A tuft is a clump or a bunch of something soft and feathery, like a fluffy tuft of fur on your puppy's head.

Your patchy front lawn might consist of tufts of weeds surrounded by mud, and your teenage brother's attempt at a beard may be nothing more than a little tuft on his chin. The original definition of tuft, "a bunch of soft and flexible things fixed at the base with the upper ends loose," sounds like a bouquet of grass. Experts guess that tuft comes from the Old French touffe, "tuft of hair."

Definitions of tuft

n a bunch of hair or feathers or growing grass

a small tuft or lock
hexenbesen, staghead, witch broom, witches' broom
an abnormal tufted growth of small branches on a tree or shrub caused by fungi or insects or other physiological disturbance
(botany) a usually terminal tuft of bracts (as in the pineapple) or tuft of hairs (especially on certain seeds)
Type of:
bunch, clump, cluster, clustering
a grouping of a number of similar things

n a bunch of feathers or hair

Type of:
a showy growth of e.g. feathers or skin on the head of a bird or other animal

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