Approbation is a formal word for approval or praise. Approbation is like getting the nod in a big way. Politicians rely on the public’s approbation to get elected.

How is it possible that approbation means approval when probation is a form of being in trouble? Probation is a testing period, to see if you can be good. Approbation means it's all good. Or you can remember this rhyme: "Filled with approbation, the audience gave a standing ovation."

Definitions of approbation
  1. noun
    official approval
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    type of:
    a feeling of liking something or someone good
  2. noun
    official recognition or approval
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    condemnation, disapprobation
    an expression of strong disapproval; pronouncing as wrong or morally culpable
    type of:
    approval, commendation
    a message expressing a favorable opinion
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