A scepter is a ceremonial staff, often used by kings. With its jewels and ornamentation, a scepter is a symbol of power.

Scepter is related to a Greek verb that means to prop oneself or lean on something. That makes sense, since a scepter is something a ruler can lean on, like any other staff. However, you won't find an ordinary citizen with a scepter. If the President started carrying a scepter, people would probably get worried; it would suggest that he is thinking of himself as a king.

Definitions of scepter
  1. noun
    a ceremonial or emblematic staff
    synonyms: sceptre, verge, wand
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    a mock scepter carried by a court jester
    type of:
    a rod carried as a symbol
  2. noun
    the imperial authority symbolized by a scepter
    synonyms: sceptre
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    type of:
    reign, sovereignty
    royal authority; the dominion of a monarch
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