Promising things are encouraging or hopeful — they give you every sign that they'll be successful in the future. A promising early spring hints that the rest of the season will be warm and full of flowers.

A promising ballet dancer is young, but off to a very talented start. If you pick up a novel in a bookstore and the first few pages look promising, you'll probably buy it. Promising things are full of promise, "an indication that something will occur." The Latin root is promittere, "put forth," from pro-, "forward," and mittere, "send."

Definitions of promising
  1. adjective
    full of promise
    “the scandal threatened an abrupt end to a promising political career”
    synonyms: bright, hopeful
    auguring favorable circumstances and good luck
  2. adjective
    showing possibility of achievement or excellence
    “a promising young man”
    having a good chance of being the case or of coming about
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