A blessing is a prayer asking for divine protection, or a little gift from the heavens. It's also any act of approving, like when your roommate wants to move out and you give her your blessings.

Blessings have to do with approval. The first meaning is asking for divine protection or favor. Priests and ministers say blessings in church, and some families say a blessing before dinner. Outside a religious context, blessings are less formal. "I give you my blessing" simply means "It's OK with me." People give their blessings to ideas and actions when they agree with them. Giving a blessing is often the same as giving permission.

Definitions of blessing
  1. noun
    a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection
    synonyms: benediction
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    a spoken blessing
    type of:
    orison, petition, prayer
    reverent petition to a deity
  2. noun
    the act of praying for divine protection
    synonyms: benediction
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    type of:
    prayer, supplication
    the act of communicating with a deity (especially as a petition or in adoration or contrition or thanksgiving)
  3. noun
    a short prayer of thanks before a meal
    synonyms: grace, thanksgiving
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    type of:
    orison, petition, prayer
    reverent petition to a deity
  4. noun
    a desirable state
    “enjoy the blessings of peace”
    synonyms: boon
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    something for which to be thankful
    type of:
    good fortune, good luck, luckiness
    an auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes
  5. noun
    the formal act of approving
    “he gave the project his blessing
    synonyms: approval, approving
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    the act of disapproving or condemning
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    acceptance, acceptation, adoption, espousal
    the act of accepting with approval; favorable reception
    backing, backup, championship, patronage
    the act of providing approval and support
    admiration, appreciation
    a favorable judgment
    reinforcement, reward
    an act performed to strengthen approved behavior
    bosom, embrace
    a close affectionate and protective acceptance
    adoration, idolisation, idolization
    the act of admiring strongly
    glorification, idealisation, idealization
    a portrayal of something as ideal
    promise of reward as in "carrot and stick"
    type of:
    aiding the cause or policy or interests of
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