piece of material

Definitions of piece of material
  1. noun
    a separate part consisting of fabric
    synonyms: piece of cloth
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    top part of an apron; covering the chest
    chamois cloth
    a piece of chamois used for washing windows or cars
    dishcloth, dishrag
    a cloth for washing dishes
    drop cloth
    a large piece of cloth laid over the floor or furniture while a room is being painted
    dustcloth, duster, dustrag
    a piece of cloth used for dusting
    dust cover, dust sheet
    a large piece of cloth used to cover furniture that is not in use for a long period
    end, oddment, remainder, remnant
    a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold
    gore, panel
    a piece of cloth that is generally triangular or tapering; used in making garments or umbrellas or sails
    ground cloth, groundsheet
    a waterproofed piece of cloth spread on the ground (as under a tent) to protect from moisture
    a piece of starched cloth covering the shoulders of a nun's habit
    gusset, inset
    a piece of material used to strengthen or enlarge a garment
    handkerchief, hankey, hankie, hanky
    a square piece of cloth used for wiping the eyes or nose or as a costume accessory
    liner, lining
    a piece of cloth that is used as the inside surface of a garment
    longyi, lungi, lungyi
    a long piece of brightly colored cloth (cotton or silk) used as clothing (a skirt or loincloth or sash etc.) in India and Pakistan and Burma
    a piece of cloth used as decoration or to mend or cover a hole
    a piece of cloth sewn under an opening
    rag, shred, tag, tag end, tatter
    a small piece of cloth or paper
    canvas, canvass, sail, sheet
    a large piece of fabric (usually canvas fabric) by means of which wind is used to propel a sailing vessel
    a sample piece of cloth
    a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping
    piece of cloth forming the long back section of a gown that is drawn along the floor
    balloon sail
    any light loose sail
    bandana, bandanna
    large and brightly colored handkerchief; often used as a neckerchief
    bath towel
    a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
    beach towel
    very large towel to dry yourself after swimming
    crossjack, mizzen course
    the lowermost sail on a mizzenmast
    dish towel, dishtowel, tea towel
    a towel for drying dishes
    fag end
    the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope
    a bright patch of color used for decoration or identification
    fore-and-aft sail
    any sail not set on a yard and whose normal position is in a fore-and-aft direction
    the lowest sail on the foremast of a square-rigged vessel
    face towel, hand towel
    a small towel used to dry the hands or face
    any sail set forward of the foremast of a vessel
    the lowermost sail on the mainmast
    a topsail set on the mainmast
    paper towel
    a disposable towel made of absorbent paper
    (usually used in the plural) one of a pair of adhesive patches worn to cover the nipples of exotic dancers and striptease performers
    pine-tar rag
    baseball equipment consisting of a rag soaked with pine tar; used on the handle of a baseball bat to give a batter a firm grip
    a handkerchief that is carried in a pocket
    press of canvas, press of sail
    the greatest amount of sail that a ship can carry safely
    roller towel
    a towel with the ends sewn together, hung on a roller
    a sail set next above the topgallant on a royal mast
    a sail set to catch wind spilled from a larger sail
    shoulder patch
    patch worn on the shoulder of a military uniform to indicate rank
    the sail above the royal on a square-rigger
    square sail
    a four-sided sail set beneath a horizontal yard suspended at the middle from a mast
    topgallant, topgallant sail
    a sail set on a yard of a topgallant mast
    a sail (or either of a pair of sails) immediately above the lowermost sail of a mast and supported by a topmast
    type of:
    cloth, fabric, material, textile
    artifact made by weaving or felting or knitting or crocheting natural or synthetic fibers
    a separate part of a whole
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