If you have a specialization, that means you focus on a specific aspect of a larger topic. If you’re a nurse, your specialization might be pediatric care, which means you focus on providing care to infants and children.

You probably notice that the word special makes up a big part of specialization, which can help you remember its meaning. Your specialization is your special subject or skill. If you’re planning on studying biology in college, your advisor eventually will ask what your area of specialization will be. When you graduate, you’ll know a lot about biology in general, but there’ll be a particular area — such as marine biology or rodent reproduction — that you studied deeply.

Definitions of specialization
  1. noun
    the act of specializing; making something suitable for a special purpose
    synonyms: specialisation
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    type of:
    change of state
    the act of changing something into something different in essential characteristics
  2. noun
    the special line of work you have adopted as your career
    “his specialization is gastroenterology”
    synonyms: specialisation, specialism, speciality, specialty
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    type of:
    calling, career, vocation
    the particular occupation for which you are trained
  3. noun
    (biology) the structural adaptation of some body part for a particular function
    synonyms: differentiation, specialisation
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    type of:
    adaptation, adaption, adjustment
    the process of adapting to something (such as environmental conditions)
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