A remnant is something that's left over, once the rest is used up. If you plan to sew a shirt using only a remnant, it might have to be a midriff shirt.

The noun remnant can also be used to refer to leftover things other than cloth. The origin of the word might help you remember this, more all-purpose, meaning — it comes from the French remanant, which means "to remain." Think of it this way: a remnant is something that remains, or is left behind. For example, the remnants from the ancient battle gave archaeologists clues from which to infer what had happened.

Definitions of remnant

n a small part or portion that remains after the main part no longer exists

Type of:
balance, remainder, residual, residue, residuum, rest
something left after other parts have been taken away

n a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

end, oddment, remainder
fag end
the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope
Type of:
piece of cloth, piece of material
a separate part consisting of fabric

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