Some characteristic or habit that's odd or distinctive is a peculiarity. Your brother's peculiarities might include always wearing a red knit hat, even in summer.

A peculiarity is a quirk or strange feature. You might be self conscious about the fact that your ears are uneven, something you think of as an obvious peculiarity. Another kind of peculiarity is a quality that is specific to someone or something: "One peculiarity of people from the Midwest is that they call soda pop." This "special characteristic" meaning is the original one, which makes sense given the Latin root, peculiaris, "of one's own."

Definitions of peculiarity
  1. noun
    an odd or unusual characteristic
    synonyms: distinctive feature, distinguishing characteristic
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    calling card
    a distinguishing characteristic or behavior
    type of:
    characteristic, feature
    a prominent attribute or aspect of something
  2. noun
    a distinguishing trait
    synonyms: distinctiveness, speciality, specialness, specialty
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    foible, idiosyncrasy, mannerism
    a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual
    type of:
    individualism, individuality, individuation
    the quality of being individual
  3. noun
    something unusual -- perhaps worthy of collecting
    synonyms: curio, curiosity, oddity, oddment, rarity
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    bric-a-brac, knickknack, knickknackery, nicknack, whatnot
    miscellaneous curios
    collectable, collectible
    things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)
    collector's item, piece de resistance, showpiece
    the outstanding item (the prize piece or main exhibit) in a collection
    chachka, tchotchke, tsatske, tshatshke
    (Yiddish) an inexpensive showy trinket
    (plural) rare collector's items
    type of:
    object, physical object
    a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow
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