Use the adjective auspicious for a favorable situation or set of conditions. If you start a marathon by falling flat on your face, that's not an auspicious start.

If something seems likely to bring success — either because it creates favorable conditions or you just consider it a lucky sign — label it auspicious. The word is related to auspice, "a divine omen," an old word with a colorful history. In Latin, an auspex was a person who observed the flight of birds to predict things about the future. Luckily, you no longer have to be a bird-watching fortune-teller to guess whether something is auspicious or not.

Definitions of auspicious
  1. adjective
    auguring favorable circumstances and good luck
    “an auspicious beginning for the campaign”
    bright, hopeful, promising
    full or promise
    fortunate, rosy
    presaging good fortune
    presenting favorable circumstances; likely to result in or show signs of success
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    inauspicious, unfortunate
    not auspicious; boding ill
    unlikely to bring about favorable results or enjoyment
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