Approval is a formal agreement. It's probably not a good idea to mail the invitations for your beach party until you've gotten official approval for the enormous bonfire you're planning to light.

Building designs, budgets, grant applications — these all require official approval before they can be put into effect. You can also use the word approval to talk about less formal permission, like a teacher's approval of your plan to buy pizza for the whole class. Approval also means the belief that something is good, like your approval of your neighbor's purple house. Until 1800, it was much more common for people to use the word approvance to mean the same thing.

Definitions of approval
  1. noun
    the formal act of approving
    “his decision merited the approval of any sensible person”
    synonyms: approving, blessing
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    the act of disapproving or condemning
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    acceptance, acceptation, adoption, espousal
    the act of accepting with approval; favorable reception
    backing, backup, championship, patronage
    the act of providing approval and support
    admiration, appreciation
    a favorable judgment
    reinforcement, reward
    an act performed to strengthen approved behavior
    bosom, embrace
    a close affectionate and protective acceptance
    adoration, idolisation, idolization
    the act of admiring strongly
    glorification, idealisation, idealization
    a portrayal of something as ideal
    promise of reward as in "carrot and stick"
    type of:
    aiding the cause or policy or interests of
  2. noun
    acceptance as satisfactory
    “he bought it on approval
    synonyms: favorable reception, favourable reception
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    an informal British abbreviation of approval
    type of:
    the state of being acceptable and accepted
  3. noun
    a feeling of liking something or someone good
    “although she fussed at them, she secretly viewed all her children with approval
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    a feeling of disliking something or what someone is doing
    favor, favour
    a feeling of favorable regard
    official approval
    type of:
    a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment
  4. noun
    a message expressing a favorable opinion
    “words of approval seldom passed his lips”
    synonyms: commendation
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    the expression of disapproval
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    official recognition or approval
    countenance, endorsement, imprimatur, indorsement, sanction, warrant
    formal and explicit approval
    credit, recognition
    connivance, secret approval, tacit consent
    (law) tacit approval of someone's wrongdoing
    approval to do something
    the expression of approval and support
    acclaim, acclamation, eclat, plaudit, plaudits
    enthusiastic approval
    applause, clapping, hand clapping
    a demonstration of approval by clapping the hands together
    a cry or shout of approval
    congratulations, extolment, kudos, praise
    an expression of approval and commendation
    testimonial, tribute
    something given or done as an expression of esteem
    authorisation, authority, authorization, sanction
    official permission or approval
    O.K., OK, okay, okeh, okey
    an endorsement
    an endorsement made in a passport that allows the bearer to enter the country issuing it
    nihil obstat
    the phrase used by the official censor of the Roman Catholic Church to say that a publication has been examined and contains nothing offensive to the church
    commemoration, memorial, remembrance
    a recognition of meritorious service
    ovation, standing ovation
    enthusiastic recognition (especially one accompanied by loud applause)
    salutation, salute
    an act of honor or courteous recognition
    all clear
    permission to proceed because obstacles have been removed
    permission to do something
    the sending away of someone; permission to go
    green light
    permission to proceed with a project or to take action
    permission to do something
    laissez passer, pass
    a document indicating permission to do something without restrictions
    pass, passport
    any authorization to pass or go somewhere
    a round of applause to signify approval
    a clap of the hands to indicate approval
    an outburst of applause
    a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph
    a cry of approval as from an audience at the end of great performance
    hooray, hurrah
    a victory cheer
    a sudden outburst of cheers
    an exaggerated expression (usually of praise)
    encomium, eulogy, paean, panegyric, pean
    a formal expression of praise
    eulogium, eulogy
    a formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently
    good word, recommendation, testimonial
    something that recommends (or expresses commendation of) a person or thing as worthy or desirable
    accolade, compliment
    a remark (or act) expressing praise and admiration
    abetment, abettal, instigation
    the verbal act of urging on
    cheering, shouting
    encouragement in the form of cheers from spectators
    advancement, furtherance, promotion
    encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something
    fosterage, fostering
    encouragement; aiding the development of something
    goad, goading, prod, prodding, spur, spurring, urging
    a verbalization that encourages you to attempt something
    incitement, provocation
    needed encouragement
    vote of confidence
    an expression of approval and encouragement
    type of:
    content, message, subject matter, substance
    what a communication that is about something is about
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