungus of the family Moniliaceae; causes ringworm
genus Monilia
genus of parasitic yeastlike imperfect fungi having spherical or oval conidia in branched chains; some species usually placed in other genera especially genus Candida
genus Candida
a genus of yeastlike imperfect fungi; sometimes included in genus Monilia of the family Moniliaceae
Cercosporella, genus Cercosporella
form genus of imperfect fungi lacking pigment in the spores and conidiophores
Penicillium, genus Penicillium
genus of fungi commonly growing as green or blue molds on decaying food; used in making cheese and as a source of penicillin
Blastomyces, genus Blastomyces
genus of pathogenic yeastlike fungi
Cercospora, genus Cercospora
form genus of imperfect fungi that are leaf parasites with long slender spores
Ustilaginoidea, genus Ustilaginoidea
genus of imperfect fungi causing plant diseases like smut
Tubercularia, genus Tubercularia
type genus of the Tuberculariaceae; fungi with nodules of red or pink conidia; some cause diebacks of woody plants
genus Fusarium
a form genus of mostly plant parasites some of which cause dry rot; in humans a species can cause inflammation of cornea leading to blindness
form genus Rhizoctinia, genus Rhizoctinia
form genus of imperfect fungi some species of which are now placed in genera Pellicularia and Corticium because their perfect stages have been found
Ozonium, genus Ozonium
form genus of imperfect fungi
Sclerotium, genus Sclerotium
form genus of sterile imperfect fungi; many form sclerotia; some cause sclerotium disease in plants
Rhamnus, genus Rhamnus
type genus of the Rhamnaceae: buckthorns
Colubrina, genus Colubrina
mostly tropical American shrubs or small trees with small yellowish flowers and yellow or red fruits
Ziziphus, genus Ziziphus
spiny chiefly tropical American and Asiatic shrubs: jujubes
Paliurus, genus Paliurus
thorny Eurasian shrubs
Pomaderris, genus Pomaderris
a genus of Australasian shrubs and trees
Vitis, genus Vitis
the type genus of the family Vitaceae; woody vines with simple leaves and small flowers; includes a wide variety of grapes
Parthenocissus, genus Parthenocissus
woody vines having disklike tips on the tendrils
Piper, genus Piper
type genus of the Piperaceae: large genus of chiefly climbing tropical shrubs
genus Peperomia
large genus of small tropical usually succulent herbs
Chloranthus, genus Chloranthus
type genus of the Chloranthaceae
Saururus, genus Saururus
type genus of the Saururaceae: lizard's-tails
Anemopsis, genus Anemopsis
one species: yerba mansa
Houttuynia, genus Houttuynia
one species; east Asian low-growing plant of wet places
Gleichenia, genus Gleichenia
type genus of Gleicheniaceae: leptosporangiate ferns with sessile sporangia; South Africa to Malaysia and New Zealand
Dicranopteris, genus Dicranopteris
terrestrial ferns of forest margin or open ground; pantropical
Diplopterygium, genus Diplopterygium
scandent thicket-forming ferns of Asia to western Pacific
Sticherus, genus Sticherus
umbrella ferns; warm regions of Australia and New Zealand
Ceratopteris, genus Ceratopteris
water ferns
Polypodium, genus Polypodium
a genus of ferns belonging to the family Polypodiaceae and having rounded naked sori
Aglaomorpha, genus Aglaomorpha
epiphytic ferns of tropical Asia
Campyloneurum, genus Campyloneurum
epiphytic ferns of tropical America
Drymoglossum, genus Drymoglossum
epiphytic ferns of Madagascar to tropical Asia and New Guinea
Drynaria, genus Drynaria
large robust epiphytic ferns of tropical forest and scrub; Africa and Asia and Australia
genus Lecanopteris
epiphytic ferns of southeastern Asia to New Guinea
Microgramma, genus Microgramma
epiphytic ferns of tropical America and Africa
Microsorium, genus Microsorium
tropical usually epiphytic ferns; Africa to Asia and Polynesia to Australia
Phlebodium, genus Phlebodium
chiefly epiphytic tropical ferns with free veins bearing sori
Platycerium, genus Platycerium
often epiphytic tropical Old World ferns
Pyrrosia, genus Pyrrosia
epiphytic or lithophytic or terrestrial ferns of tropical Old World
Solanopteris, genus Solanopteris
tropical American epiphytic ferns having rhizomes with tubers and roots as well as scales
Cyclophorus, genus Cyclophorus
tropical Old World ferns having closely crowded circular sori and no indusia
Vittaria, genus Vittaria
tropical epiphytic ferns with straplike fronds
Asplenium, genus Asplenium
in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae
Camptosorus, genus Camptosorus
classification used in some especially former systems for plants usually placed in genus Asplenium
Ceterach, genus Ceterach
small genus of Old World ferns; superseded in some classification systems which place plants of this genus in e.g. genera Asplenium and Pleurosorus
Pleurosorus, genus Pleurosorus
small genus comprising terrestrial ferns; found in Chile and Spain and Morocco and Australia and New Zealand
