When something is remunerative, it means people get paid for it. Your job is remunerative, and if your research into new farming methods leads to a big government contract, then that also could be called remunerative.

Remunerative can also mean that something generates a lot of money, like the remunerative ice cream truck that appears at the park entrance on the hottest days of summer. In Latin, munus and muner- mean "gift." Re- means "again," emphasizing that the reward keeps coming, whether it is a weekly paycheck or something that continues to generate sales, like the ice cream truck.

Definitions of remunerative
  1. adjective
    for which money is paid
    remunerative work”
    synonyms: compensable, paying, salaried, stipendiary
    marked by the reception of pay
  2. adjective
    producing a sizeable profit
    “a remunerative business”
    synonyms: lucrative, moneymaking
    yielding material gain or profit
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