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  1. almoner
    an official in a British hospital who looks after the social and material needs of the patients
  2. anchusa
    any of various Old World herbs of the genus Anchusa having one-sided clusters of trumpet-shaped flowers
  3. auk
    black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas
  4. baksheesh
    a relatively small amount of money given for services rendered (as by a waiter)
  5. bamboo shoot
    edible young shoots of bamboo
  6. bardolatry
    the idolization of William Shakespeare
  7. berserker
    one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury
  8. besom
    a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle
    broom made of twigs tied to a long handle
  9. biltong
    meat that is salted and cut into strips and dried in the sun
  10. blowhole
    a hole for the escape of gas or air
  11. blunderbuss
    a short musket of wide bore with a flared muzzle
  12. bobolink
    migratory American songbird
  13. bombastic
    ostentatiously lofty in style
  14. bonny
    very pleasing to the eye
  15. botchy
    poorly done
  16. bowline
    a loop knot that neither slips nor jams
    a type of knot
    say "bowlin'"
  17. braggart
    a very boastful and talkative person
  18. bulgur
    parched crushed wheat
  19. bumpkin
    a person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture
  20. Burmeisteria
    a genus of Dasypodidae
  21. bust
    a sculpture of the head and shoulders of a person
  22. calabash
    Old World climbing plant with bottle-shaped gourds as fruits
  23. calash
    the folding hood of a horse-drawn carriage
  24. caoutchouc
    an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products
  25. catarrh
    inflammation of the nose and throat with increased production of mucus
  26. cheesecake
    made with sweetened cream cheese and eggs and cream baked in a crumb crust
  27. chockablock
    packed full to capacity
  28. clapboard
    a long thin board with one edge thicker than the other
    watch pronunciation
  29. cloying
    overly sweet
  30. clubfooted
    having a deformed foot
  31. codswallop
    nonsensical talk or writing
  32. collywobbles
    severe gastroenteritis of unknown etiology
  33. corymb
    flat-topped or convex inflorescence in which the individual flower stalks grow upward from various points on the main stem to approximately the same height; outer flowers open first
  34. crumple
    gather something into small wrinkles or folds
  35. cruse
    small jar; holds liquid (oil or water)
    small jar that holds liquid
  36. curlicue
    a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles
  37. currish
    resembling a cur; snarling and rude
  38. daedal
    complex and ingenious in design or function
  39. daguerreotype
    a photograph made by an early photographic process
  40. deckle
    rough edge left by a deckle on handmade paper or produced artificially on machine-made paper
  41. dillydally
    postpone doing what one should be doing
  42. dither
    be undecided or uncertain
  43. dithyramb
    a passionate hymn
  44. Dnieper
    a river that rises in Russia near Smolensk and flowing south through Belarus and Ukraine to empty into the Black Sea
  45. doff
  46. doggerel
    a comic verse of irregular measure
  47. doldrums
    a belt of calms between the Atlantic and Pacific trade winds
  48. drivel
    saliva spilling from the mouth
  49. droll
    comical in an odd or whimsical manner
  50. dudeen
    a clay pipe with a short stem
  51. dullard
    a person who is not very bright or interesting
  52. ecru
    a very light brown
  53. egg
    animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds
  54. ewer
    an open vessel with a handle and a spout for pouring
  55. fancywork
    decorative needlework
  56. fantods
    an ill-defined state of irritability and distress
  57. fizgig
    a firework that fizzes as it moves
  58. flotsam
    the floating wreckage of a ship
  59. flummox
    be a mystery or bewildering to
  60. frippery
    something of little value or significance
  61. frontispiece
    front illustration facing the title page of a book
  62. fuggy
    (British informal) poorly ventilated
  63. gallimaufry
    a motley assortment of things
  64. gamin
    a homeless boy who has been abandoned and roams the streets
  65. gerund
    a noun formed from a verb
  66. geta
    footwear usually with wooden soles
  67. gibbosity
    something that bulges out or is protuberant or projects from its surroundings
