A conflict is a struggle or an opposition. If you and your best friend both fall in love with the same person, you will have to find some way to resolve the conflict.

Conflict comes from the Latin word for striking, but it isn't always violent. Conflict can arise from opposing ideas. If you want to turn your empty lot into a community garden but your wife envisions a shooting range, you have a conflict. If you're torn between two different desires, you're conflicted. Conflict can also be a verb. If you schedule a dentist appointment that conflicts with a meeting, you'll have to cancel one of them.

Definitions of conflict
  1. noun
    an open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals)
    “"the harder the conflict the more glorious the triumph"--Thomas Paine”
    synonyms: battle, struggle
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    class struggle, class war, class warfare
    conflict between social or economic classes (especially between the capitalist and proletariat classes)
    insurrection, rebellion, revolt, rising, uprising
    organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another
    counterinsurgency, pacification
    actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency
    bitter conflict; heated often violent dissension
    any hard struggle between equally matched groups
    turf war
    a bitter struggle for territory or power or control or rights
    combat, fight, fighting, scrap
    the act of fighting; any contest or struggle
    a bitter quarrel between two parties
    war, warfare
    an active struggle between competing entities
    a violent clash or conflict
    gunfight, gunplay, shootout
    a fight involving shooting small arms with the intent to kill or frighten
    brush, clash, encounter, skirmish
    a minor short-term fight
    close-quarter fighting
    hand-to-hand fighting at close quarters
    insurgence, insurgency
    an organized rebellion aimed at overthrowing a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict
    intifada, intifadah
    an uprising by Palestinian Arabs (in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank) against Israel in the late 1980s and again in 2000
    open rebellion against constituted authority (especially by seamen or soldiers against their officers)
    a violent fight between dogs (sometimes organized illegally for entertainment and gambling)
    countercurrent, crosscurrent
    actions counter to the main group activity
    discord, discordance
    strife resulting from a lack of agreement
    the art or sport of fighting with swords (especially the use of foils or epees or sabres to score points under a set of rules)
    faction, in-fighting
    conflict between members of the same organization (usually concealed from outsiders)
    a brief but vigorous fight
    impact, shock
    the violent interaction of individuals or groups entering into combat
    dogfight, hassle, rough-and-tumble, scuffle, tussle
    disorderly fighting
    affaire d'honneur, duel
    a prearranged fight with deadly weapons by two people (accompanied by seconds) in order to settle a quarrel over a point of honor
    fistfight, fisticuffs, slugfest
    a fight with bare fists
    banging, battering
    the act of subjecting to strong attack
    beating, whipping
    the act of overcoming or outdoing
    affray, disturbance, fray, ruffle
    a noisy fight
    brawl, free-for-all
    a noisy fight in a crowd
    cut-and-thrust, knife fight, snickersnee
    fighting with knives
    gang fight, rumble
    a fight between rival gangs of adolescents
    single combat
    a fight between two people
    drug war
    conflict between law enforcement and those who deal in illegal drugs
    trench warfare
    a struggle (usually prolonged) between competing entities in which neither side is able to win
    blood feud, vendetta
    a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other
    type of:
    group action
    action taken by a group of people
  2. noun
    a hostile meeting of opposing military forces in the course of a war
    synonyms: battle, engagement, fight
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    Battle of Britain
    the prolonged bombardment of British cities by the German Luftwaffe during World War II and the aerial combat that accompanied it
    in 1649 the place was captured by Oliver Cromwell, who massacred the Catholic inhabitants
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    any catastrophically destructive battle
    pitched battle
    a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place
    naval battle
    a pitched battle between naval fleets
    armed combat, combat
    an engagement fought between two military forces
    an aerial engagement between fighter planes
    close fighting during the culmination of a military attack
    resisting arrest
    physical efforts to oppose a lawful arrest; the resistance is classified as assault and battery upon the person of the police officer attempting to make the arrest
    belligerency, hostilities
    fighting; acts of overt warfare
    trench warfare
    a type of armed combat in which the opposing troops fight from trenches that face each other
    a direct and violent assault on a stronghold
    the act of initiating hostilities
    type of:
    action, military action
    a military engagement
  3. noun
    a disagreement or argument about something important
    “the familiar conflict between Republicans and Democrats”
    synonyms: difference, difference of opinion, dispute
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    a conflict of opposed ideas or attitudes or goals
    arguing, argument, contention, contestation, controversy, disceptation, disputation, tilt
    a contentious speech act; a dispute where there is strong disagreement
    a difference (especially an unfortunate difference) between two opinions or two views or two situations
    dustup, quarrel, row, run-in, words, wrangle
    an angry dispute
    argle-bargle, argy-bargy
    a verbal dispute; a wrangling argument
    an outburst of controversy
    an argument in which the participants are trying to gain some advantage
    a controversy (especially over a belief or dogma)
    generation gap
    a difference between the views of young people and their parents
    an intense verbal dispute
    affray, altercation, fracas
    noisy quarrel
    bicker, bickering, fuss, pettifoggery, spat, squabble, tiff
    a quarrel about petty points
    a serious quarrel (especially one that ends a friendship)
    type of:
    the speech act of disagreeing or arguing or disputing
  4. noun
    a state of opposition between persons or ideas or interests
    “his conflict of interest made him ineligible for the post”
    “a conflict of loyalties”
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    clash, friction
    a state of conflict between persons
    a state of conflict between colors
    disagreement, dissension, dissonance, misunderstanding
    a conflict of people's opinions or actions or characters
    lack of unity (usually resulting from dissension)
    a serious disagreement between two groups of people (typically producing tension or hostility)
    type of:
    the way something is with respect to its main attributes
  5. noun
    opposition in a work of drama or fiction between characters or forces (especially an opposition that motivates the development of the plot)
    “this form of conflict is essential to Mann's writing”
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    type of:
    oppositeness, opposition
    the relation between opposed entities
  6. noun
    opposition between two simultaneous but incompatible feelings
    “he was immobilized by conflict and indecision”
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    type of:
    ambivalence, ambivalency
    mixed feelings or emotions
  7. noun
    an incompatibility of dates or events
    “he noticed a conflict in the dates of the two meetings”
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    type of:
    the quality of being unable to exist or work in congenial combination
  8. verb
    be in conflict
    “The two proposals conflict!”
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    clash, collide, jar
    be incompatible; be or come into conflict
    type of:
    contrast, counterpoint
    show differences when compared; be different
  9. verb
    go against, as of rules and laws
    “This behavior conflicts with our rules”
    synonyms: contravene, infringe, run afoul
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    type of:
    breach, break, go against, infract, offend, transgress, violate
    act in disregard of laws, rules, contracts, or promises
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