Other forms: features; featured; featuring

A feature is a part of something that makes it special or able to work better, such as a bonus feature on a DVD or a smartphone feature that provides faster Internet connections.

The word feature has both a noun and a verb form used to describe a main characteristic, as in a car's safety features or a restaurant menu that features Italian dishes. In addition, feature can refer to a newspaper or magazine article that provides in-depth information, like a feature about the First Lady and her life. You’ve probably also heard it used to describe a main part of the face, such as the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Definitions of feature
  1. noun
    a prominent attribute or aspect of something
    “the map showed roads and other features
    synonyms: characteristic
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    sex character, sex characteristic, sexual characteristic
    those characteristics (both anatomical and psychological) that are strongly associated with one sex relative to the other
    a feature (quantity or property or function) that remains unchanged when a particular transformation is applied to it
    aspect, facet
    a distinct feature or element in a problem
    attracter, attraction, attractive feature, attractor, magnet
    a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts
    any feature that is regarded as a sign of status (a particular power or quality or rank)
    centerpiece, centrepiece
    the central or most important feature
    a feature (or the order or arrangement of features) of anything having a complex structure
    excellence, excellency
    an outstanding feature; something in which something or someone excels
    outward features
    distinctive feature, distinguishing characteristic, peculiarity
    an odd or unusual characteristic
    safety feature
    feature of an artifact that is added to insure a user's safety
    primary sex character, primary sex characteristic, primary sexual characteristic
    the genetically determined sex characteristics bound up with reproduction (genitals and organs of reproduction)
    secondary sex character, secondary sex characteristic, secondary sexual characteristic
    the genetically determined sex characteristics that are not functionally necessary for reproduction (pitch of the voice and body hair and musculature)
    the development of male secondary sexual characteristics in a female (or prematurely in a young boy)
    calling card
    a distinguishing characteristic or behavior
    an aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect)
    sector, sphere
    a particular aspect of life or activity
    a superficial aspect as opposed to the real nature of something
    a general interest that leads people to want to know more
    tourist attraction
    a characteristic that attracts tourists
    type of:
    attribute, dimension, property
    a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished
  2. noun
    (linguistics) a distinctive characteristic of a linguistic unit that serves to distinguish it from other units of the same kind
    synonyms: feature of speech
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    type of:
    attribute, dimension, property
    a construct whereby objects or individuals can be distinguished
  3. verb
    have as a feature
    “This restaurant features the most famous chefs in France”
    synonyms: have
    have, have got, hold
    have or possess, either in a concrete or an abstract sense
    have, own, possess
    have ownership or possession of
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    lack, miss
    be without
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    have or show an appearance of
    bear, wear
    have on one's person
    have a certain range
    be equipped with (a mast or sail)
    give off
    have as a by-product
    combine, unite
    have or possess in combination
    feature as the star
    boast, sport
    possess or display some desirable feature
    have as an attribute, knowledge, or skill
    imply, involve
    have as a necessary feature
    have or be thickly covered with or as if with bristles
    abound, bristle, burst
    be in a state of movement or action
    be completely full
    carry, pack, take
    have with oneself; have on one's person
    read, say
    have or contain a certain wording or form
    have in one's aspect; wear an expression of one's attitude or personality
    have as an inherent or characteristic feature or have as a consequence
    have on the surface or on the skin
    feature as the co-star in a performance
    show an attribute, property, knowledge, or skill
    be necessarily associated with or result in or involve
  4. verb
    wear or display in an ostentatious or proud manner
    synonyms: boast, sport
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    type of:
    have as a feature
  5. noun
    a special or prominent article in a newspaper or magazine
    “they ran a feature on retirement planning”
    synonyms: feature article
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    type of:
    nonfictional prose forming an independent part of a publication
  6. noun
    the principal (full-length) film in a program at a movie theater
    “the feature tonight is `Casablanca'”
    synonyms: feature film
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    Western, horse opera
    a film or novel about life in the western United States during the period of exploration and development
    spaghetti Western
    a low-budget Western movie produced by a European (especially an Italian) film company
    type of:
    film, flick, motion picture, motion-picture show, movie, moving picture, moving-picture show, pic, picture, picture show
    a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement
  7. noun
    an article of merchandise that is displayed or advertised more than other articles
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    drawing card, leader, loss leader
    a featured article of merchandise sold at a loss in order to draw customers
    type of:
    merchandise, product, ware
    commodities offered for sale
  8. noun
    the characteristic parts of a person's face: eyes and nose and mouth and chin
    “an expression of pleasure crossed his features
    synonyms: lineament
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    chin, mentum
    the protruding part of the lower jaw
    brow, forehead
    the part of the face above the eyes
    the flat area on either side of the forehead
    either side of the face below the eyes
    a fullness and looseness of the flesh of the lower cheek and jaw (characteristic of aging)
    the bones of the skull that frame the mouth and serve to open it; the bones that hold the teeth
    buccula, double chin
    a fold of fatty tissue under the chin
    type of:
    body part
    any part of an organism such as an organ or extremity




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