When you do something with eclat, you do it with great style or an amazing effect. A skilled magician performs all of her tricks with eclat.

Eclat is the gusto or flair with which you make an entrance at a party or sing a song at your school talent show. It's also a certain measure of success, especially the type that other people consider you to have — your skill on the soccer field might lend you a certain amount of eclat among your classmates, for example. The word eclat comes from the French éclat, which means "splinter or fragment," but also "flash of brilliance."

Definitions of eclat
  1. noun
    brilliant or conspicuous success or effect
    “the eclat of a great achievement”
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    type of:
    brilliance, grandeur, grandness, magnificence, splendor, splendour
    the quality of being magnificent or splendid or grand
  2. noun
    ceremonial elegance and splendor
    “entered with much eclat in a coach drawn by eight white horses”
    synonyms: pomp
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    type of:
    a refined quality of gracefulness and good taste
  3. noun
    enthusiastic approval
    “they gave him more eclat than he really deserved”
    synonyms: acclaim, acclamation, plaudit, plaudits
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    type of:
    approval, commendation
    a message expressing a favorable opinion
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