Writing in the Classroom: Middle School: Plot Development

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  1. plot
    the story that is told, as in a novel, play, movie, etc.
  2. subplot
    a subordinate or secondary story in a work of fiction
  3. exposition
    an account that sets forth the intent of a story
  4. setting
    the context and environment in which something is situated
  5. context
    the set of facts or circumstances that surround a situation
  6. prologue
    an introductory section of a novel or other literary work
  7. introduction
    the first section of a communication
  8. action
    the series of events that form a plot
  9. rising action
    a series of plot events that build up toward the climax
  10. conflict
    opposition in a work of fiction between characters or forces
  11. climax
    the decisive moment in a novel or play
  12. falling action
    series of plot events following the climax of a narrative
  13. resolution
    the way the main complication of a literary work is settled
  14. conclusion
    the last section of a communication
  15. epilogue
    a short section at the end of a literary work
  16. character
    an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction
  17. protagonist
    the principal character in a work of fiction
  18. antagonist
    the main character who opposes the protagonist in a narrative or play
  19. dialogue
    the lines spoken by characters in drama or fiction
  20. monologue
    a dramatic speech by a single actor
Created on July 28, 2022 (updated August 2, 2022)

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