Schaffneria, genus Schaffneria
one species
Phyllitis, genus Phyllitis, genus Scolopendrium
a genus of ferns belonging to the family Polypodiaceae (in some classification systems included in genus Asplenium)
Blechnum, genus Blechnum
in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae; terrestrial ferns of cosmopolitan distribution mainly in southern hemisphere: hard ferns
Doodia, genus Doodia
in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae; small terrestrial colony-forming ferns of Australasia
Sadleria, genus Sadleria
low tree ferns with large fronds; in rain forests and on lava flows of Hawaiian Islands
Stenochlaena, genus Stenochlaena
large tropical ferns; some epiphytic climbers and some terrestrial bog ferns; Africa; Asia; Australasia
Woodwardia, genus Woodwardia
in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae: chain ferns
Cyathea, genus Cyathea
type genus of the Cyatheaceae: tree ferns of the tropical rain forest to temperate woodlands
genus Davallia
Old World tropical fern; in some classification systems placed directly in family Polypodiaceae
Dennstaedtia, genus Dennstaedtia
chiefly terrestrial ferns; in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae
Pteridium, genus Pteridium
a genus of ferns belonging to the family Dennstaedtiaceae
Dicksonia, genus Dicksonia
tree ferns of temperate Australasia having bipinnatifid or tripinnatifid fronds and usually marginal sori; in some classification systems placed in family Cyatheaceae
Cibotium, genus Cibotium
in some classification systems placed in family Cyatheaceae: ornamental tree ferns with coarse gracefully drooping fronds
Culcita, genus Culcita
includes some plants usually placed in e.g. genus Dicksonia: terrestrial ferns resembling bracken; tropical America; Malaysia to Australia and Polynesia; southwestern Europe and Atlantic islands
genus Thyrsopteris
one species
Dryopteris, genus Dryopteris
large widespread genus of medium-sized terrestrial ferns; in some classification systems placed in Polypodiaceae
Athyrium, genus Athyrium
temperate and tropical lady ferns; in some classifications placed in family Polypodiaceae or in the genus Asplenium
Cyrtomium, genus Cyrtomium
small genus of tropical Asiatic greenhouse ferns; in some classifications placed in Polypodiaceae
Cystopteris, genus Cystopteris
chiefly small perennial rock ferns: bladder ferns; in some classifications placed in Polypodiaceae
Deparia, genus Deparia
classification used for 5 species of terrestrial ferns usually placed in other genera
Diacalpa, genus Diacalpa
one species: delicate fern of foothills of Himalayas
Gymnocarpium, genus Gymnocarpium
oak ferns: in some classification systems included in genus Thelypteris
Lastreopsis, genus Lastreopsis
tropical terrestrial shield ferns
Matteuccia, Pteretis, genus Matteuccia, genus Pteretis
small genus sometimes included in genus Onoclea; in some classifications both genera are placed in Polypodiaceae
Olfersia, genus Olfersia
genus of fern having only one species
Onoclea, genus Onoclea
one species: sensitive fern; in some classifications included in Polypodiaceae
Polybotria, Polybotrya, genus Polybotria, genus Polybotrya
tropical American ferns; usually terrestrial when young but scandent later
Polystichum, genus Polystichum
small to medium-sized terrestrial ferns especially holly ferns; in some classification systems placed in Polypodiaceae
Rumohra, genus Rumohra
leatherleaf ferns: in some classifications included in genus Polystichum
Tectaria, genus Tectaria
terrestrial or epilithic ferns of tropical rain forests
genus Woodsia
genus of small to medium-sized usually rock-inhabiting ferns of temperate and cold regions; in some classification systems placed in Polypodiaceae
Bolbitis, genus Bolbitis
terrestrial or less than normally scandent ferns of tropical regions of northern hemisphere
Lomogramma, genus Lomogramma
large scandent ferns of southeastern Asia
Lophosoria, genus Lophosoria
one species: tree fern of Central and South America
Loxoma, genus Loxoma
one species of terrestrial ferns of New Zealand
Oleandra, genus Oleandra
or family Polypodiaceae: tropical epiphytic or terrestrial ferns
Arthropteris, genus Arthropteris
tropical and subtropical Old World epiphytic or lithophytic ferns
Nephrolepis, genus Nephrolepis
small genus of tropical ferns; sometimes placed in Polypodiaceae
Acrostichum, genus Acrostichum
in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae
Actiniopteris, genus Actiniopteris
terrestrial ferns of tropical Asia and Africa
Adiantum, genus Adiantum
cosmopolitan genus of ferns: maidenhair ferns; in some classification systems placed in family Polypodiaceae or Adiantaceae
Anogramma, genus Anogramma
a genus of ferns belonging to the family Pteridaceae
Cheilanthes, genus Cheilanthes
