When you need to make sure before you leave that you have a reservation, you often call ahead to confirm, that is, to make sure that your tickets or space are set aside for you.

The firm in confirm should give you a clue as to the word's meaning: to shore up or verify something. When you make sure something is set, or firm, you confirm it. The word comes from the Latin con- "together, altogether," and firmāre "make firm," so confirm originally meant roughly "to make (something) altogether firm."

Definitions of confirm
  1. verb
    strengthen or make more firm
    “The witnesses confirmed the victim's account”
    synonyms: reassert
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    maintain, uphold
    support against an opponent
    justify, warrant
    show to be reasonable or provide adequate ground for
    attach or append a legal verification to (a pleading or petition)
    corroborate, validate
    give evidence for
    confirm again
    justify, vindicate
    show to be right by providing justification or proof
    give circumstantial evidence for
    type of:
    say yes to
  2. verb
    make more firm
    Confirm thy soul in self-control!”
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    type of:
    beef up, fortify, strengthen
    make strong or stronger
  3. verb
    establish or strengthen as with new evidence or facts
    “his story confirmed my doubts”
    synonyms: affirm, corroborate, substantiate, support, sustain
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    contradict, negate
    prove negative; show to be false
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    back, back up
    establish as valid or genuine
    give supporting evidence
    confirm the truth of
    demonstrate, establish, prove, shew, show
    establish the validity of something, as by an example, explanation or experiment
    support or supply with references
    prove valid; show or confirm the validity of something
    check, check off, mark, mark off, tick, tick off
    put a check mark on or near or next to
    ascertain, assure, check, control, ensure, insure, see, see to it
    be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something
    verify by consulting a source or authority
    prove oneself
    show one's ability or courage
    prove formally; demonstrate by a mathematical, formal proof
    specify the origin of
    contradict, negate
    prove negative; show to be false
    prove to be of unsound mind or demonstrate someone's incompetence
  4. verb
    support a person for a position
    “The Senate confirmed the President's candidate for Secretary of Defense”
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    type of:
    O.K., approve, okay, sanction
    give sanction to
  5. verb
    administer the rite of confirmation to
    “the children were confirmed in their mother's faith”
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    type of:
    enter into a covenant
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