A tunic is a loose-fitting shirt that looks sort of like a long shirt or a short dress. For a fashionable summer look, you might pair trousers with a comfortable tunic that extends past your waist.

The ancient Greeks and Romans were early fans of the tunic, and the loose-fitting garment remains popular in modern times. A tunic is popular wardrobe choice in hot, tropical regions because it's loose fitting and comfortable and helps you stay cool. Tunic can also refer to a membrane or tissue that covers something, like an organ or part of a plant. Some plants like tulips and onions have a protective tunic covering the outside of their bulb.

Definitions of tunic
  1. noun
    any of a variety of loose fitting cloaks extending to the hips or knees
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    a woolen tunic worn by men and women in ancient Greece
    a sleeveless tunic worn by English girls as part of a school uniform
    a long tunic worn by many people from the Indian subcontinent (usually with a salwar or churidars)
    a garment resembling a tunic that was worn by men in the Middle Ages
    a tunic worn over a knight's armor
    a short sleeveless outer tunic emblazoned with a coat of arms; worn by a knight over his armor or by a herald
    type of:
    a loose outer garment
  2. noun
    an enveloping or covering membrane or layer of body tissue
    synonyms: adventitia, tunica
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    whitish tunic
    sclera, sclerotic coat
    the whitish fibrous membrane (albuginea) that with the cornea forms the outer covering and protection of the eyeball
    tunica albuginea testes
    whitish cover of the testicle
    type of:
    membrane, tissue layer
    a pliable sheet of tissue that covers or lines or connects the organs or cells of animals or plants
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