A bib is a small piece of fabric that's tied under a baby's chin to keep food or milk from staining her clothes. If you feed a toddler without using a bib, you'll quickly learn how useful it can be.

A baby's bib is just one type — there is also the bib that makes up the top part of overalls or an apron, the section that covers the chest. Sometimes the corresponding part of a bird's body, a patch of color on the chest, is also called a bib. The word stems from the now-obsolete verb bibben, "to drink," which is thought to be imitative of the sound your lips make as they sip liquid.

Primary Meanings of bib

a napkin tied under the chin of a child while eating
drink moderately but regularly
Full Definitions of bib

n a napkin tied under the chin of a child while eating

Type of:
napkin, serviette, table napkin
a small piece of table linen that is used to wipe the mouth and to cover the lap in order to protect clothing

n top part of an apron; covering the chest

Type of:
piece of cloth, piece of material
a separate part consisting of fabric

v drink moderately but regularly

Type of:
booze, drink, fuddle
consume alcohol

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