small evergreen ferns: lipferns; in some classifications placed in family Polypodiaceae or Adiantaceae
Coniogramme, genus Coniogramme
terrestrial ferns of Pacific islands and Asia
Cryptogramma, genus Cryptogramma
sometimes placed in family Polypodiaceae or Cryptogrammataceae
Doryopteris, genus Doryopteris
small to medium tropical tufted ferns; sometimes placed in family Adiantaceae
Jamesonia, genus Jamesonia
xerophytic ferns of South America
Onychium, genus Onychium
small terrestrial ferns of Old World tropics and subtropics: clawed ferns; sometimes placed in family Cryptogrammataceae
Pellaea, genus Pellaea
genus of chiefly small rock-loving ferns; in some classification systems it is placed in the family Polypodiaceae or Adiantaceae
Pityrogramma, genus Pityrogramma
terrestrial tropical ferns having fronds with powdery yellowish or white undersides; sometimes placed in family Polypodiaceae or Adiantaceae
Pteris, genus Pteris
large genus of terrestrial ferns of tropics and subtropics; sometimes placed in family Polypodiaceae
Marattia, genus Marattia
type genus of the Marattiaceae: ferns having the sporangia fused together in two rows
genus Angiopteris
one species: tree fern
Danaea, genus Danaea
fairly small terrestrial ferns of tropical America
Psilotum, genus Psilotum
type genus of the Psilotaceae
genus Psilophyton
type genus of the Psilophytaceae: genus of small wiry herbaceous Paleozoic plants with underground rhizomes and apical sporangia
Rhynia, genus Rhynia
type genus of the Rhyniaceae; small leafless dichotomously branching fossil plants with terminal sporangia and smooth branching rhizomes
Horneophyton, genus Horneophyton
Devonian fossil plant considered one of the earliest forms of vascular land plants; similar to genus Rhynia but smaller
Equisetum, genus Equisetum
horsetails; coextensive with the family Equisetaceae
Lycopodium, genus Lycopodium
type and sole genus of the Lycopodiaceae; erect or creeping evergreen plants often used for Christmas decorations
Selaginella, genus Selaginella
type and sole genus of the Selaginellaceae; evergreen moss-like plants: spike moss and little club moss
Isoetes, genus Isoetes
type and genus of the Isoetaceae and sole extant genus of the order Isoetales
Geoglossum, genus Geoglossum
type genus of the Geoglossaceae comprising the earthtongues
Thelypteris, genus Thelypteris
marsh ferns: in some classification systems considered part of genus Dryopteris in family Dryopteridaceae
Amauropelta, genus Amauropelta
epiphytic or terrestrial ferns of America and Africa and Polynesia
genus Christella
medium to large terrestrial ferns of tropical forests of Old World to Americas
Cyclosorus, genus Cyclosorus
small genus of terrestrial ferns of tropical and subtropical southern hemisphere
Goniopteris, genus Goniopteris
terrestrial ferns of Florida and West Indies to Central and South America
Macrothelypteris, genus Macrothelypteris
medium to large terrestrial ferns of tropical Asia to Polynesia and Australia; naturalized in Americas
Meniscium, genus Meniscium
terrestrial ferns of tropical Americas
Oreopteris, genus Oreopteris
3 species of ferns formerly included in genus Dryopteris or Thelypteris
Parathelypteris, genus Parathelypteris
terrestrial ferns of warm and tropical Asia and North America
Phegopteris, genus Phegopteris
beech ferns: genus is variously classified: considered alternative name for genus Dryopteris or included in genus Thelypteris
Armillaria, genus Armillaria
genus of edible mushrooms having white spores an annulus and blue juice; some are edible; some cause root rot
Armillariella, genus Armillariella
a honey-colored diminutive form of genus Armillaria; grows in clusters; edible (when cooked) but most attention has been on how to get rid of it
Asclepias, genus Asclepias
genus of chiefly North American perennial herbs: silkweed; milkweed
Araujia, genus Araujia
small genus of South American evergreen vines
genus Cynancum
genus of perennial tropical African lianas
genus Hoya
large genus of climbing shrubs of Australia and Asia and Polynesia
Periploca, genus Periploca
genus of woody vines of warm regions of the Old World
Sarcostemma, genus Sarcostemma
succulent subshrubs or vines; tropical and subtropical India and Africa and Malaysia
genus Stapelia
genus of foul-smelling plants resembling cacti; found from Africa to East India
genus Stephanotis
genus of Old World tropical woody vines
Vincetoxicum, genus Vincetoxicum
genus of chiefly tropical American vines having cordate leaves and large purple or greenish cymose flowers; supposedly having powers as an antidote
Type of:
taxon, taxonomic category, taxonomic group
animal or plant group having natural relations

n a general kind of something

“ignore the genus communism”
Type of:
form, kind, sort, variety
a category of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality

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