  68. gibbous
    characteristic of or suffering from kyphosis, an abnormality of the vertebral column
  69. gnomon
    indicator provided by the stationary arm whose shadow indicates the time on the sundial
  70. googolplex
    a cardinal number represented as 1 followed by a googol of zeros (ten raised to the power of a googol)
  71. grog
    rum cut with water
  72. gymkhana
    a meet at which riders and horses display a range of skills and aptitudes
  73. haft
    the handle of a weapon or tool
  74. haphazard
    dependent upon or characterized by chance
  75. hawsehole
    the hole that an anchor rope passes through
  76. hen-peck
    bother persistently with trivial complaints
  77. hodgepodge
    a motley assortment of things
  78. hokum
    a message that seems to convey no meaning
  79. homunculus
    a person who is tiny or diminutive
  80. hoydenism
    masculinity in women (especially in girls and young women)
  81. huisache
    tropical American thorny shrub or small tree
  82. ichthyologist
    a zoologist who studies fishes
  83. jackanapes
    someone who is unimportant but cheeky and presumptuous
  84. jambeau
    armor plate that protects legs below the knee
  85. jape
    a humorous remark intended to provoke laughter
  86. jennet
    female donkey
  87. jerboa
    mouselike jumping rodent
  88. jerkin
    a tight sleeveless and collarless jacket (often made of leather) worn by men in former times
  89. jeroboam
    a large wine bottle (holds 4/5 of a gallon)
  90. jest
    activity characterized by good humor
  91. jetsam
    part of a ship's cargo thrown overboard to lighten the load
  92. jocund
    full of or showing high-spirited merriment
  93. juggernaut
    a massive inexorable force
    Hindu idol
  94. jumble
    assemble without order or sense
  95. kahikatea
    New Zealand evergreen valued for its light easily worked wood
  96. Kama
    Hindu god of love and erotic desire; opposite of Mara
  97. kameez
    a long tunic worn by people from the Indian subcontinent
  98. kismet
    fate or fortune
  99. kittiwake
    small pearl-grey gull of northern regions
  100. kudzu
    fast-growing vine from eastern Asia having tuberous starchy roots and hairy trifoliate leaves and racemes of purple flowers followed by long hairy pods containing many seeds; grown for fodder and forage and root starch; widespread in the southern United States
  101. kwashiorkor
    severe malnutrition in children resulting from a diet excessively high in carbohydrates and low in protein
    malnutrition due to low protein
  102. lackadaisical
    idle or indolent especially in a dreamy way
  103. Lothario
    a successful womanizer
  104. lugubrious
    excessively mournful
  105. mahatma
    (Hinduism) term of respect for a brahmin sage
  106. mahout
    the driver and keeper of an elephant
  107. mammee
    tropical American tree having wood like mahogany and sweet edible egg-shaped fruit; in some classifications placed in the genus Calocarpum
  108. mealymouthed
    hesitant to state facts or opinions simply and directly
  109. meme
    a cultural idea or behavior passed from person to person
  110. mizzen
    fore-and-aft sail set on the mizzenmast
  111. mizzenmast
    third mast from the bow in a vessel having three or more masts; the after and shorter mast of a yawl, ketch, or dandy
  112. mojo
    a magic power or magic spell
  113. moue
    a disdainful grimace
  114. nadir
    the lowest point of anything
  115. nautch
    an intricate traditional dance in India performed by professional dancing girls
    intricate Indian dance
  116. nidifugous
    (of birds) leaving the nest shortly after hatching
    birds leaving the nest shortly after hatching
  117. nosegay
    an arrangement of flowers that is usually given as a present
  118. oakum
    loose hemp or jute fiber obtained by unravelling old ropes
    loose hemp fiber
  119. outflow
    the process of flowing out
  120. paltry
    contemptibly small in amount
  121. panjandrum
    an important or influential (and often overbearing) person
  122. pannikin
    a small pan or cup (usually of tin)
    small pan or cup - usually of tin
  123. pharos
    a tower with a light that gives warning of shoals to passing ships
  124. piddling
    (informal) small and of little importance
  125. piffling
    (informal) small and of little importance
  126. pogonip
    a dense winter fog containing ice particles
  127. prim
    affectedly dainty or refined
  128. primp
