Collection 6: The Prince and the Pauper

As you read Joellen Bland's dramatization of Mark Twain's novel "The Prince and the Pauper," learn this word list. Here are links to lists for texts in Grade 6's Collection 6: Black Ships Before Troy, The Apple of Discord I, Yeh-Shen, The Prince and the Pauper (drama), The Role of Myths in Ancient Greece
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  1. anteroom
    a large entrance or reception area
  2. feature
    the characteristic parts of a person's face
  3. bearing
    characteristic way of holding one's body
  4. seal
    a device incised to make an impression
  5. ad lib
    without advance preparation
  6. deceive
    cause someone to believe an untruth
  7. install
    put into an office or a position
  8. confirm
    formally accept a person for a position
  9. affliction
    a condition of suffering or distress due to ill health
  10. farthing
    a former British bronze coin worth a quarter of a penny
  11. gallant
    having or displaying great dignity or nobility
  12. baronet
    a member of the British order of honor
  13. successor
    a person who inherits some title or office
  14. fortnight
    a period of fourteen consecutive days
  15. liege
    a feudal lord entitled to allegiance and service
  16. courier
    a person who carries a message
  17. coronation
    the ceremony of installing a new monarch
  18. recollection
    the process of remembering
  19. scepter
    a ceremonial or emblematic staff
  20. bedlam
    a state of extreme confusion and disorder
Created on July 17, 2014 (updated July 24, 2014)

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