A frontispiece is an illustration on one of a book's first pages, usually opposite the title page. Some editions of Winnie the Pooh include a map of the Hundred Acre Wood as a frontispiece.

Children's books and classics are most likely to have a frontispiece, which is considered a bit old-fashioned today. Your beloved copy of The Wind in the Willows or a collectible edition of Little Women probably include a frontispiece — and the volumes in your Harry Potter collection might as well. In architecture, a frontispiece is something that frames or decorates the entrance to a building. What these two kinds of frontispieces have in common is being located in the front of something.

Definitions of frontispiece

n front illustration facing the title page of a book

Type of:
the side that is seen or that goes first

n an ornamental facade

Type of:
facade, frontage, frontal
the face or front of a building

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