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  1. bowdlerize
    edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate
  2. esoteric
    understandable only by an enlightened inner circle
  3. lugubrious
    excessively mournful
  4. gauche
    lacking social polish
  5. extrinsic
    not forming an essential part of a thing
  6. prurient
    characterized by lust
  7. protean
    taking on different forms
  8. tautology
    useless repetition
  9. deciduous
    shedding foliage at the end of the growing season
  10. pragmatic
    concerned with practical matters
  11. diminutive
    very small
  12. moiety
    one of two approximately equal parts
  13. recapitulate
    summarize briefly
  14. unctuous
    unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating
  15. remunerative
    for which money is paid
  16. pithy
    concise and full of meaning
  17. fiduciary
    relating to or of the nature of a legal trust
  18. circumlocution
    an indirect way of expressing something
  19. fractious
    easily irritated or annoyed
  20. fatuous
    devoid of intelligence
  21. gerrymander
    divide voting districts unfairly and to one's advantage
  22. paradigm
    a standard or typical example
  23. euphony
    any pleasing and harmonious sounds
  24. onus
    a burdensome or difficult concern
  25. docket
    a temporally organized plan for matters to be attended to
  26. chicanery
    the use of tricks to deceive someone
  27. acumen
    shrewdness shown by keen insight
  28. expurgate
    edit by omitting or modifying parts considered indelicate
  29. pecuniary
    relating to or involving money
  30. abrogate
    revoke formally
  31. jejune
    lacking interest or significance or impact
  32. auspicious
    indicating favorable circumstances and good luck
  33. abstemious
    marked by temperance in indulgence
  34. churlish
    having a bad disposition; surly
  35. quotidian
    found in the ordinary course of events
  36. abjure
    formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief
  37. jibe
    shift from one side of the ship to the other
  38. loquacious
    full of trivial conversation
  39. timorous
    shy and fearful by nature
  40. supercilious
    having or showing arrogant superiority
  41. insipid
    lacking interest or significance or impact
  42. diffident
    showing modest reserve
  43. sycophantic
    attempting to win favor by flattery
  44. aberrant
    markedly different from an accepted norm
  45. meretricious
    tastelessly showy
  46. ingratiating
    capable of winning favor
  47. pasquinade
    a composition that humorously imitates somebody's style
  48. parsimony
    extreme stinginess
  49. cabal
    a clique that seeks power usually through intrigue
  50. sobriquet
    a familiar name for a person
  51. amenable
    disposed or willing to comply
  52. austere
    of a stern or strict bearing or demeanor
  53. stochastic
    being or having a random variable
  54. rarefied
    of high moral or intellectual value
  55. hirsute
    having or covered with hair
  56. bibulous
    given to or marked by the consumption of alcohol
  57. fulsome
    unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating
  58. insouciant
    marked by unconcern
  59. osculate
  60. reify
    consider an abstract concept to be real
  61. cetacean
    large aquatic carnivorous mammal with fin-like forelimbs
  62. susurration
    an indistinct sound, as of whispering or rustling
  63. insouciant
    marked by unconcern
  64. recreant
    having deserted a cause or principle
  65. importunate
    making persistent or urgent requests
  66. empyrean
    of or relating to the sky or heavens
  67. teleological
    explaining phenomena by their ends or purposes
  68. supernumerary
    more than is needed, desired, or required
  69. idempotent
    unchanged in value following multiplication by itself
  70. limn
    make a portrait of
  71. flagitious
    extremely wicked, deeply criminal
  72. limpid
    clear and bright
  73. orison
    reverent petition to a deity
  74. magnate
    a very wealthy or powerful businessperson
  75. eleemosynary
    generous in assistance to the poor
  76. macerate
    soften and cause to disintegrate as a result
  77. coruscate
    reflect brightly
  78. detente
    the easing of tensions or strained relations
  79. contretemps
    an awkward clash
  80. scion
    a descendent or heir
  81. potentate
    a powerful ruler, especially one who is unconstrained by law
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