A specialty is someone's strong suit or area of expertise. A restaurant’s best dish would be its specialty. If you love baking muffins, make that your specialty.

Magic Johnson was a great overall basketball player, but his specialty was passing the ball to teammates and getting assists. A specialty is a skill, strength, or asset someone has because of hard work. A doctor can have a specialty such as cardiology. A restaurant will usually have a specialty, which is a unique meal they're known for making. Just like special things have something unique or great about them, specialties are something a person or place does well.

Definitions of specialty
  1. noun
    an asset of special worth or utility
    synonyms: forte, long suit, metier, speciality, strength, strong point, strong suit
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    weak point
    an attribute that is inadequate or deficient
    green fingers, green thumb
    a special ability to make plants grow
    type of:
    asset, plus
    a useful or valuable quality
  2. noun
    the special line of work you have adopted as your career
    synonyms: specialisation, specialism, speciality, specialization
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    type of:
    calling, career, vocation
    the particular occupation for which you are trained
  3. noun
    a distinguishing trait
    synonyms: distinctiveness, peculiarity, speciality, specialness
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    foible, idiosyncrasy, mannerism
    a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual
    type of:
    individualism, individuality, individuation
    the quality of being individual
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