    dress or groom with elaborate care
  129. purdah
    a screen used in India to separate women from men or strangers
  130. quisling
    someone who collaborates with an enemy occupying force
  131. quizzical
  132. ragamuffin
    a dirty shabbily clothed urchin
  133. remora
    marine fishes with a flattened elongated body and a sucking disk on the head for attaching to large fish or moving objects
  134. rhumb
    a line on a sphere that cuts all meridians at the same angle
  135. ribald
    humorously vulgar
  136. rickettsia
    any of a group of very small rod-shaped bacteria that live in biting arthropods (as ticks and mites) and cause disease in vertebrate hosts; they cause typhus and other febrile diseases in human beings
  137. rijsttaffel
    dish originating in Indonesia
  138. rinderpest
    an acute infectious viral disease of cattle
  139. sambur
    a deer of southern Asia with antlers that have three tines
  140. scabrous
    rough to the touch, as if covered with scales or projections
  141. scrivener
    someone employed to make written copies of documents and manuscripts
  142. scuppernong
    amber-green muscadine grape of southeastern United States
  143. shalwar
    a pair of light loose trousers with a tight fit around the ankles; worn by women from the Indian subcontinent (usually with a kameez)
  144. slapstick
    a type of comedy characterized by pranks and physical humor
  145. slipshod
    marked by great carelessness
  146. snafu
    a chaotic or confused situation
  147. snooker
    leave one's opponent unable to take a direct shot
  148. soliloquy
    speech you make to yourself
  149. sphinx
    one of a number of large stone statues with the body of a lion and the head of a man that were built by the ancient Egyptians
  150. sthene
    a unit of force equal to 1000 newtons
  151. sully
    make dirty or spotty
  152. syzygy
    the straight line configuration of three celestial bodies
  153. tarboosh
    a felt cap for a man
    man's felt cap with tassel hanging down
  154. thuggee
    murder and robbery by thugs
  155. tiddlywinks
    a game in which players try to flip plastic disks into a cup by pressing them on the side sharply with a larger disk
  156. tomalley
    edible greenish substance in boiled lobster
  157. trepang
    of warm coasts from Australia to Asia
  158. tsetse
    bloodsucking African fly; transmits sleeping sickness etc.
  159. tunic
    loose fitting cloak or blouse extending to the hips or knees
  160. tureen
    large deep serving dish with a cover
  161. unau
    a sloth of Central America that has two long claws on each forefoot and three long claws on each hindfoot
  162. usufruct
    a legal right to use and profit from someone else's property
  163. whorl
    a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles
  164. yatobyo
    a highly infectious disease of rodents (especially rabbits and squirrels) and sometimes transmitted to humans by ticks or flies or by handling infected animals
  165. yaws
    an infectious tropical disease resembling syphilis in its early stages; marked by red skin eruptions and ulcerating lesions
    rhymes with "jaws"
  166. zeugma
    rhetorical use of a word to govern two or more words
  167. couscous
    a northern African pasta made of crushed semolina
  168. pogey
    money received from the state
  169. bogey
    an evil spirit
  170. hebdomadally
    without missing a week
  171. poltroon
    an abject coward
  172. pontoon
    (nautical) a floating structure (as a flat-bottomed boat) that serves as a dock or to support a bridge
  173. samizdat
    a system of clandestine printing and distribution of dissident or banned literature
  174. pleach
    form or weave into a braid or braids
  175. gawp
    look with amazement; look stupidly
  176. mawkish
    effusively or insincerely emotional
  177. snickersnee
    fighting with knives
  178. topple
    fall down, as if collapsing
  179. tightwad
    a miserly person
  180. blackguard
    someone who is morally reprehensible
  181. chortle
    a soft partly suppressed laugh
  182. blinker
    a light that flashes on and off
  183. jingoism
    fanatical patriotism
  184. apprehend
    anticipate with dread or anxiety
  185. quaff
    swallow hurriedly or greedily or in one draught
  186. slosh
    spill or splash copiously or clumsily
  187. auk
    black-and-white short-necked web-footed diving bird of northern seas
  188. rouleau
    a roll of coins wrapped in paper

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