A relative is a person who is part of your family. Parents, siblings, uncles, aunts, grandparents, cousins, nieces and nephews — they're all relatives.

A relative can be connected to your family through blood or by marriage. If you are a child or grandchild of Maria's, for example, you are a blood relative of her family. If you marry Maria's son, you become a relative by marriage. Relative is also an adjective that means "estimated by comparison," like the steep hill that is tiny, relative to the mountain behind it.

Definitions of relative
  1. adjective
    estimated by comparison; not absolute or complete
    “a relative stranger”
    synonyms: comparative
    having a relation or being related
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    perfect or complete or pure
    lacking compromising or mitigating elements; exact
    implicit, unquestioning
    being without doubt or reserve
    total and all-embracing
    (informal) absolute
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  2. adjective
    properly related in size or degree or other measurable characteristics; usually followed by `to'
    “earnings relative to production”
    synonyms: proportional
    being in due proportion
  3. noun
    a person related by blood or marriage
    “police are searching for relatives of the deceased”
    synonyms: relation
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    the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac; according to Genesis, God promised to give Abraham's family (the Hebrews) the land of Canaan (the Promised Land); God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son
    Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel
    prince consort of Queen Victoria of England (1819-1861)
    (Old Testament) the wife of Uriah and later the wife of king David; Solomon was her son by David (circa 10th century BC)
    (Old Testament) the youngest and best-loved son of Jacob and Rachel and one of the twelve forebears of the tribes of Israel
    Catherine of Aragon
    first wife of Henry VIII; Henry VIII's divorce from her was the initial step of the Reformation in England (1485-1536)
    Anne Hathaway
    wife of William Shakespeare (1556-1623)
    (Old Testament) the second patriarch; son of Abraham and Sarah who was offered by Abraham as a sacrifice to God; father of Jacob and Esau
    (Old Testament) the son of Abraham who was cast out after the birth of Isaac; considered the forebear of 12 Arabian tribes
    (Old Testament) a son of Jacob and a forebear of one of the tribes of Israel
    (Old Testament) the 11th son of Jacob and one of the 12 patriarchs of Israel; Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colors, which made his brothers jealous and they sold him into slavery in Egypt
    (Old Testament) the fourth son of Jacob who was forebear of one of the tribes of Israel; one of his descendants was to be the Messiah
    Marquise de Maintenon
    French consort of Louis XIV who secretly married the king after the death of his first wife (1635-1719)
    (Old Testament) a patriarch (grandfather of Noah) who is said to have lived 969 years
    the mother-in-law of Ruth whose story is told in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament
    the Hebrew patriarch who saved himself and his family and the animals by building an ark in which they survived 40 days and 40 nights of rain; the story of Noah and the flood is told in the Book of Genesis
    (Old Testament) the second wife of Jacob and mother of Joseph and Benjamin
    (Old Testament) wife of Isaac and mother of Jacob and Esau
    (Old Testment) a son of Jacob and forefather of one of the tribes of Israel
    the great-grandmother of king David whose story is told in the Book of Ruth in the Old Testament
    (Old Testament) the wife of Abraham and mother of Isaac
    (Old Testament) the eldest son of Isaac who would have inherited the covenant that God made with Abraham and that Abraham passed on to Isaac; he traded his birthright to his twin brother Jacob for a mess of pottage
    Blessed Virgin
    the mother of Jesus; Christians refer to her as the Virgin Mary; she is especially honored by Roman Catholics
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    ancestor, antecedent, ascendant, ascendent, root
    someone from whom you are descended (but usually more remote than a grandparent)
    cousin, cousin-german, first cousin, full cousin
    the child of your aunt or uncle
    descendant, descendent
    a person considered as descended from some ancestor or race
    in-law, relative-in-law
    a relative by marriage
    blood relation, blood relative, cognate, sib
    one related by blood or origin; especially on sharing an ancestor with another
    family, kin, kinsperson
    a person having kinship with another or others
    enate, matrikin, matrilineal kin, matrilineal sib, matrisib
    one related on the mother's side
    agnate, patrikin, patrilineal kin, patrilineal sib, patrisib
    one related on the father's side
    a male relative
    a female relative
    kissing cousin, kissing kin
    a more or less distant relative; familiar enough to be greeted with a kiss
    next of kin
    the person who is (or persons who are) most closely related to a given person
    issue, offspring, progeny
    the immediate descendants of a person
    second cousin
    a child of a first cousin
    sib, sibling
    a person's brother or sister
    better half, married person, mate, partner, spouse
    a person's partner in marriage
    (anthropology) kin by marriage
    a woman ancestor
    aunt, auntie, aunty
    the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle
    the youngest member of a group (not necessarily young)
    bastard, by-blow, illegitimate, illegitimate child, love child, whoreson
    the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents
    someone who marries one person while already legally married to another
    a brother by marriage
    child, kid
    a human offspring (son or daughter) of any age
    a member of a clan or tribe
    the husband or wife of a reigning monarch
    the wife of your son
    the father of your spouse
    female sibling
    a person's sister
    eldest, firstborn
    the offspring who came first in the order of birth
    forbear, forebear
    a person from whom you are descended
    father, forefather, sire
    the founder of a family
    a woman ancestor
    primogenitor, progenitor
    an ancestor in the direct line
    a child of your son or daughter
    half blood
    one of siblings who have only one parent in common
    helpmate, helpmeet
    a helpful partner
    hubby, husband, married man
    a married man; a woman's partner in marriage
    male sibling
    a sibling who is male
    monogamist, monogynist
    someone who practices monogamy (one spouse at a time)
    the mother of your spouse
    a son of your brother or sister
    honeymooner, newlywed
    someone recently married
    a daughter of your brother or sister
    someone who is married to two or more people at the same time
    quad, quadruplet
    one of four children born at the same time from the same pregnancy
    quin, quint, quintuplet
    one of five children born at the same time from the same pregnancy
    a descendent or heir
    the sister of your spouse
    the husband of your daughter
    heir, successor
    a person who inherits some title or office
    one of three offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy
    either of two offspring born at the same time from the same pregnancy
    the brother of your father or mother; the husband of your aunt
    married woman, wife
    a married woman; a man's partner in marriage
    type of:
    individual, mortal, person, somebody, someone, soul
    a human being
  4. noun
    an animal or plant that bears a relationship to another (as related by common descent or by membership in the same genus)
    synonyms: congenator, congener, congeneric
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    type of:
    being, organism
    a living thing that has (or can develop) the ability to act or function independently
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