Tolkien Reading Day: Tolkien Reading Day, List 8

Explore these words from The Return of the King.

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  1. booty
    goods or money obtained illegally
  2. pare
    strip the skin off
  3. crag
    a steep rugged rock or cliff
  4. feint
    any distracting or deceptive maneuver
  5. unmanned
    lacking a crew
  6. teeming
    abundantly filled with especially living things
  7. atone
    make amends for
  8. tributary
    paying money, as for protection
  9. welter
    a confused multitude of things
  10. veritable
    not counterfeit or copied
  11. forbear
    refrain from doing
  12. cow
    subdue or overcome by affecting with fear or awe
  13. quicken
    give new life or energy to
  14. flout
    treat with contemptuous disregard
  15. swag
    goods or money obtained illegally
  16. weal
    a raised mark on the skin
  17. peal
    a deep prolonged sound
  18. drowse
    be on the verge of sleeping
  19. knell
    the sound of a bell rung slowly to announce a death
  20. stratagem
    an elaborate or deceitful scheme to deceive or evade
  21. vassal
    a person who owes allegiance and service to a feudal lord
  22. sloth
    apathy and inactivity in the practice of virtue
  23. mischance
    an instance of misfortune
  24. presage
    a foreboding about what is about to happen
  25. puissant
  26. garland
    a circular band of flowers or other foliage
  27. alight
    come down
  28. urchin
    a poor and often mischievous city child
  29. cudgel
    a club that is used as a weapon
  30. cavalcade
    a procession of people traveling by foot, horse, or vehicles
  31. dawdle
    waste time
  32. swagger
    walk with a lofty proud gait
  33. hubbub
    loud confused noise from many sources
  34. apace
    rapidly; in a speedy manner
  35. finery
    elaborate or showy attire and accessories
Created on March 23, 2023 (updated March 24, 2023)

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