Someone who is salaried works for a weekly, monthly, or yearly set amount of money, rather than an hourly wage. Salaried workers usually get benefits like health insurance as well.

Hourly workers earn a certain amount for each hour they work, while other employees work as freelancers or contract workers, sometimes receiving a wage based on a specific task being completed. Salaried workers, on the other hand, have a set salary and get paychecks on a regular basis. The adjective salaried comes from the noun salary, from the Latin root salarium, "salary or stipend." Originally, salarium meant "a soldier's allowance for the purchase of salt."

Definitions of salaried
  1. adjective
    receiving a salary
    salaried members of the staff”
    see moresee less
    free-lance, freelance, self-employed
    working for yourself
  2. adjective
    receiving or eligible for compensation
    salaried workers”
    synonyms: compensated, remunerated, stipendiary
    marked by the reception of pay
  3. adjective
    for which money is paid
    salaried employment”
    synonyms: compensable, paying, remunerative, stipendiary
    marked by the reception of pay
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