Lost Boy, Lost Girl: Part Six: Peace

In this memoir, Jon Bul Dau and Martha Arual Akech describe growing up during the civil war in Sudan and their eventual journey to America.

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  1. lurch
    move haltingly and unsteadily
    The plane kept lurching down suddenly, as if it would fall out of the sky.
  2. turbulence
    instability in the atmosphere
    And after a while, I dozed off to sleep, but every time there was turbulence, I would jerk awake, thinking the plane was falling out of the sky and into the ocean.
  3. glisten
    be shiny, as if wet
    It was Christmastime, so there were lights and decorations everywhere and a big tree inside the house, glistening with ornaments.
  4. traumatize
    inflict an emotional wound or shock upon
    She didn’t have the memories I did, so she wasn’t traumatized by them.
  5. socialize
    interact with others
    Socializing had been such a big thing in Kakuma.
  6. feisty
    showing spirit and courage
    Some of the kids made fun of her because she was different. But she was feisty and tough, so she kept going and graduated from high school, too, a few years after I did.
  7. documentary
    a film presenting the facts about a person or event
    I introduced myself to the man in charge. He turned out to be an American documentary filmmaker named Christopher Quinn.
  8. prompt
    urge, encourage, or motivate someone to act
    Eventually, the film prompted many viewers to give money to help the Lost Boys still in Africa.
  9. cassette
    a flat case holding magnetic tape for playing sound or video
    All I had with me were the clothes I wore, a few photographs, my official immigration papers, and fourteen cassette tapes.
  10. sponsor
    assume a position as a supporter
    A group from my sponsoring church met me outside the terminal and drove me to an apartment I would share with other Lost Boys.
  11. terminal
    station where vehicles load or unload passengers or goods
    A group from my sponsoring church met me outside the terminal and drove me to an apartment I would share with other Lost Boys.
  12. parcel
    a wrapped package
    I worked in a factory, at a fast-food restaurant, and at a parcel shipping center.
  13. policy
    argument rationalizing the course of action of a government
    Meanwhile, during the day, I got an associate’s degree from Onondaga Community College and began work on a degree in public policy at Syracuse University.
  14. sheer
    complete and without restriction
    By sheer coincidence, the story eventually reached a man named Goi.
  15. coincidence
    an accidental event that seems to have been arranged
    By sheer coincidence, the story eventually reached a man named Goi.
  16. tragic
    very sad, especially involving grief or death or destruction
    On that tragic night of noise, confusion, and darkness in Duk Payuel, I had run one way, and the rest of my family had run another way.
  17. twilight
    the time of day immediately following sunset
    I decided to wait until dawn, when it would be twilight in Uganda, and tried the call again.
  18. campaign
    a series of actions tending toward a particular end
    I started a campaign of phone calls and e-mails to get my mother to come to join me in the United States.
  19. foundation
    an institution supported by an endowment
    While I was a student at Syracuse University, I set up a foundation to help improve the lives of Sudanese refugees still in Africa, as well as Lost Boys who had moved to America.
  20. plight
    a situation from which extrication is difficult
    I began speaking publicly about the plight of the Lost Boys and Lost Girls.
  21. facility
    a building or place that provides a particular service
    With many of my new American friends helping me, I raised enough money to open a medical clinic in Duk County, where I grew up. It is the first medical facility of any kind in Southern Sudan.
  22. yearn
    desire strongly or persistently
    Life was so much better, but not quite complete. For all of the blessings I had received, there was one I still yearned for. I wanted to marry Martha.
  23. dowry
    money brought by a woman to her husband at marriage
    My father, back in Africa, arranged for a marriage dowry of cows.
  24. sinew
    a band of tissue connecting a muscle to its bony attachment
    One day, my aunt made me an ornamental Sudanese bracelet of sinews and low cow hairs.
  25. tuft
    a bunch or cluster of strands, as of grass, hair, etc.
    The tufts hang down, and when you dance with a girl you flick your arm and make the cow hairs move.
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