A facade is the front of a building, or a kind of front people put up emotionally. If you're mad but acting happy, you're putting up a facade.

This word has to do with the outer layer of something. One sense has to do with the front or outside of a building. The other meaning has to do with people who are hiding something. In both cases, the facade could be deceiving. A building with a gorgeous facade isn't necessarily gorgeous inside. A person putting on a facade is definitely putting on a front: the face they're showing to the world doesn't match how they're feeling.

Definitions of facade
  1. noun
    the face or front of a building
    synonyms: frontage, frontal
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    an ornamental facade
    type of:
    the side that is seen or that goes first
  2. noun
    a showy misrepresentation intended to conceal something unpleasant
    synonyms: window dressing
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    type of:
    deceit, deception, misrepresentation
    a misleading falsehood
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